February 20th, 2007

The Love Tackle

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I’m getting really fed up with the health issues tackles - next Tuesday there will be much more pleasant reading about my TIT’s! Promise!

That pain specialist did surprise me… Butt I’m not sure how to tackle that! After his investigation and questioning of me, he told me that I was a totally “classic schoolbook example” of Fibromyalgia. Oh no. Appearently it’s my back problems that have triggered this illness too. No wonder it’s easier (and faster!) for me to tell where I haven’t any pain than where I have pain….

I’m not a mainframe, I’m a mainpain!!! *giggles*

Right now I don’t want to change doctor as I’ve been nagging you about earlier. My ordinary doc is supposed to follow me up now and discuss the medicine they want me to try. The pain specialist also said that my sick leave permit that ends in Nov 2007 must be expanded further. He didn’t gave that good prognosis to be honest.

And WHY are the social security agency always asking me so dumb questions? Like:

- “How do you see on your illness, what do you think your situation would be in the future?”

How the heck would I know, I’m no doctor. I’ve never had this much diseases before either. I can only take every day as it comes and do my very best of it - and that what she got as an answer.

Do you know what the doc said then?

- “Very good! You’re thinking like a man! That’s the right thing to do in your situation”.

No surprise. I’ve always enjoyed men company more than women ;-)

I’m still waiting for an appointment at the expert on ultrasound for a check up of the cyst on my ovary. I’ll phone them today to remind them because the only thing I want in there, sure isn’t a cyst!!!

My swollen up alien pregnancy belly and love handles is still there, but maybe not as much as before. I might be on the right track to get rid off it. Since the Doc said that I was no good for exercises I decided to go more for the love making!

Ha! There is ways to cheat - he didn’t say anything about that!!!

At least you know now why I haven’t been around visiting you as much as I use to - official version: busy with boring stuff like illnessess. Secret version: making love.

Butt, rest assured, I’m going to put an rearend to all this ill-business from now on, I’m loaded up over my ears with them - so there is frankly no more room for any more illness!!!

This hotel is over booked - take in some where else you marauders!

Reminder rest Tit’s:

1. Make Love
2. Learn more about Fibromyalgia
3. Get copies of med. journals (next doc. appointm)
4. Find new kitchen curtains
5. Kitchen cupboards
6. Porcelain boxes
7. Clean bathroom
8. Clean hall closet
9. Basement storage
10. Sales ads

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February 19th, 2007

The Poo’s arrival - a shitty Monday

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I’m so excited - the Poo has finally arrived! Yeaaah! I have been waiting so unpatiently…

It’s raging wonderful aka R’acquel that has sent me this amazing gift.

I’ll send her a surprise in return - and no, it will not be anything Poosh, but yet enjoyable.

(I must make her curious, it’s more fun this way… *s*)

I must admit though, that I never thought that I should be soooo excited over a bag with Poo… *LMAO*

The Book of Poo Poostage paid was $1.85 - really fantastic if you think about that this envelope has travelled across the whole world - Australia in the south Poole and Sweden in the north Poole so it’s really on the opPoosite side of the world from each other - and fast too!

Even more fantastic is it that this book of Poo were dumped in our mailbox today of all days - the day when our plumber woke us up at 07.20 in the morning (after a bad night) to tell us that he is coming to fix our toilet that has been on a strike a while - we’ve not made any Poo pile though…

…and I’m not sorry for the vision that gave you!!! *giggles*

But I promise you: that is nothing to what you get from the Book of Poo! I’ll curl up like a pile of Poo and read about all that Poo stuff now - and be prepared of laughing cramps!

Or I may go to the loo to poo first to test the plumbers work, so there will be no accident when laughing too hard…. I’ve always been very foresighted. *lol*

This book actually couldn’t have ended up in more competent hands… Remember: this is the home were your poo’s speed, consistency, color, size and smell always is described in details.

We even have Poo records. No one want to judge though ;-)

I maybe be potty and have a shitty humor on this shitty blog, but I just LOVE this - it’s one of lifes most essentials. In several meanings….

So we’re having an extra shitty Monday over here ;-)

Please feel free to tell us about your shit too!

