August 6th, 2005

Still on Gotland

Posted by Lifecruiser in Travel

Soon we have seen the hole island, driving around and exploring all nice things here. The other day we were driving at the east coast of Gotland. On the way we stumbled on a little country store called Alaboden with homebaked cinnamon buns - and Mr Lifecruiser probably spotted them by the smell because they were just taking them out of the owen. The poor man, he never gets buns at home, so he got very excited over them….

Besides that, we visited Ljugarn who was a really nice little place. They only have about 100 people living there permanent!

We did see some rock formations, raukar, even here, at Folhammar. Every rauk-area looks different from the other, so it really is very interesting to see! Hard to beleive that some old rocks could be so interesting!

Now we are in the main town again (Visby) and will be staying here a couple of nights. We are going to participate in the medevial festival that is going on all week here. It is a tradition from 1984.

We will be back with some kind of reports from the amusements, so be sure to come back here!

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