May 9th, 2006

Unsure Love

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“If you are not sure if you Love her, go out on a walk with her a couple of times and check that she is not asking some dumb questions”.

[ Patrick, 7 year ]

Oh, how I would have loved to read what he means with dumb questions…

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April 26th, 2006

Crazy or not

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“It’s only healthy people that is willing to admit that they are crazy”.

[ Nora Ephron ]

So todays question is: are we crazy or not?

You tell us!

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April 14th, 2006

Movie Love

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“When you have found a guy you go and see a movie with him and have children”.

[ Sandra, 7 year ]


1) I found the guy…
2) I’m seeing a movie with him…
3) I’m off making love…..

….not children ;-)

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April 5th, 2006

Not much of a day

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“If you haven’t found something strange during the day, it hasn’t been much of a day.”

[ John A. Wheeler ]

It hasen’t. Been much of a day. Woke up late, still very very tired. I guess it’s the anemia and lack of iron (read brain ;-) that does it, doing as little as possible of ordinary life stuff… and eating a lot, of course. We don’t want to wake up the hungry monster.

Suddenly the dark evening is on it’s way. This day is gone. Where? I don’t have the faintest idea!

But the night is ours…. hey, here we come!!!!

[ Inserted Censorship ]

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March 18th, 2006

Too many girls

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“It is not a good thing if you have too many girls. Then it will not be enough girls for all of us”.

[ Brian, 8 year ]

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March 12th, 2006

Watch pigs and mud

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“You can find some one to Love in the towns center, because many women live there. They don’t feel like they want to go around and watch pigs”.

[ Sören, 8 year ]

I do… Despite the fact that I’m living in Stockholm. I just LOVE pigs…. their snout and oink sound.

Pigs are so cool….

As a matter of fact, they are not able to sweat, so they must have mud to cool down - and even use it for sun protection.

Just think about it, to have a valid excuse for jumping into the mud pool.

Any one care for a mud war….?

Sorry guys, I did NOT say women mud wrestling. You heard wrong ;-)

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February 25th, 2006

Time to call in The A-Team

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Mrs Lifecruiser clean as A-Team

Oh boy it’s the dirty day again. Our eyes are opened to how this home looks like. We haven’t noticed it until now. Or rather chosen not to see…

We can’t have a couple of new dusty pets. It looks like he has sort of spread his children all over the place now.

I think that we’ve been too good on practising one of our earlier mentioned housekeeping methods. Guess which one of them?

Or maybe we both was hoping that this young man would be saying the truth…

“When you are in Love, you get to sit down and drink coffee and watch a little movie. And then the other one have done the cleaning up”.

[ Henrik, 6 year ]

Hm… I think we’ll have to practise one of our other housekeeping methods… I’m not going to tell you which one of them. Have a guess again!

Googlism for a-team:
a-team is not a free service
a-team is not scared to use guns like your boy macgyver
a-team is always armed to the teeth

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February 23rd, 2006

Don’t worry be happy

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“Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable than risk being happy.”

[ Robert Anthony ]

Many times I feel like people actually do choose to be unhappy. They seem to go in to a loop with unhappy feelings, instead of doing the best of the situation and move on. Yes, I know, it’s not always as easy to do as to say… But I really feel like some people don’t even try any more. Or rather a lot of the people don’t try any more.

How come? Have they give up hope? Is it the society we have today? Stressful, no time for anything, not even for feelings or family. Every one is always talking about all their problems, surely they must have something good to tell…? Or is the whole earth now spinning in a negative loop? All the News is just filled with negative news too, they seldom report something positive. There is a lot of positive stuff going on, so why waste our precious short life time on worries or negative things? It’s only we, ourselves, that get damaged.

We can influence our lifes so much, not to every point, but pretty much. It have a lot to do with our own attitudes, just stop and think about it for a moment. You know we’ve a fantastic mind that can do things the scientists don’t even understand all about. Just set your mind to it, we don’t say that it’s easy, but it’s worth it. Confirm that you’re happy and if you’re not - try to change the things that makes you unhappy - or learn to live with it - and be happy. We all have to do that choice, even though our situations can be more or less difficult.