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February 13th, 2007

My Alien Pregnancy TIT’s

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As you may know, for the moment my health issues is priority #1 to tackle.

My back “case”: I have an appointment to a pain control doctor today Tuesday. I have no faith in them any more, but let’s hope that they’ll surprise me this time ;-) It’s not by my own choice I go there though, but from the Social security agency, so there will be a following up meeting with them too - on Valentine’s day of all days! Nice huh? Maybe they wanna give me a big chocolate heart? *lol*

Searching for a caring Doctor: I’ll check up the ones on my list today, I promise…!!! *ashamed*

Gynecologist: Remember I had my hole investigated last Tuesday…. *giggles* If you read the update of that post, you know that she found a cyst on my right ovary and will send me to an expert on ultrasound, so I’m still waiting for an appointment which should be before the 7th MArs when I’ll revisit her again. The probably benign polyp in my cervix, which she removed by snare technique, seem to have healed. No answers from the lab yet.

My stomach problems: I’m eating the bacteria capsules to improve my immune defense and other stuff. It still seems to work a bit better, but maybe not completely yet. We’ll see if the the pain control Doctor has something to add there too, since it’s partly because of the pain control pills that I get problem with the stomach.

Moving our flesh: We’ve been out with my sister at several occasions, but should move our flesh around even more. We have the weather as an excuse though. Awful snow and ice and icy winds blowing through your clothes whatever you put on!

MY ALIEN PREGNANCY: After months, months and months again of trying to gain some weight, I finally made it! Only problem is that it seems to have been ackumulated somewhere else during these months and then suddenly now swollen up and give me love handles and a belly of a pregnant woman! OH NO!

I even had to take a test to be sure, not once but twice!!! Plus that ultrasound at the Gyn confirm that there is no baby in there - maybe it’s an alien? *giggles*

Strange thing is, we are several persons that seem to have the same problem - a very strange swollen belly, it starts already high up at the ribs! If it’s not an alien baby, surely it must be some kind of a new virus…?

Bah! Just kick us out!!!! *lol*

Reminder rest Tit’s:

1. Get copies of med. journals (after 14 Feb)
2. Kick my ass to find a new doctor
3. Deal with my health issues
4. Find new kitchen curtains
5. Kitchen cupboards
6. Porcelain boxes
7. Clean bathroom
8. Clean hall closet
9. Basement storage
10. Sales ads

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February 10th, 2007

Photo Hunt Broken Shit

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Lifecruisers contribution to theme Broken
© Lifecruiser 2007 (Our home, Sweden)

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This shit is broken…. The shit doesn’t get washed away - what kind of shit is this?

Welcome as guest in our toilet, just don’t make any business like poop in there, because you’ll be terrified! When you flush the water level will rise dangerous high and you’ll still not get rid off your shit! *giggles*

Don’t make me tell you how we got rid off the shit….

We have called the service department yesterday and I just wonder when they’re going to get their shit out of their asses and come here and fix the problem instead of talking a lot of shit!!!!

It’s the same problem with the shower, so we’re very shitty people right now. *lol*

We won’t take this shit any more ;-)

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February 5th, 2007

Hairstyling Top(p)ics

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Lifecruiser at the hairdresser
© Mrs Lifecruiser at the hairdresser (1 Feb 2007)

Post subjects: 1) My hairdresser and haircut. 2) My going bald problem 3) Generally about hairstyling.

My hairdresser and haircut

I went to the hairdresser this last thursday to have a haircut of my hair loss’ed head for the first time for 1 year and 9 months… It was like going to the Fear Factory I tell you! Phew. Would it be any hair left afterwards? I was biting my nails.

It was to a new hairdresser for me too, but it turned out to be a great hairdresser, totally on my own line to keep as much of my hair as possible. She is only using products that are very mild and she has a great education and special knowledge about hair loss or other problems.

When writing this post, looking up her website, I suddenly discover that she was participating in the Swedish TV Expedition Robinson (Survivor) in 2002 & 2003. I had no idea of that since I hardly watch TV and have a really bad memory, but I thought that she looked vague familiar :-)

Luckily for her she didn’t have to answer any more questions about it from me… It must be very tiring after a while to always be asked the same questions.

