January 25th, 2006

Promoting Love with Valentine

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Make Love

There is not enough of true Love in this world.

Valentine is an important part of promoting Love, but we will not forget that every day around the year.

Valentine is a great day - it should be like that every day!

There is so many ways that we can show our Love, not only for our partner but for all of our near ones. There is so little effort needed and the result are so huge.

We will never forget to say the magical words. It’s more important that the words are said spontaneous than the amount of times we say it.

No one wants to hear them like they’re reeled off like a homework, we’re trying to visualize our feelings from the bottom of our heart in to the words and in our eyes - or we don’t say it at all.

There is too much rage, hate and envy around us - why bother to waste our precious time and energy to something so self destructive? That’s only to keep ourselves in a hurting box.

We don’t bother about what all the others are doing, we don’t expect to get Love before we’re giving it ourselves. We have started to spread Love around us and we’ll see the results of it. It’s like a smile, if we smile to people they smile back.

There isn’t such thing as too much Love.

Sure, sometimes there is one or two that isn’t open for our Love, but that’s their lost. We can never force some one to feel Love, it’s just something that hit us!

Things said about Love that we just nod yes too:

“Love as you would die today”. (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

“Love is stimulation for the heart during simultaneous local anaesthesia of the intelligence”. (Guitry, Sacha)

“Love is a irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired”. (Robert Frost)

“When Love isn’t madness it isn’t Love”. (Pedro Calderòn de la Barca)

“Love doesn’t see with the eyes but with the soul”. (William Shakespeare)

“If Love is an illusion - then to hell with the reality”. (Elsa Gress )

“The cure for all blunders, the cure for blindness, the cure for crime is Love…..” (Emerson)

“The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost”. (G.K. Chesterton)

NOTE: Pure Mood has put up an excellent contest for Valentine. Make sure you go there before Feb 4th and make your own contribute!

Do you have some other ways to promote Love?

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January 17th, 2006

Love or milk

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“When you are in Love, you can not drink milk for five days.”

[ Simon, 8 year ]

That statement makes me wonder:

1. Doesn’t love last for longer than five days?
2. As I am a hedgehog I shouldn’t drink milk at all - how would I know that I’m still in love then?

Please feel free to answer my questions - if you can!

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January 14th, 2006

Global warming effect

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Remember that we went in to hibernation? Well, now we are trying another method to get by this horrible, horrible, horrible winter.

We are totally convienced that our passioned love will melt the snow around us….

We kiss, hug and make love to each other all the time. It shall be hot enough to melt the snow, we are totally sure of it! Mr Lifecruiser is a really hot man, I often use him as a radiator.

OK, it is a little bit difficult in all situations to keep on making love, but it is quite an exercise to get it going, a real challenge. Just to write this post takes 6 times longer than normal, to get it right when everything around us is rocking, ohh, or is it we who is rocking…?

The toughest one is to eat at the same time, definitely. That is because I am a hungry monster and constantly is eating something. Shewing maybe is not such a good idea when making love?

Maybe we will end up in Guiness world records?

We just have to get to an end of this cold torture we are exposed to, so we have to do what we have to do, right?

It’s just a matter of time here, really.

Mr and Mrs Lifecruisers melting Love

We challenge you to do the same. Think about it, the hole world is making love at the same time!

Oooops, maybe it is a little bit risky, thinking of the Global warming effect here….

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January 13th, 2006

Miss ass Lifecruiser in Chicago

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Miss ass Lifecruiser has reported that she arrived safe in Chicago, nothing *b* happened, no hijacking of the airplane, no airplane crash - nothing - except from a little bit of stomach pain. (We think she was a little nervous to meet her Love again :-)

She did go there with suitcases that were totally stuffed, so we wonder how long she will be there this time….?

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January 11th, 2006

Good with girlfriends

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“It can be a good thing to have a girlfriend, because then you have some one to kiss and make children with. Otherwise it can soon happen that the country will be empty”.

[ Richard, 8 year ]

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January 4th, 2006

The mooning poker widow

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I think I’ve become an ugly, dirty and unattractive poker widow.

The other day Mr Lifecruiser missed a very crucial thing. This looks very serious for our continued marriage. He was playing poker online out on the internet at the time of the crime.

We were talking about something obviously very important (and intelligent for sure) and I sort of wanted to make my point a little bit stronger, draw a b o t t o m line… So I did one of my favourite things: down with the pants and did the mooning. Waiting for the nice reaction of this normally very popular behaviour.

