Seeking friends to blogroll with

[ Wanted mostly alive! ]

Do you feel an urgent need of writing crazy comments?
Have a marvelous personality you want to share with us?
Have the patient mind to care for our Altzheimers desease?
Are not afraid of hungry monsters?
Have the guts to take on this big challenge?

Then you are the right one. Write a comment. We will read it. This time.

Or if you feel any other strange or crazy need to contact us, you can freak out to our emailaddress:

lifecruisers emailaddress
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Thank you for your cooperation. You will not be rewarded with any favours from us…. We think…

Or maybe we will think of something… You will never know.

20 Comments on “Contact”

  1. claudie FRANCE said:

    Hungry monsters really?
    But attractive monster!
    Picasso said” we need a long time to become young”

    Lifecruiser: Yes, hungry monsters…. *lol* Picasso was a very wise man!!!!

  2. claudie FRANCE said:

    Sorry, i see that i didn’t give you the good adress of my website , now it’s the good one

    Lifecruiser: Good that you mentioned it, I noticed that, but forget to tell you :-)


    On A Rainy Day, You Could Always Visit:

    Lifecruiser: Yes and thanks for the link aLEX, I had a quick view and they look wonderful :-) I’ll have to go back for some more later.

  4. Lindsay UNITED STATES said:

    Just had to tell yah that I LOVE your header :)

    Lifecruiser: Thank you Lindsay, I’m glad you do :-)

  5. :wink: Saw some of the pet photos and I’ve got a great holiday pic of my famous cat “You Too”. Not sure how to send it. Guess if you e-mail me I can reply with the attached photo.

    Lifecruiser: I went over to your site and had a look at your photos - and your book! It’s a beautiful cat, but the book … Looks like a very special one, unique and well done! I hope it becomes a best seller :-)

  6. Buddy UNITED STATES said:

    This site is a hoot - recommended to me by my Norwegian friend, Renny.

    Take care & brush your long, luxurious hair - Bud:shock:

    ps: I only picked the “shock” smiley because he looks like my idol, Buddy Holly

    Lifecruiser: Thanks and welcome Buddy :-) I will! *lol* sorry to say, the smilies don’t work for some unknown reason and I’ll probably take it away some day eventually…

  7. joe blogs UNITED STATES said:

    Hope all is well. Good to see your blog is still going strong. Ive been short on ideas recently. I was thinking of doing an ultimate comedy post, just one post but with a collection of my best writing from my blog. I wondered if you would be willing to post it and link to my site. Ignore this message if your not interested.
    Kind Regards
    Joe Blogs

    Lifecruiser: Oh, long time no see. I’ve been busy too! Sounds like a good idea to me - send me the post and I’ll post it together with some comments of my own :-)

  8. Good morning. Thanks for sending in a peace globe and placing it in your sidebar. I’ve never been to your site. It is lovely! Your globe is in my blog post today at Mimi Writes.

    Can’t wait to read your post o June 6th. Have a great Sunday!

  9. Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Hi Mimi, thanks for your kind words, but it’s nothing comparing to your peacefull blog!

    Though I’m having problems to leave a comment on todays post - do you have comments closed by mistake on the post?

    I wanted to comment to thank you for showing my globe and just to let you know that this is a female captain on this ship - if you want to change that text under the pic :-D

    See you the 6th of June - which just happens to be Swedens National Day too!

  10. I think I must be an idiot when I copy the code for the A-swab team to put on my side bar it has an x and doesn’t want to come up. Yes I change the address for my domain name. I wonder what I am doing wrong? I am going to investigate. Disregard my note if I can’t figure it out I will be back to ask for help. Besides all that business I just wanted to say hi to you. Hope your doing well. I am also investigating all this cyber cruise stuff. It looks so fun and scary at the same time. Talk with you more later. Bye

  11. Wolfbernz UNITED STATES said:

    I wanted to stop by and make sure you were invited to our party this weekend…It’s Trina’s birthday!
    All the Best

  12. Saboma UNITED STATES said:

    Hey there Captain Girly Lifecruiser.

    You have just been awarded with the Rockin’ Girl Blogger award. I have not created the post yet but will before the clock strikes midnight Pacific Standard Time.

    Come on down when you have the time.


  13. Thanks for visiting my site. I have added your website to my “Challenges” on my website. I’m hoping that I am up to this. You have a very interesting website and I am going to continue exploring it now!

  14. Jason CANADA said:

    Just checking in. Thought you’d be interested in exchanging blogroll links with us at My Yoga Online Blog because if you are ever stuck on the high seas and are jonesing for your yoga fix you can always log into My Yoga Online and strike a warrior pose right there in your state room.

  15. Jason CANADA said:

    Hi Lifecruiser. Check out our blog at We cover yoga, wellness, the environment, and politics. Would love to exchange blogroll links.

    Best wishes


  16. Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Thanks for your request of exchanging links. I’ve been away on vacation, so I’m sorry for the late answer.

    Of course we can exchange links :-)

    I’m testing’s Reciprocal Links Blogroll, so if it works as it should, you only have to add a link to and Blogrolling will pick it up automatically. It demands that you’re pinging your blog with the right address and can take a short while sometimes before it is picked up .

    You’ll find the Reciprocal blogroll down in my sidebar under Link Exchange: Reciprocal Links, click on it to get to the page where they’re shown and see if yours is added.

    I would appreciate very much if you would do that, so I can test if it works as they promise.

    I’ll keep an eye on it and if it’s not working properly I’ll add you manually to that page of ours :-)

    Sunny regards,

  17. Jason CANADA said:

    Added you to our blogroll. Also added you through blogrolling so you can check to see if it works. I find blogrolling frustrating to use. Would like to know your success with it. Thanks for getting back to me. Look forward to linking with each other.

    Best wishes


  18. Jason CANADA said:

    just noticed the link I gave to above has a ‘.’ included at the end of it, so it isn’t working. could you take the ‘.’ out for me? Sorry for the inconvenience.



  19. Okay, I’m in. I have put up a lifecruiser globe, you are listed in my buddies list on my side bar and I have put the lifecruiser blogroll on my side bar. So, I’ll figure this out as I go along. Oh I faved you in Technorati too. Have a great day. :)

  20. Gattina BELGIUM said:

    I have sent you an email but am not sure if it will arrive !

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