Have you noticed too that there is so much to talk about at the hairdresser? *lol* My hairdresser had recently been to Brazil, so we had to compare our experiences from there, since we were there last year in December.

Now, why would this be like going to the Fear Factory? Well, not only for the haircut in itself, but for sitting in the chairs. Phew. With my back it’s like torture instruments.

The chair at the wash is always the worst one. Either they feels like they’re breaking my neck or my back.

This one was surprisingly comfy for the neck, but totally wrong for the back. I’ve never been to any hairdresser that has totally comfortable chairs, have you?

So what did we do with my hair then?

1) An intensive cure for about 25 minutes. I don’t know what product she used here, but my hair went really really soft though.

2) Without me saying anything she suggested to cut off about 10 cm (3.93 inches) of my hair which was exactly what I myself had in mind, because that was the worned out part of it. So she did cut it off and also a bit of my side bangs.

3) She suggested to dye it in with some kind of special mild dye like Gold something, since I’ve became more dark haired since I lost all my hair in the first layer of my head. And maybe because she thought it would make me looking younger since it even would dye my silver hairs I’ve got a lot of in my bangs? *lol*

I didn’t find it necessary, but what the heck, why don’t try something new?

Though I can say now afterwards that I prefer my own hair color anyway, even if it’s a bit dark and silver combined. It looks more natural. I’m not quite satiesfied with this “goldy look” that I almost find is having a hardly noticed nuance of blonde-red, you know very light? Especially where my silver bangs have been earlier.

Conclusion: Now I know, I’ve tried. No more gold dye for me :-) I want my silver hair back! (Reminded me about the silverback gorilla somewhow ;-)

Mr L tried to take photos of my hair color, but it was very difficult to catch it on photo I tell you! Either it’s to much gold or it turns brown, it doesn’t show the right color with that light red in it. And especially the bangs which were silver before.

Mrs Lifecruiser after the haircut
© Mrs Lifecruiser after the haircut & 1 hair wash

Maybe I should call myself Goldilock instead of Baldie Hawn from now on ;-)

…and what’s the matter with me? Why do I show this photo to you, where I’ve used all my tricks to fluff up my hair and it’s newly washed, fresh looking, instead of showing it what it’s really looking when it’s not so fresh? This vanity… *sigh*

My going bald problem

Besides Brazil we talked about hair loss too of course. She confirmed what I think about the subject myself: there is something wrong with you if you have the kind of hair loss that I have and it should be fully investigated. She have had customers with very unusual problems discovered after peristent care seeking.

I must keep on trying to find a doctor that is willing to check me up carefully, to not give up!!!

This is what my hair looked like before the hair loss. It may be hard to tell from these photos, but I’m not exaggerating, I’ve lost about 50-60% of my hair!

The most of it came out in a period of a couple of months and I was terrified that I was going bald. You might think that I should be satiesfied with what I’ve got left, but for me that’s used to have all that hair, this is a big catastroph. I identify myself with my hair.

She also gave me a lot of advices concerning my hair type, what kind of products to use on my special type of hair and that I should use products giving moist rather than protein. Appearently I have rather hard hairs that needs more moist and too much protein can block the hair roots and therefor block the hair growing too I presume. (I hope I got that right!)

I bought the following Hårologi’s products:

- E.F.A.-Shampoo+
Activates your hair scalp with essential fatty acids and B-vitamines komplex that is counteracting dry hair scalp and skin. Dry, sheenless and brittle hair regain it’s luster.

- Hair Balsam+
Concentrated instant hair rinse with wheat bran and Panthenol. Untangles hair, has an anti-static, moisturising and glossy effect.

- Leave On
Conditioner and cure with provitamine B5 & jojoba oil which is not to be rinsed out and is supposed to give formability, protection and luster.

She did fill up one of them, I think it was the shampoo, with some extra stuff that would fit my hair well and told me that if I don’t think they’re working well, to come back with them and exchange them to another product. She’ll do that even if I’ve used it, it doesn’t matter because she can always use the rest in the hair saloon.

These products seems to be of good quality (more concentrated?) so even if they are much more expensive than the ones I use to buy, it will last longer - so in the end it will probably be a bit cheaper than I thought at first. Still expensive, but maybe worth it?

