June 23rd, 2005

The fish in the sea

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Look for the fish in the sea - in the large fish database on Internet called FishBase. 28900 Species , 207200 Common names, 38400 Pictures, 35700 References, 1220 Collaborators, 11 million Hits/month.

Wow that’s a lot of fish species!

June 6th, 2005

Mailing overseas

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I am mailing… I am mailing…. Home again… cross the sea…. *singing loud*

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Have you ever got an email that looks fantastic? With wonderful backgrounds, nice fonts, animations, really cool emoticons and maybe even sound in it?

Whatever your answer is, you have to take a look at IncrediMail. It’s truly INCREDIBLE! We have been using it for years now and are completely satisfied customers.

Maybe you have seen it in the movies, the voice that says: You’ve got email….. This is a standard feature of IncrediMail and you can choose between a lot of characters that deliver the message.

Think about having a butler that says: You have mail madam…. Or a snail swishing over the display…or… or…

It’s totally FREE to download, install and use. No hidden costs.

There even is an Add-on if you still want to use Microsoft Office Outlook and just take advantages from the extras from IncrediMail.

We can assure you that after you’ve used it for a while, you want to start creating your own backgrounds (called Letters) from your own pictures. You can do this if you buy the extra Letter Creator.

It’s easy and fun. Now you can create wonderful personal emails with your own style!

Quotation from IncrediMails website:

“The concept of IncrediMail evolved in 1999, when one of IncrediMail’s founders watched the movie Mission Impossible, and became captivated by the futuristic and visually appealing email program used by Tom Cruise in the movie. He began to search for the email program, only to find disappointing results….. The rest is history…”

They now have a continuously increasing customer base of tens of million registered users – why not join the party…????

See the Best Emoticons

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