Saturday, 7 Jul, 2007

Photo Hunt Fake by Lake

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Yes, they really are fake swans. I love the colors in this photo too. Red, white and blue mixes good huh? *s*

Captain Not a Fake Lifecruiser

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Friday, 6 Jul, 2007

The Captains bullshit

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Dear Diary and cruisers,

Meet my new friend that talk as much as bullshit as myself…. *giggles*

It was a handsome young man who wanted to speak with me when we’re down to Fårösund again to get some things we couldn’t find on the island. Meaning we took the ferry over again.


Some super glue were needed among other stuff, so we went to the local lumber store too. No, it was not the bed that had broke down! *ROFLMAO*


It has been a gray day today as you see on that picture, despite the fact that they promised us some sun, butt I should be glad because from what I can understand there is rain crises all over Sweden right now with flooding everywhere. So I should be glad it’s not been raining - yet. It’s hangning in the air all the time though.

Mr L’s ribs probably got damaged in his fall before we left home, so he have some problems with them now. Maybe there is a crack in them somewhere. No need of a Doc since they don’t do anything about it anyway, butt it’s abit annoying for him naturally. Let’s hope it will be better before his golf competition the 16th!!!

Tonight we’re going to take the car to Sylvi’s döttrar (Sylvis daughters), which is a couple of kilometers from our farm, to have a nice evening out. They have a performance there with poems and music together with dinner. There is a band playing folkrock, called Gotlands Patrask.

End of the bullshit for this time….


Captain Bullshit Lifecruiser

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Thursday, 5 Jul, 2007

Keen on green compact living

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Welcome to our summer vacation compact living!

Let us show you around on the genuine farm where we’re staying. We rent a little old working booth (that little one is where we’re staying) from a local farmer, which Mr Lifecruiser has done over twenty years. This summer he has been on Gotland & Fårö for 30 summers in a row!

This farmer is the most wonderful and that shows, people has always wanted to come back and rent from him.


This is the second year he hasn’t any lambs by his own, this is his sons who lives on another farm nearby,
he is cutting down on work now since he is 78 years old by now. They always call all sheeps for lambs at this island.
Fårö also means Sheep island if I translate it from Swedish to English right off.

We only have one very small bedroom and a small kitchen. No water, we have to fetch it in buckets.


So there is only light cooking done here. Remember, we’re on vacation! That’s also why we eat on paper plates - no one of us wants to wash up…

This was our dinner today, done with sour creme, Salsa sauce, spices, leek, sausages with pasta in the very small kitchen area.


This shelf is the only one we have to store grocerys. There is only one cupboard.


Though we can cook inside and we do have an old fridge too - ah, how I love cold beer in the summertime :-P

I just love this sign telling us where to put our compost garbages, this is living green at it’s fulliest!


The shower an toilets are out on the farm, we’re sharing that with others that stay here too.


Here are how the hot water is heated - by the sunlight in the day - so we have to be really careful how to take our showers so the hot water will be enough for everybody!


Wanna peek into our bedroom? Of course you want!


Sorry, we’re not in there! Yes, we’re only laying in one bed, and it’s even smaller than our bed at home, meaning less than 35 inches! It’s 80 cm wide. *giggles*

Don’t ask me how we do it, because even we ourselves don’t know!

To find somewhere to stay at Fårö might be tricky, since every one want to be here. And it is rather expensive to rent too, as most places in Sweden are. There are a few camping areas, but no other camping is allowed.

We went into the flea market today, even though there seldom is anything we want to buy. Today I did. Two bags full of old magazines from 1947, Husmodern, House mother magazine. I just love this old magazines!


As you could see, we have had sun here today - we have had very windy weather though, so no beach weather, because with this fine sand there is here, we would have sand everywhere!!!

This is the kind of fine sand you only find at a few places abroad, so don’t ask me how it came here from the beginning…

Another day I’ll tell you more about the sand here at the island, it’s a special story.

They say that the weather will be bad for the weekend, we’ll see how it turns out! You’ll never know with Fårö, it can be bad everywhere else but here!

Some other farm pictures:

20070705090  20070705087  20070705086
20070705083  20070705081  20070705078
20070705077  20070705079  20070705070

Or, look at all our photos from Fårö this summer at Flickr.

Don’t miss that you can start a slideshow there with them, the comments can be seen if you click in the middle of the picture over there. Just click on any pictre in this post to get to that photoset in Flickr.