I’ve only washed my hair once with them, but I like them very much so far. I noticed difference from the normal products I’ve used. But the hairdressers products is always better than the grocery stores… I’m pleased with the fact that the Leave on conditioner is in a small packaging, I’ll appreciate that when out travelling instead of my big mousse bottles :-)

She also prescribed a special treatment simply called Hair Nutrition from Hårologi, pills with composition of essential nutritions for the hair including 30 vitamines and minerals - even the recommended daily dose of iron which is excellent for me with the lack of iron I have.

The other ones I bought at the Health products store earlier called Arcon-Tisane hair vitamines capsules includes vitamines and fenugreek which is said to be very rich of iron. It didn’t give me that much noticable effect though. Yes, my nails grew, but no big difference on the hair. Let’s see what this ones can do instead!

I suppose I should try to get hold of fenugreek as a spice since it’s so full of iron (more than anything else!) and put it as much as possible on my food?

Normally, I’m very suspicious of health care products, but I’ll guess I won’t know until I’ve tried huh?

So I started the same day with the Hair Nutrition pills. At least they are much more easy to swallow - an important factor that too! The other ones were so big that they felt like they got stucked there and hurted my throat. They were like Easter eggs - black ones…

I’ll report after the cure, which will be about 1-3 months. Normally when her customer comes into a phase of hair loss (which everybody does from time to time) it’s enough to take the cure for 1 month. Though she thought I might be needed up to 3 month since I’ve had such an extensive hair loss.

So we can say for sure now that I’ve invested heavily in my hair huh? *lol*

Generally about hairstyling

Yes, I know, you may have wanted to see me doing a major haircut, but the truth with me is that I just LOVE long hair. I can’t help it. I hate short hair on a woman. You may look great in it, but I’d still want even you to have long hair. Yes, I’m weird.

It doesn’t matter that you have a long list of arguments of why it’s so much better with short hair, more practical, shorter time to wash and so on. I’d still want long hair. I’m not only weird, I’m stubborn too ;-)

You can show me different hairstyles and I can think that it’s looking good. I can appreciate it - as long it’s on you and not me - but never fully love it. Sorry.

And I’m not buying the argument that it should be so much easier to take care of if it were shorter. If it’s shorter you have to keep going to the hairdresser and have a haircut much more often than I need for my long hair. I don’t form any hairstyle either, keeping it natural style. It’s so easy to maintain.

Half-down the shoulders is a good length too, but shorter? Rather not. If you got a distinct hairstyle like that, you have to be really good at keeping it like the way the hairdresser did it and I’m not capable of that.

My hair would look even more awful than now… *shivering of fear*

Many years ago it was trendy to have very short hair here in Sweden. Every female had short hair, no matter what the age was. Needless to say: I didn’t like that.

So I’ve been very happy the last couple of years when the hairstyle fashion trend has been to have long hair again!


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January 30th, 2007

The Cackle Continue

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A lot of cackle and then life happened to step in between… Pictures comes in the end of the post.

Searching for a caring Doctor: Don’t kick me! I haven’t done enough since last time, but I do have valid excuses. We had to fix certain things to our home, then my sister went ill, which besides helping her also meant I had to visit my Mom extra. And tonight I slept bad because my best friend Miss Ass. Lifecruiser is ill too and went to hospital again. This have taken all my energy.

My stomach problems: I’m a bit better. I don’t know why for certain though. Remember that I was getting bacteria capsules to improve my immune defense? I’m eating the capsules and they seems to work so far, we’ll see after a while since I’m not really on terms with Lactose and even these capsules seem to have a little lactose in it. (It’s Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium animalis, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus).

Contact my doctor to get copies of my journals? I didn’t do it. I came to think about that I’ve an appointment the 13th-14th of February with a pain management doc, so it’s better to wait after that visit before I demand my journals, so I get a copy of that statement of their too. Great way to avoid it huh? *lol*

Move our flesh: We were in strong need of some exercise, but how easy is that with my back and this cold weather? It’s not so healthy for me to be out in the cold even though I put on enough clothes for Antarctis… So, what to do?