Life has a lot of up and down bumps and the important thing is to not let the down bumps get glued to you - rip it off. You must do it, for your own good. You and noboby else have a responsibility for your own life. It’s like ripping off a patch, it shall be done after proper healing time. It can hurt to rip it off, but it’s temporarily. Don’t let the days, weeks, months, years pass and then regret that you didn’t do anything. Don’t let YOUR LIFE slip through your fingers.

We urge you to put your feets firmly to the ground and say STOP to all negative stuff and start to initiate all the positive thoughts and acts you can instead. Do an inventory of all the good stuff in life - or that could have been worse - and appreciate it. Be grateful for what you have and don’t ogle at other peoples things, lifes or whatever. Decide what it is that make YOU happy and live happily with that - or make up goals to reach it, but be realistic.

Life is a fantastic gift and we ought to take better care of that gift. There is so much good stuff that we take for granted, that is miracles actually. The nature, our body & brain, all living creatures, all the fantastic things that mankind has invented. Even small things. Think about it during a day and try to see things in your life in a different, new view. You may find it less boring than you thought it was.

Your mood can affect not only your day, but others too. If you smile, people tend to smile back at you. There is nothing wrong with a laugh, it’s healthy for both your body and mind. Laugh triggers the release of endorphins, which work as natural pain killers, it’s also beleived to decrease stress-related hormons. We should try it more often than we do, since it never can be overdosed. Worries or happiness - both are contagious.

We’re now giving you the happy plague!

Dont worry be happy


Googlism for happy:

happy is the individual who trusts
happy is the person who has someone to blame when things go wrong
happy is the ultimate goal for life
happy is the bride the sun shines on
happy is healthy
happy is cool
happy is more important than ever
happy is your joys
happy is a heart full of friendship
happy is simple
happy is said to be the family which can eat onions together
happy is something you have to learn
happy is to make someone else happy

Googlism for worry:

worry is an illness
worry is a sin
worry is the misuse of your imagination
worry is the darkroom where negatives are developed
worry is to put today’s sunshine behind tomorrow’s clouds
worry is wasted mental energy
worry is not our friend
worry is unreasonable
worry is something you learned to do
worry is unnecessary
worry is a thief
worry is more exhausting than a day of work
worry is one of the heaviest burdens of life

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February 20th, 2006

Lies for punctuality

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“The trouble with being punctual is that nobody’s there to appreciate it.”

[ Franklin P. Jones ]

That has happen to me a lot of times, as I’m very punctual of me. Have been anyway, not so sure any longer because people often get me to wait for them. I don’t like waiting. Who does?

Mrs Lifecruisers draws dressage horse

I once had an old friend, she was a pensioner. We shared a horse together and because of her skill, she was giving me private riding lessons too.

She was supposed to pick me up at the train station with her car and then we would drive to the stable. We decided a time to met. She never was there in time and she had the most fantastic stories about what have happened that had delayed her.

That wasn’t the biggest problem. It was the fact that she also should give me a lift to the station after the riding lesson and I had to catch a train to go to my work in the city - in time… Yes, as you have guessed, if I would have to relay on her, I would have been late every time.

So, what did I do?

I lied. Sometimes it’s necessary with a so called white lie. Instead of going through all that annoying stress mess every time, I told her that I had to make it to an earlier train than I actually needed. That way I was on the station about 10 min before the train should leave the station and I didn’t have to be stressed at all.

There are some people that just can’t be in time.

Sometimes it’s better to look for another, not so obvious solution.

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February 18th, 2006

Locked doors for Politicians

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“Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city, it might be better to change the locks.”

[ Doug Larson ]

I can’t even imagine how many politic blogs there are out here. Too many, if you ask me. That’s why I decided right from the beginning that there will be NO politic stuff in this blog.

Except that now I’ve broken that golden rule. Temporarily. I’m mentioning the horrible P-words.

Personally I don’t give a *fill in the word you want me to say* about politicians. They can say what ever they want and I won’t listen to what they say.

Why? (Isn’t that obvious…?)

You can’t trust them, they would sell their mother if they thought it would benefit them. They decide a lot of totally inhuman stuff that no normal, hardworking person, with some empathy and decency left, never ever would touch unless under gun threat.

They don’t play fair, gaining benefits for themselves and screw the rest. They tend to forget that it’s the rest that makes the world go around.

Oh, I forgot, they don’t give a *fill in that word again* if this world goes down the drain, because they won’t be around then….

No, I’ll stick to the more humane stuff - that’s worth more than a million politicians!!!

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