Captain Green Keen Lifecruiser

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Wednesday, 4 Jul, 2007

Happy Lappy and Poppy

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Captain Lifecruiser well-hanged with the laptop on the shoulder, at the car.

Still smiling real big, tough job to keep the smile down below the ears… *giggles*

Poppy field by the road at Fårö island.

We’re taken it easy now in the beginning, no partying - yet. They have already announced a party next week, our neighbour at the farm has got a new verandah. Every reason is a good reason ;-)

Skärsviken’s beach at Fårö island.

Tried to lay on the beach this morning. It was sun when we got there, butt as soon as we have laid down there was dark clouds arriving and fog (first time for me to see that here!) surrounding us from all directions. My bad weather curse that did strike a bit I think ;-) Butt it’s still very beautiful and peaceful.

We did get a lot of rain last night. That’s when you’re so glad that you’re not sleeping in a tent… Tor, it might be a more wise decision than we thought to bring the canoe when you comes over here!!! *giggles*

Somehow, we haven’t got around to cook dinner at home yet, we just don’t feel like it for some reason, so we’ll have to eat out today too…

Captain Happy Lifecruiser

PS. Oh, and happy 4th of July every one from USA :-)

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Tuesday, 3 Jul, 2007

To the island bagged sagged

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Dear Diary (and cruisers ;-)

Finally arriving at the island Fårö, outside Swedens east coast, after a nearly sleepless night. I slept 3-4 hours and Mr L about 2 hours. Why? We weren’t ready, hadn’t packed all things to get with us. We’re just totally hopeless!!! *giggles* Being away for a month demands some packing!

There was a line up to the ferry, butt we were getting aboard the ferry from Nynäshamn to Gotland suprisingly fresh!

(Click the pictures to enlarge in flickr)


There was eve a long line with hungry people to the restaurant aboard. Mr L succeeded to get his NEW glasses destroyed by a kid in the line, but he couldn’t see it then. It was a crack in the glass as it showed later. Not even 3 days they were whole… *sigh* We’ll see if it’s possible to get something out from security assurances.


So, we ate lunch at the ferry, we decided on a light lunch, there was other alternatives with Swedish traditional dishes, butt we decided to eat something when we arrived to Fårösund too.


…and I asked Mr L to get me 2 small Wisby pils (beers) to the lunch. He got so stressed by the glasses incident so he came back with 2 Mariestads (reminding me about Renny’s summer home) beer which is much stronger… So I just had to force myself (;-) to drink them… *giggles*


Arriving to Visby after 3 hours on the Baltic Sea. Calm weather, but quite foggy - and it wasn’t me and my 2 strong beers! *giggles*

Visby is a very medevial town, with it’s ring-wall from 1288 surrounding the town. Lovely little streets and places to hang out or partying all over the town. There is a lot of night life.


Every time we get to Gotland our smiles goes up to our ears, butt it goes even further up when we’re going over with the road ferry to the Fårö island!!!


I so remember the first time I arrived here. It was in February when we’re romantic engaged on the totally abandoned (and windy!) beach, Norsta Aurar. It blowed sand into the champagne glasses…

Characteristic flowers for Gotland and Fårö is the Poppy, butt we didn’t get the chance to take photos along the road - there isn’t as much as usual this year because everything bloomed early this year. Other ones is the Blue weed in the roadsides. There is also a lot of butterflies, which I hope to capture more of this summer too.


Yes, I did shoot this picture when Mr L was forced to stop on the obligatory peeing pause…. I choosed to take photos of butterflies instead of his fly… *giggles*

We did stop at our favorite traditional restaurant. It’s reminding us about the sixties somehow. We like to chat with the locals there.


This was what we ate, kabanoss and macarone and Swedish hash (pyttipanna), simple but OK.

20070702044  20070702043

An obligatory stop at the local grocery store to get the essentials.


Now we got very close to where we stays…. Dear Fårö, the best part of Fårö… Just lovely, so genuine…. Ahhh… Enjoying life very much!


To see Per, the farmer we rent of and all our good friends again! Nice reunion indeed! We’ve been around seeing that everything is as it should :-) Some approvements and changes here and there…

There was some fuss to get the wireless connection at first at the café were we am right now, butt finally! Hurraaayy!