Home Make Overs: We were also in big need of new curtains, both in the bedroom and kitchen, so why not get exercise through shopping? But it turned out to be a very difficult task. Phew! You see, there is mostly sixty and seventy patterns and totally wrong colors for our taste.

Then I even remembered that I since a very very long time have needed a new office chair for my poor back. And butt, because that old chair were like sitting on a wooden bench… It’s very important to sit right, right? *lol*

Keep in mind here, that we’re living compact living and we don’t know for how long we’ll stay here, we want to move, so it has to be cheap things in case of that we need to get rid off them later.

If anyone had said to me that I would have these colors in my home, I wouldn’t have believed them. Not black at least. But sometimes you just have to go with what the sales in the stores have to offer right then…

Lifecruisers new curtains and chairs
It’s actually 6 curtains, 4 kind of bamboo brownish-red and the 2 Japanese (?) ones. It fitted the black chairs (from IKEA :-) too.

Lifecruisers new curtains and chairs
The bedspread which we got recently, in a sale that too. It matches the curtains very well. Mr Lifecruiser has won the animals for me at the amusement park. And yes, we sleep in this 90 cm (35 inches) bed both of us and we love it and long for it when we’re away! We fit each other like puzzle pieces ;-) And yes, the zebra is hugging the Panda ;-)

Lifecruisers old chairs
Our old chairs together with a bag with crap from the package with the new ones. The right one was mine. We’re going out to dump them right after writing this…

Lifecruisers old photos of young Mr Lifecruiser
This is old photos of Mr Lifecruiser taken by a professional photographer at his hairdresser when he was young. His hairdresser wanted him as a model, so they were even put out in the window. This wall was totally empty before that, so it’s an improvement to have put up them there finally.

Oh, and if you read the post below this, there is some tackles there too :-)

Reminder rest Tit’s:

1. Get copies of my medical journals
2. Kick my ass to find a new doctor
3. Deal with my health issues
4. Find new kitchen curtains
5. Kitchen cupboards
6. Porcelain boxes
7. Clean bathroom
8. Clean hall closet
9. Basement storage
10. Sales ads

(I must have an evil twin that keeps filling up this list all the time….*lol*)

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January 29th, 2007

The mean clean

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Lifecruiser Washing Up
Husmodern (Swedish magazine) 1923

OK, this wasn’t what I had in mind to keep me occupied. The ultimate mean clean.

First: my sister went ill again and there were some cleaning involved there too, but I’m sorry I can’t tell you about it….

Let’s just say that this have and will keep me a bit more occupied than usual - in case you have or will miss me. I can’t make around to you all for the moment. You understand that, I hope. Real life and near and dear ones have to be put before blogging - or? *LOL*

Second: I’m really occupied washing for the moment, I’ve been neglecting it too long now. No clothes to put on soon! *lol* Yeah, yeah, I hear you, but it’s too cold to go naked! Really!

Third: Today my computer was nearly washed out by an evil Trojan and bootsector virus. Despite the fact that I do NOT open email from strangers, I haven’t installed any new programs, I’ve not been on any less serious websites (no porn, we make it ourselves ;-) . How the heck did they get here? *sigh*

I’ve been working on it now and I think my other darling, Avast Antivirus, and we did it together, we washed the virus out! I do hope it will continue to work and not come back!

I must say that I’m really impressed by Avast and especially that they make it available free for home users. That is truly very generous of them. This is the second time Avast saves me. The first time I had Norton Antivirus, but that didn’t help at all.

Thanks ALWIL software for Avast Antivirus :-)

The old cleaning lady


Fourth: Tonight I’ll have difficulties to sleep since my best friend Miss Ass. Lifecruiser phoned late in the evening to tell me that I shouldn’t be worried, but she is on the way in to the hospital…. Terrible pain in the bowel area. Let’s hope it’s nothing difficult, because it usually is when it comes to her. I’ve never meet any person with such a bad luck!!! When shall she ever get any peace and quiet…?

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January 23rd, 2007

Tackle is just me full of cackle

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Lifecruisers Tackle Top

OK, this TIT’s post will be my confession. I’m still doing a lot of unsexy groaning and on top of that: a lot of cackle but no happening.