Nada! Nix, not a twinkle, not even a spank on the butt, nothing! What happened??!!! He didn’t even see it, he was so hooked up at the poker game….. At least he claims that it was the fact, but I wonder….?

Now there is this questions that pops up in my mind… Is he seriously ill? Because this have never happened before. Or have I suddenly become so very unattractive? Maybe I should go and scare someone else, just to test it?! The woman flasher…?

Mrs Lifecruiser unattractive poker widow

Hey… This could be really fun!

I could go around and scare a lot of people, in high positions too! I use to be full of energy over new projects, so I would probably pop up just about… everywhere… and all the time! No matter if it were at The Swedish Royal Castle or whatever. Mooning The Swedish king, what an honour!

I wonder how long it will take before they come to take me away? And where are they taking me? Can I go to jail for that or will they send me to get some mental care….?

I can se the headlines… *censorship-warnings* Wow, I will be famous!!!!!

Nahh, not my thing, I do NOT want to be famous. And it is very cold outside…

Maybe I have to take that shower after all…?

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January 3rd, 2006

Ugly and dirty

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“It does not matter that the one you are together with is ugly, because you can wash his hair and give him new clean clothes and he will be fine”.

[ Siri, 7 year ]

How cute…. ? Why not accept him as he is? Who says that anyone is ugly? Is it possible at all to think that the one you love is ugly?

For me it is the inside that counts, really. If the inside is good, then the person is beutiful in my eyes. As the opposite, if the person know too well that he/she is handsome, they always act like they know it, taking advance of it etc. Then I found this person just plain awful.

The most ugly persons I know is the ones that think that they are so beutiful!!!

Come to think about it, Mr Lifecruiser needs a haircut… No, it is not me that want him to do that :-), he has been talking about it for several weeks now. I think it is interesting to see how long it will grow before he actually does it. I like to drag my fingers through his hair… and make it stand straight out from his head. There is no chance of that normally. He looks so cute then, like a crazy professor.

Maybe it is because I always look that way myself in the mornings….?

Like Einsteins sister, then you know the hairstyle exactly. Wild is the best word for it. I do not know what I am doing in the nights that creates this tousled hair of mine. Hm…. Or maybe it is Mr Lifecruiser that is making it tousled…? Anyway, I could do with a haircut myself, but do I really need it now? We have gone into hibernation, there is not going to be more than a few people that we see. No, it can wait.

So, we will see which one of us that does the first haircut….

We have come into a certain amount of sloppiness for the moment, bearly coping with the normal daily routines, forgetting about showers, not have the energy to wash the hair, brush our teeth until late, there surely is more importent things to do first….?

We blame it on the awful, awful winter, with the awful, awful snow. We really are in hibernation. We have got som provisions, so we do not go out if we are not forced to.

I can persuade myself of anything, as long as I do not need to go out in the cold….

No, we do not need more shampoo… We will wash the hair more seldom.
No, we do not need more soap… We do not need that shower, we skip this day, we have not moved much so how did we get dirty?
No, we do not need more tothpaste, we can skip the morning brushes… or the kisses… no wait, that one is too damn difficult!

Yes, we can live without bread.
Yes, we can survive without the butter.
Yes, we can drink water instead.
Yes, we can cook soup on a nail.
Yes, we can nibble on what we have in stock.
Yes, we can read recipes to drool over in the internet.
Yes, we can survive on our love.

We are ugly and dirty.

*door closed*

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January 1st, 2006

Our humping pet Harry Petter

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Let us introduce you to one of our many PETS. This pet is a very very bad boy.

He humped Mr Lifecruisers leg one morning in the kitchen, obvious craving for some pet-thing… Luckily I heard Mr Lifecruisers scream for help and rescued him.

We suppose that it happened because he had a wild party all night long with a lot of his petbuddys, suffering from a bad hang over and - obviously - a lack of girls at the party.

There was his petbuddys, totally beaten by all the drinks, laying all over the floor, none of them were possible to talk any sense to. As usual, he only have buddys like that.

We are very concern about where he is going. *shaking our heads like every concerned parent would do*

Say Hello to Harry Petter caught at the very act:

Harry Petter caught in the very act of humping the leg

OK, it might not be the best shot we taken, but how easy is it to take the picture when Mr Lifecruiser is shaking his leg all the time to get rid of the humping pet…?

