August 19th, 2005

Medevial report

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Here comes a report of amusements during the medevial week on Gotland, what you can expect when you go there next year.

You are going to travel there of course?!

- Market with a lot of medevial things
- Poeta Magica, Cultus Ferox, Pisces Dei (medevial music)
- Tournaments and Archery shows
- Jester groups, fire-eaters, circus
- The trilogy and other lecture
- The Monk ball, popular soccergame
- Medevial camps
- Medevial dances
- Walking tours, guided tours
- Concerts, musicals
- Gutnic Tales
- Medevial parade
- Feasts to participate in

And of course, all the participants and visitors is partying in the evenings at the medevial restaurants, The Grim Hare or Clematis.

Then, when you go home, in the middle of night through empty old streets in Visby, maybe catching some monk strolling by in front of one of the churchs, you really feel like you are in the middle age.

In both senses; you are dressed up like an medevial AND you are sooo very tired after a long fun day and evening, that you fells like you are too old…

C U there next year!

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