Remember my health issues tackles? It isn’t ’nuff to kick my butt once you know, you have to keep kicking it and oh, boy, so hard that I beg for mercy. Obviously. Can’t you just yell at me and pester me constantly until I do something??? What kind of friends are you?!

1) Phone call to Dentist: Done that and even went there yesterday! Phew! Only now Mr Lifecruiser have THREE teeth that needs to be fixed… We got him an appointment 12 Feb. It’s the never ending story.

2) Phone call to Gynecologist: Remember I have a hole that needs to be carefully investigated…. *giggles* (see earlier posts) I didn’t get any new appointment until 20 Feb. I don’t want to wait that long, but then I must get a new Gyn and do they have any earlier appointments?

3) Searching for a caring Doctor: “I’m still working on that one” - which means that I’ve done NOTHING to it since last Tuesday! Serial killer kicks needed! To my defense is that there sure is a lack of generic doctor’s in Sweden and that’s not just a cackle of mine…

4) The Hairdresser: Still waiting for the 1 Feb to come to cut the litlle hair I’ve left. I’m beginning to wonder if shaving it all off is an alternative since I’m going bald anyway ;-)

5) My stomach problems: Remember that I cackled about getting all sort of bacteria capsules instead of eating them via youghurt to improve my immune defense? And to contact my doctor to get copies of my journals? I’m on my way out to get them both NOW and that’s only because of TIT’s. What an “eye servant” I am!

We’re still working very hard on the bed…. to get us into bed I mean and actually sleeping, which means getting up within reasonable time in the mornings, not trying to beat any of our crazy staying awake record of 40 hours….

So I’m not going to be toothless, but maybe bald with bags under my eyes and a very funny limp walk for ever ;-)

Reminder rest Tit’s:

2. Kick my ass to find a new doctor
3. Deal with my health issues
4. Kitchen cupboards
5. Porcelain boxes
6. Clean bathroom
7. Clean hall closet
8. Basement storage
9. Sales ads

(I must have an evil twin that keeps filling up this list all the time….*lol*)

See the latest post and Tackle It Tuesday participants over at 5 minutes for mom.

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January 22nd, 2007

The Vikings were not stupid

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They say that the Vikings had a saying like this:

“Those who know nothing but their home are stupid”.

Now, I may not take it that far, but to conquer the world doesn’t sound that bad to me today. After all it’s Monday, it should be ’nuff said.

But just to add some juicy stuff to that ’nuff, I throw in a late night and too early morning, resulting in a dentist torture of me (I got a cancelled appointment) and a little nice surprise nauseous for Mr Lifecruiser.

Good (?) thing though is that the dentist agreed with me to go on the cheaper (?) filling with plastic instead of porcelain, but it still cost me 750 SEK ($107) for just one tooth filling.

On top of that we have lost the warmth weather. It has been snowing and it’s cold. They say that it’s going to continue and even become colder. I don’t like snow and to slip around which makes my back worse. Or to dress in skipants with suspenders looking like a 5 year old kid going out to ride a sledge. At least not when I’m not allowed to ride’m!!! It’s not fair.

Or wear woolen clothes that itch. Or freezing my butt off.

I had ’nuff of it, I’ve been living in Sweden all my life.

So I’m seriously thinking of doing like the Vikings. Well, not the plunderings (hm…) or rapings (sorry guys ;-), but the cruising. After all, being born up here in the north must mean that I have some Viking blood in me, right?

Now, I’m just wandering, do I need an icebreaker to make it out of here or would it be sufficient with a nice little Cruise ship? I think I’ll skip the authentic Viking ship, there is no time to build one now…

We’re seriously thinking of booking a 24h cruise to the island Åland, just to get going with the feeling and sort of put the Viking blood in surging. And we’re not going alone either, we’re taking a bunch of other savages Viking friends with us. Our best friend Miss Ass. Lifecruiser among others and then you understand the caliber of this gang…

I’m not telling you the date yet, so you won’t be able to send out alerts! I’m not stupid, I’ve Viking blood in me remember…

I do have one other problem though. It can be windy. I get seasick. Remember how it went last time when we cruised to Helsinki, Finland? When I had that romantic night in the cabin…. toilet… One time is quite ’nuff.

I don’t like to showel up seasickness pills in my butt either.

