February 6th, 2007

The Never Ending Cackle Story

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OK, it’s like the never ending story…. *lol*

Paper work: A lot of my own paperwork as well as for my Mom is urgent to get done, so that have to be prio #1 over here today, including some pesty phone calls.

Gynecologist: Remember I have a hole that needs to be carefully investigated…. *giggles* I have problems since I tested new birth control pills 3 years ago, I ve never gotten back to “normal” after that. I’ve now got a cancelled appointment and that’s TODAY! I’ll update this post after the visit this afternoon.

Searching for a caring Doctor: I do have some doctor’s now that I will check up as soon as possible. One of them I actually got the tip from another customer at the hairdresser, so that is the hottest alternative actually. I’ll defenitely check him up.

My stomach problems: I’m eating the bacteria capsules to improve my immune defense and it still seems to work a bit, but not completely. I’ll begin with another product today, which is something Miss Ass. Lifecruiser actually got for her stomach. It’s only temporarily to get things going and then we’ll see after that what’s happening - or what the Doctor says.

Moving our flesh: We’ve been out with my sister at several occasions, moving our flesh around more than usual :-)

Though yesterday we cheated because we were soooo tired, so we went to a movie instead! We saw a Swedish comedy about a boat race on a canal, so I guess we could say that we excercised our laughing muscles…? *LMAO*


1) Half of the paperwork and phone calls are done.

2) OK, now I have had a proper investigation of my hole ;-) I did have some problem at one time - when she did bring forward the big dildo (!) with a condom on! To my disappointment there was no vibration though…. *LMAO* It was that close that I burst out in a hysterical giggle attack!

So what was all that about? It was the ultrasound. You see, she found a cyst on my right ovary, but she wanted to send me to an expert on ultrasound with that one - another visit to do within a month! But not only that, she also found a small, probably benign polyp in my cervix too, which she removed by snare technique at once. It felt good to get rid off it. She took samples too to send to the lab, so it will be completely investigated. Phew! What a relief!

We’ll see if that could have been at least part of my problems. She also thought that it might be time for me to start with my menopause, but I’m not so sure about that since we’re late with that sort of things in my family.

What do you call these horrible grumpy old women in menopause in your country? We have a nicname that says: “klimakteriekossa”, which means about “menopause cow”. Problem is: I’m not grumpy enough! Maybe I’ve to practise on being grumpy? *lol*

Muuuuuuuu ;-)

Oh, and if you read the post below this, there is some hairdresser tackle there too :-)

Reminder rest Tit’s:

1. Get copies of med. journals (after 14 Feb)
2. Kick my ass to find a new doctor
3. Deal with my health issues
4. Find new kitchen curtains
5. Kitchen cupboards
6. Porcelain boxes
7. Clean bathroom
8. Clean hall closet
9. Basement storage
10. Sales ads

See the latest post and Tackle It Tuesday participants over at 5 minutes for mom.

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  1. Liza said:

    Showing My TITS - too cute :)

    It’s my first time to show my TITS on my blog. I like the way you did it here :)

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Liza. I liked your tackles too! It’s always fun with some new tackle friends :-)

    February 6th, 2007 at 11:05 am

  2. Gattina said:

    I found you now on the “tackle” page and read about the anti-baby pill you still need. But you know I was 46 when my hair troubles started and at the end it had been the beginning of PMS, but that I only know today.

    Lifecruiser: Of course, everything can be possible, but I can’t only be satiesfied with that, I have to know for sure, I won’t give up before I’ve tried other things first. Because if i didn’t try them, I would always wonder if it would have made any difference!

    February 6th, 2007 at 11:22 am

  3. happy and blue 2 said:

    Maybe the birth control pills caused the other problems. You should mention them to your doctors..

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I have done that since I suspected myself that it was the pills that started all this, at least, if not having the whole blame of it. But you know doctor’s, they can seldom admit that it is anything that is caused by the pills…. *sigh*

    February 6th, 2007 at 2:46 pm

  4. Chana said:

    i had no idea what TITs stood for until the end of the post, lol…here i thought, well, that you were up to naughty fun-Again!, lol…

    glad that your mom has you to help her out with all that needs to be done. that you have a couple of leads for docs..we are in the same boat here after Sandy died and Dr. Nelson retired and so i understand how hard it is..

    i do hope your health stabilizes soon and that your immune system soars to the moon. i’m hopefull that you will beat any obstacles that life and our bodies throw at us for you are strong.

    i got to tell you how beautiful your blog is..all this fire and hot, hot, hot makes me feel cozy and warm all over. i’m sooo grateful for Nils to have aid us in connecting..i’m so glad to know you.

    much love and see you asap. hugs and stay smiling and happy.

    Lifecruiser: Well, I can’t help it, I must joke some don’t I? ‘lol* Thanks Chana for your wishes for me - I wish I could heal all your problems away :-)

    February 6th, 2007 at 4:51 pm

  5. problem girl said:

    That’s a big ole’ tackle list! Impressive!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it is and it scare me sometimes…. *lol*

    February 6th, 2007 at 7:06 pm

  6. Irish Church Lady said:

    Glad you got some things sorted at the doctor’s!

    Yes, I too am appreciating the *heat* that your blog generates in this frozen climate we are suffering though.

    Lifecruiser: I’m glad you do ICL, because today it was very cold, icy winds over here and I wanted to run away somewhere else…. brrrrr…..

    February 7th, 2007 at 2:31 am

  7. Heather said:

    Your quest to seek a new doctor finally encouraged me to get off my butt to do the same. Sorry you have a hole in your hole. I am no stranger to the “dildo cam” after 6 years of infertility and a high risk pregnancy. Great tackle!

    Lifecruiser: I’m glad that I’ve encouraged you to that. We need to take care of ourselves better, to not accept being pushing aside of our doctors. We have the right to be listen to, respected and aactually be cured!!!

    February 7th, 2007 at 4:38 am

  8. that frolicsome kid said:

    Horrible grumpy old women in menopause? Oh, I heard of that! :lol: Oh dear, is my mom going to be one (she’s in her early fifties :lol: ) I don’t know the special name for them though. Hahahaha! =P

    Lifecruiser: Wow. She is older than me, so maybe she’ll get into it any other day now, be aware ;-) *giggles*

    February 7th, 2007 at 2:02 pm

  9. Debbie said:

    A cyst on your ovary can be part of what your problem is. I am glad you are finally getting some good leads on doctors. They are hard to find and keep!

    You appear to be keeping up with your tackle it list and that is good. Even going to a movie to get out is good. At least you got out of the house!

    Sorry I am slow at getting around but this work thing has me dragging around! I can’t quite catch up and get a groove going! Hopefully it will settle in soon and I will be back in control instead of feeling out of control!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I was thinking that too, so let’s hope that it get’s solved as much as possible now. No need to say you’re sory for not keeping up, I fully understand now when you’re working all day long! Phew! Take it easy :-)

    February 7th, 2007 at 6:52 pm

  10. Debbie said:

    Oh as to the menopause name I just feel like a shrew on some days, a witch on others, a crybaby some days and full of sunshine the rest! But it does appear to be moving along at a good clip and I should be on the other side of it in the next 10 years or so! :( Today is a crybaby day and I am so looking forward to the sunshine!

    Lifecruiser: Well, at least we get to have many cool nicnames ;-) Oh, 10 years or so…. phew!

    Tonight and today I’ve had ovary and cervix pain, so I’m not really in the best shape either…. But I do laugh. And Miss Ass. Lifecruiser fooled me to laugh too much today in the phone so it was hurting too much… We’re just hopeless!!! *lol*

    February 7th, 2007 at 6:54 pm

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