February 11th, 2006

The heavy baby works for me

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Lifecruiser as paparazzi

The heavy baby, now named Sam, did his work properly! At least for me, I’m just an amateur on such babies. I must say that I prefer this kind, because there is no need of changing the diaper.

Oh, boy, there is a lot of things to learn with a new baby!!!

I was wearing him (must be a him, he is so heavy) at my chest inside my jacket most of the time, so he shouldn’t get cold. It was a pleasure taken him out, I must admit that. My other baby, well, it’s not a baby anymore and rather worned out, was allowed to play too, but only for 3 short sessions. It’s good for her to rest a bit now.

I don’t know what exactly I expected to see up in the air somewhere at the photo above, maybe the Swedish Royal Family climbing the trees….?

The only thing that got me a little bit irritated, was the fact that I couldn’t find the lens adapter, so I couldn’t use the lens hood, which had been good in the sunlight. I assumed that I left it at home, clumsy as I am, but was I up for a suprise when we came home and there was no adapter. What a disappointment, had I already lost it, the first time I took the baby out? There was not nice words I called myself!

That made us believe that I must have dropped it out at The Drottningholm Palace at The Chinese Pavilion where we went to take the photos. So poor Mr Lifecruiser did go back there searching for the adapter as the true gentleman he is. He didn’t find it, but when he came back we started to investigate the lens hood a little bit closer…

Mumbling with very low voice: Of course, there it was hidden on the inside of it…! *ashamed*

So Mr Lifecruiser had a nice (not) repeat trip totally unnecessarily because of his clumsy wife. It’s a hard life being a photographer’s husband obviously…

I’ll write a more detailed report of the camera and put up some of the photos later.

You can click on the menu choice photo above to see our photos so far.

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  1. sharlet said:

    How careless! :shock:

    You should have checked carefully everywhere before making the trip back! But still, it’s a good thing you didn’t lose it after all. :)

    February 13th, 2006 at 7:13 am

  2. Lifecruiser said:

    Yes Sharlet, we actually did check before making the trip back, but it was very diffult to see that it was there, it sat very tight on the inside. Well. well, I guess Mr Lifecruiser did get some extra exercise *lol*.

    February 13th, 2006 at 10:34 am

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