You see, no matter how I turn, my butt is still back there.

How do Vikings send secret messages?
- Norse code.

So I must send a SOS message to get me OUT OF HERE….!!!!!

NOTE: Not even those flames or the heavy Love making here can hold us ’nuff warm…

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January 16th, 2007

TITS performances

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OK, this TIT’s post will be with a lot of groaning and people going to investigate my body parts… Not really that sexy as it sounds. And no pictures.

Remember my health issues tackles? Some one kicked my butt very hard (after the post below this) to get me going with them.

1) Phone call to Dentist: Resulting in appointment 30 January, but put on the waiting list if somebody else cancel. Let’s hope that happens before my toothache get worse…. Or another one of me teeth falls out too ;-)

2) Phone call to Gynecologist: Remember I have a hole that needs to be carefully investigated…. *giggles* (see post below)

Seriously, I had to call them 3 times about this appointment. Really. That’s what happens when you have no brain after too much pain…

First I call them only to get an appointment as late as 13 of February *groaning*.

Then after putting down the phone I remembered that I should have asked to be put on the waiting list, so I have to call them again to get that confirmed.

Then after that I suddenly remembered that I already got another appointment with a pain in the ass coontrol doctor that date! One that is prescribed by the Social Security Agency - not by myself - yes, the same one that forced me to go to the shitty place. *groaning*

And of course, then it was 21 minutes past their phone time so I have to wait until afternoon today to phone them again. *groaning*

And that is very difficult for me to remember from one day to another, even with reminders. It’s like this all the time. I must keep lists and even then I forget the lists…

Do you beginning to understand now why I think that one phone call can be like climbing Mount Everest…? *lol*

3) Searching for a caring Doctor: Checked up the best place, Sophiahemmet, they have specialists but may be a very expensive alternative if it’s actually something that shall be done with me, because without a referral I have to pay everything on my own, every test or whatever and that’s close to robber.

So I continue to hunt for a good generic one - that can give me the right referrals to the right places, like Sophiahemmet. No one I know have any good doctor, so not any luck there. There is a lack of generic doctor’s in Sweden.

Looking up Doctor’s in the internet didn’t give me any good answers, maybe 2 doctor’s to check up some more. Which means I also have to scan through the phone books manually, because there are more informations in them than on internet.

4) The Hairdresser: I counted back and it seems like it’s 1 year and 9 months since I actually were to the hairdresser - can you believe it? My hair has felt as totally dead, but now the last week I can feel that it’s alive at least. Now I found a hairdresser that’s in acceptable distance and educated on hair with problems and uses products not so tough for your hair. I got an appointment 1 Feb for a combined talk & haircut. Maybe I’ll just cut the ends the first time, we’ll see how much I dare :-)

5) My stomach problems: I’m a bit better in the stomach and bowel than I was around xmas, so keep your fingers crossed that it will last. There are some really weird virus around nowadays, so maybe I had one. I always get everything since I already have a faulty stomach. I read somewhere that to prevent tourist stomach diseases, you should eat yoghurt with all sort of bacteria’s to prevent diseases - it builds up your immune defense. So I was thinking, if I do that, maybe I improve my immune defense? Though I have to buy the capsules, because I can’t tolerate that much lactose. Well, I’m ready to try it to get a bit better.

Bonus effect: Getting us to bed in time in the evenings and actually sleeping, which means getting up within reasonable time in the mornings, not trying to beat any of our crazy staying awake records….

So I’m not going to be bald, toothless with a very funny limp walk for ever, maybe just limping for the rest of my life ;-)

Oh, and we put away the christmas decorations at last. Here in Sweden it’s normally done like this last weekend, but we missed that. Besides that, in this dark country, it’s nice with a little extra light!

And of course - I’m busy changing this blog layout to something other than Santa :-)

Reminder rest Tit’s:

1. Contact my doctor to get copies of my journals
2. Kick my ass to find a new doctor
3. Deal with my health issues
4. Kitchen cupboards
5. Porcelain boxes
6. Clean bathroom
7. Clean hall closet
8. Basement storage
9. Sales ads

(Have you noticed that it keeps adding up tackles to this list all the time instead of the opposite? *lol*)

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