February 9th, 2006

A nice working car

Posted by Lifecruiser in Odditys
Lifecruisers working car

Ahhh, how nice it is with a working car…. Our car is working properly again at last, hurray! This car repairshop did it! They found several fault with it and dealt with it.

The only irritating thing is that they also told us that it was, in their eyes, basic investigations that was needed to find the problems. No special tricky knowledge. The other car repairshop hadn’t put it together and done proper adjustments when they were repairing the cars first problems. The following times we were there they had tried to adjust a lot of other things instead of finding the real cause of it.

That was making more job for this good car repairshop, it’s no fun to get things after some ones have been there and screwed up everything.

The worst thing is that because of their poor job, it could have caused the engine to break down AGAIN, we were just lucky to get the car into the other car repairshop in time!!!

Bah! Crappy “professionals”, they are everywhere now a days, not only at the car repairshop.

- Where has the pride to do a good job gone?
- Why does people think that no education/experience is needed?
- Why take on a job that you can’t handle?
- Why is it so hard to confess that you can’t fix it?
- Why come up with wild guesses instead of proper advices?
- How can they return a car that don’t work? Several times!

We’re going to tell them this, of course!!!

The good guys that fixed it, on the other hand, restored our believe that it still exists some people around that is truly professional.

So now we have to go out for rides every day just to enjoy a normal working car….?

To new adventures, step on it Mr Lifecruiser!

Wrrrrroooooam…..!!!! *leaving in a big dust cloud*

Cruise list: Happy and Blue, Sisiggy, and Mrhaney.

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  1. mrhaney said:

    i like cars but i hate when they brake down. i only buy old cars. the newest one i owned was a 1985 lincoln and i only bought it because it had 26,000 miles on it. i also hate to have emmision inspections which you have to do every year unless you have an old car. have a good one.

    February 10th, 2006 at 1:26 am

  2. sisiggy said:

    cough, cough, coughBut I just got here!

    February 10th, 2006 at 2:23 am

  3. Happy and Blue said:

    Of course with a repaired car and more rides you two will have to start getting cleaned up and sleeping less.
    There is a price to pay for having things working, ha,ha..

    February 10th, 2006 at 5:17 am

  4. Lifecruiser said:

    Sounds like you have really nice cars there mrhaney! We like old cars. Ours (1997) is just a baby comparing to yours!

    Oh, dear, sorry to have given you a cough sisiggy - maybe you shouldn’t have been standing so close behind us…? *smiling*

    Didn’t think of that Happy and Blue, wow, are we going to have a tough time here now….
    Nah, I’m sure that we’ll come up with some excuses for NOT be doing it. Like: Why cleaning up, we don’t have to step out from the car then nobody will notice our sloppiness…?
    Of course, it will be a little bit tricky on the way from the car to our front door…
    *thinking out solutions*

    February 10th, 2006 at 9:59 am

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