This is a very special pet and he is rather demanding, we have to watch him all the time, he is always up to something. Come to think about it, maybe he is influenced by me…? *scary thought*

Once when we were in Scotland riding The Jacobite steam train, he was totally freaking out of control. He had set in his mind to step up on the roof on the train and was humping Mr Lifecruisers leg again!

OK, Mr Lifecruiser was on his way up on the roof too, but hey, there is a difference between them. I think….

So, there was Mr Lifecruiser, hanging out of the train halfway up on the roof, Harry Petter humping his leg as hard as he could, screaming about justice and me humping (?!) Mr Lifecruisers other leg, desperate to not let him go up there!!!

Ahh, that was a sight for gods, I almost thought that they was going to make a new movie about it ;-)

Come to think about it, maybe there is a movie about it somewhere, there is a lot of people with videocameras sneaking around everywhere nowadays… Probably we are just now shown in Japan somewhere…

Of course, my only concern was that Mr Lifecruiser would fall off the train and hurt him self. I mean, if so, who would carrie all my luggage for the rest of the trips? A wife always have to think practical.

Can you please recommend any sort of retreatment for this bad behaviour from him? Ehh.. I mean them…?

The Jacobite steamtrain

 Over Glenfinnan viaduct in Scotland with the Jacobite steamtrain   The Jacobite steamtrain in Fort William, Scotland
The steeringwheels for the Jacobite steamtrain   Shadows in the water of the Jacobite steamtrain between Mallaig and Glenfinnan

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December 30th, 2005

My wife is picking my nose

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Now our celebration for our 2 years anniversery is over and I am allowed to be nasty again.

That earlier post from Mrs Lifecruiser demands a revenge post!!!! I let her wait a bit for the revenge, it is more fun then. What revenge shall I choose, I can see her thinking about it, worrying…. he…he…

It is not the first time we have a war. See the earlier war I started and the following posts above that one.

So what nasty story shall I come up with this time? *thinking*

Have I ever told you about the time when SHE was drooling? But not from her mouth… No, come to think about it, that one maybe is too private…. *teasing you*

No, I think I choose this really icky one instead….

It was in the very early beginning of our relationship, we were laying in bed (we do that a lot ;-) and I was laying behind her. Suddenly she made an attempt, so I thought, to turn around and put her hand on some of my really nice bodyparts….

WHAT THE HECK????!!! I had a finger in my nose!!!! And it was not mine!!!!

Was she a pervert? That likes to pick peoples noses? I could not think that she made this unbelievable direct hit in my right nostril partly from behind - without purpose.

Ok, I must say to her defence that the finger was out again as fast as it was going in there and without touching the walls in my nose, not even a scratch. Luckily enough, I was not having a cold at that time, who knows what could have followed the finger out then…?

She still keep repeating that it was not on purpose, but do we really believe that?

My crazy wife seems to have some obsessions with noses, even to put things in HER nose. I even got picture proof for it, see below.

Mrs Lifecruisers nose stuff in Natal    Mrs Lifecruisers nose stuff in Fuerteventura

And she does it everywhere, the proofs of doing it above is from both Fuerteventura, Spain and Natal, Brazil. (I just knew that this photos could come in handy some day!)

It is really exciting trips we do, you never know what she is up to - or should I say IN to??!!

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December 29th, 2005

No 10 times marriages here

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“Every time you marry some one, you get a ring, so you can only marry 10 persons”.

[ Kristine, 7 year ]

In our case it is not necessery to have more than one finger, beacuse we are going to stay married - at least for 42 more years to come - and yes, to each other!

Why 42 years? Well, 2 years ago, when we first met, we just said for 44 more years, it just was totally natural for us.

So where does that leave us…? I am going to be 88 years old and Mr Lifecruiser 95 years old then.

What we are going to do after that 42 years? Then we will sit down in our wheelchairs at the elderly home and negotiate - for another 44 years!!!

Of course, at that age, we are not going to remember any bad times - if we had some - so we are totally stucked with each other and it is a lovely feeling indeed :-)

Here you can see what we are celebrating it with. (Only part of it…!)

2 years celebration

- 1 bottle of Dom Perignon 1996
- Whitefish roe on eggs
- A long sweet kiss

The rest is……… totally predictable!!!

Hot stuff, red alert, fire alert!!!

Cheers everybody!

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