Guess who slept like babies last night…???? *giggles*

The weather is alternating all the time, sun and clouds and today quite windy, butt remember, we’re on a small island. There is not exactly beach weather yet - it will probably some next week!

Captain Bagged Lifecruiser

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Sunday, 1 Jul, 2007

My laptop dance

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Captain Lifecruisers new LG laptop

Another add to the family - my new laptop! I just finished installing Windows Vista & other programs & moving over everything from my old one to the new one.

It’s just sooooo fresh! It feel like I’m stepping into the future comparing to my old one!


- Intel Duo Core processor T2350 (1,86 Ghz)
- 1024 MB RAM-minne
- 120 GB HD
- 15,4″ Widescreen
- Bluetooth, Wireless, LAN
- DVD-SuperMulti drive
- 2,78 kg
- Windows Vista Premium

- and with a metallic Aquablue chassi and silver interior. Of course I also had to buy it a more cool Golla laptop bag - and you know I go for green this year…

Captain Lifecruisers new LG laptop 2  Captain Lifecruisers new LG laptop 3

I haven’t got the chance to test all the new functionality with this laptop AND my new cellphone, there has been some glitches on the way. Not everything is self explaining, so it takes time to learn about all the goodies :-)

On top of that: my mobile provider has mucked things up when I should order a new SIM-card for 3G, so I’m not even sure if I have one working fully for the moment… *sigh*

Well, if I see it from the bright side, nobody can reach me, which might be nice and quiet? *giggles*

We’re leaving tomorrow to take the ferry to Gotland outside Swedens east coast and then from Gotland to Fårö, butt don’t worry - there is wireless connection all over Gotland and Fårö.

Though if the weather gods is with us, we’re going to be at the beaches very much - or out on excursions everywhere, as we use too. And partying. And having a great time.

I’ll try to post some photos ans short notices at least, depending on how my phone is doing and everything else, butt don’t count on daily visits and comments from me - though I will certainly read yours!

We had a scare today when Mr L was going to throw away a lot of crap and stumbled and fell rather badly, butt somehow he managed to not break any bones - phew!

Why is there so darn difficult to pack our bags? I never want to begin and then always standing there in the middle of the night.

Like now - so off to pack! *kicking myself in the butt*

Captain Packing Lifecruiser

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Saturday, 30 Jun, 2007

Photo Hunt Sweet Meet

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What a Photo Hunt subject we have today! Too many choices! *whistles* I had to go with photos I already had, no time for something else!!!

This is an old scanned photo of my brothers daughter Jessica and son Henrik when they were younger, that’s why it’s not that good quality.

Note that the smile he has runs in the family.

Henrik did graduate recently and Jessica is working in a Gant store. Jessica was always so darn sweet to her little brother, so it was such a delight to see.

They’re still the sweetest kids, even though they prefer to be called grown ups :-)

Come to think about it, I might start that cheek pinching that old aunts use to do, telling them how sweet they are…??? I’m sure they would DIE of embarrassment!!!

Oh, I’m such a teaser…. *giggles*

Captain Not So Sweet Lifecruiser

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Friday, 29 Jun, 2007

Belly Bingy Thingy

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Bare Essentials
Bare Essentials, 1957.
Oil on canvas. Gil Elvgren.

Recognizing this picture? That’s how many persons beach life is…. Tough. Even I feels like I might need to hide in the reed this year…

I can’t understand it, where does this belly bingy thingy comes from…???? It sure isn’t mine! GET OFF ME! *giggles*

No, I just refuse to hide. Ill do the opposite. Hang it out from the pants whenever I’m in the need to! We have an expression here in Sweden that says: the hag against the stream, if I try to translate it right off. So that’s me. I never does as everybody else does…

Actually that reminds me of a shopman in a store my ex and I was in once, to buy some jeans. He was an expert on judging what size you had, just by looking at you. Mine fitted instantly which never have happened any other time in my life!

Though my ex’s jeans was a bit too tight around the waist, so he asked the shopman:

- What shall I do with my belly?

The shopman answered:

- Hang it out, just like everybody else does!


No need to tell, that this shopman and store quickly come to be our favorite store…

Sorry for not visiting you as much as usual for now being, I’m occupied installing everything on my new laptop and moving all needed files between my computers (plus all other preparations!) before we’re leaving for our summer island on Monday.

Photo and more info about my new laptop will be posted later….

