February 15th, 2007

13 About The Cyber Cruise Event

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Explanation for those who might not know already:
This is an idea I’ve had for quite a while now, but never seem to get my butt kicked to actually make happening. But now is the time to start the preparations!!!!

1. We’ll host a big cyber event here at Lifecruiser - a bloody marvelous Cyber Cruise!

2. There will be a lot of activities, preparations starts now, before the cruise and later on the cruise and maybe even afterwards.

3. The destinations will be revealed later too - let’s just say that it will be to several destinations all over the world!

4. There will be sightseeing, entertainment, music, dancing, gambling and contests or awards involved. Whatever we feel like!

5. We’ll have a lot of fun, witty, party-pro A-Team Cruisers (see the sidebar) and A-Swab Team members aboard during the cruise.

6. Wanna come you too? Step 1: Everybody has to start in the A-Swab Team first to be guaranteed a bed in a berth on the ship. Link to us directly (no meme blogroll). Tell us about it: lifecruiserteam at gmail dot com. Be crazy and we’d love to have you with us :-)

7. There will be first class tickets on the cruise for the A-Team Cruisers, plus some other advantages, but the A-Swab Team will still have a funny and comfortable trip with us.

8. Wanna be an A-Team Cruiser? Visit us, comment, write posts about our events, make an application in the next admission round! We’d love to have you with us :-)

9. There’s still some first class tickets available, but only for extra ordinary behaviour (use your fantasy!) or achievements in upcoming events and maybe a lottery…. You’ll never know what we’re up to!

10. There will be a Cruise Ball which probably will nearly sink this ship! The Dom Perignon (read giggle water :-) will be flooding!

11. In the meantime: Help us spread the word about the cruise and you’ll get bonus points or special mentioning or some other surprise :-)

12. I did hold an admission round earlier for becoming an A-Team Cruiser.If you missed it, there will be several like that during the year.

13. Check out which 13 A-Team Cruisers that made it in this time in the post Welcome 13 new A-Team Cruisers - or the others too in our sidebar. Start to mingle!

- Stay tuned to get the exact date for the cruise!!!


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