Captain Belly Lifecruiser

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Thursday, 28 Jun, 2007

13 Broad Load Goodies

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1. Our beloved, funny, warmhearted and witty A-Team Cruiser Sanni awarded me with the Rockin’ Girl Blogger!!! Oh, my, this old hag suddenly turned pink girlie… *giggles*

Captain Lifecruisers Rockin Girl Blogger Award

2. Quoting Sanni: “Hands down, our Cyber Cruise Captain definitely rocks! Very real and very funny, this Swedish lady doesn´t shy away from the truth. She´s a breath of fresh air”.

3. Hm. I don’t know about that fresh air though…. How about some farting instead? *ROFLMAO*

4. That’s actually true. The truth-telling, not the farting. Or… well, yes I do that too, butt now it was about the fact that I do say the truth all the time. Maybe too much? What do you think? *giggles*

5. I’m going to continue with my habits and tell you another truth: I really am an old hag - and I recently got proof of it! The tests shows that I’m now entering the menopause for real. No more ovulations, pains - or tampons laying around every where! Yeah! What a freedom! Extended love life - and beach life - here I come :-P

6. I’m sneaking in one No-Goodie here too, just to take me down to earth again: the gyn doc also said that my TSH-values (P-Tyreotropin) was too high, so I have to take more tests in the end of August again to make sure they haven’t increased more.

7. If they have, it can be a case of thyroid gland disorder, which one of my sisters has. Vitamine B6 & B12 is known to help the gland. Since I’m drinking that Mivitotal Flex stuff now, with ALL vitamines and minerals and I’m going to have such a fabulous summer - I’m positive sure it will be better after that!

Actually, it can be difficult to notice it by myself, since it’s very similar symptoms as my Fibromyalgia, so does it really matter? No poo, I’m decided to have FUN anyway! Screw the sick brew! *giggles*

8. The very strange heat/sweat attacks I had for about 3 months - at the same time as Mr Lifecruiser had it too - have stopped completely! JIIIPPPIIIEEE! So that was the final proof of that it wasn’t something because of the menopause. The doc was right, it was the virus. Another thing I got rid off in time before the summer pleasures…

9. From now on, only the sun will make me sweat. And that’s Mr Lifecruiser, right? *giggles*

10. I got another virus instead ;-) The very best: the wacky one! Ev Nucci has contaminated me totally and this one is a keeper. She is very contagious with her superlative enthusiasm and joy, not to mention that she is a very witty kitty! Actually I could go on and make a long list of superlatives about her, because I love her humor. You all know how I love humor. I love her self-irony too. Somehow it seems familiar to me… *giggles*

11. This also means I have two very positive Memes to do, what a pleasure! I’ll be back with them another day after some heavy thinking, because how do I choose of all YOU…????

12. I’m a nag hag only when it comes to :*giggles*


Captain Hag Lifecruiser

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Wednesday, 27 Jun, 2007

To shiba to day

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Captain Lifecruisers late night sight
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This is our latest add to the family - a new laptop for Mr Lifecruiser. He badly needed a new computer for a long time now actually.

His OLD one is working on overtime - it’s pure magic that it holds together!!! There isn’t any CD-RW in it either, making it a bit more difficult to take backups…

Toshiba Equium A200-1HR:

- Intel Duo Core processor T2080 (1,73 Ghz)
- 1024 MB RAM-minne
- 120 GB HD
- 15,4″ Widescreen
- Wireless, LAN
- DVD-SuperMulti drive
- 2,72 kg
- Windows Vista Premium

- and with a shining Onyx-blue chassi and silver-black interior for the stylish user - Mr Lifecruiser and of course he had to buy it a more cool Golla laptop bag too…

Since none of us are playing any games (expect Poker), we don’t need heavy graphic supported computers.

What about my laptop then? Didn’t I just told you yesterday that I was gonna get one today?

Yes, butt I have to wait until tomorrow afternoon before I can get my hands on it!

Why? Because I want another laptop, one with Bluetooth. Since my new phone has Bluetooth I want the possibility to transfer the pics over to the computer via Bluetooth…

Be aware, we’re both going to have 2 shining new babies when we leave for the vacation. No wonder my smile goes from ear to ear….

Oh, BTW: the photo above is taken with my new Nokia N73 phone with the 3,2 megapixel camera - quite good considering it has been taken with a mobile phone indoors, don’t you think?

Captain Pleased Lifecruiser

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