February 12th, 2007

Welcome 13 New A-Team Cruisers

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As you might have read here before, I’m holding an admission round for becoming an A-Team Cruiser.

Admission round #1 is now closed.

The A-Team Cruisers is guaranteed a “first class ticket” to our cyber event we’ve been planning this year - on top of anything else that will show up here…

Keep your eyes open for more announcements!

This is some of the questions that will be answered later:

- How many excursions you can expect this year
- What are some of the highlight destinations
- Will entertainment be provided
- If gambling is allowed
- What exactly is going on

No pressure though, this is all about HAVING FUN :-))

Who made it into the A-Team and why?

Our frequent visitor that even show us with brilliant stories and photos when she is travelling the world, has wild witty comments that always crack me up, lovely cats and paintings and at last the post: “Funny situation” among others.

She need this ship to cruise the world. She also is very curious and ask a lot of questions which always is a good thing! She has a very witty humor and lovable personality with a lot of weird charm. Always willing to be the most embarassing moment at any given party… And we heavily need that, dont we? *lol* She has also already bribed us earlier with a bucket of DUCKS and you know I can’t say no to that!

A faithful cruiser for some time that even have me on her bloglines as a “Must Read” every day! And the bribe, Mmmmmm. The full 5 course meal with wine, champagne and chocolates personally cooked by her sounds absolutely delicious - she sure know what this hungry monster likes ;-) Not to mention all her adorable puppies!!!

For a Swede it’s always good to collaborate as well as compete with a Norwegian and vice verse. We’ve been on each others blogroll for long and he writes excellent posts about Norway. This application have an extra neighbour-star in the marginal of course :-)

Just the fact that he’s too humble and needed to toss a coin 13 times to submit his application would almost be enough reason, but of course the mentioning of him bringing in one of his gross cases of vintage champage helped me in the decision too ;-). Further bonus admission points he got because the did put up a link to the admission post! And that he has challenged me several Friday’s with bad jokes which I just love.

that frolicsome kid:
This is to mix in some youth among us. I hope he is contagious, because he writes excellent posts! He said it himself: “I’m a soul stripped off its body and flesh, and bones…” I say: … and who can resist a stripper? ;-) Besides that, we need some one to be our DJ, that choose more young, cool music, don’t we? *lol*

She is SO good at bribes! She offered her twin sons (almost 14 years old), that eat like horses; are lazy as shite and deserved to be ragged out on her blog at least once a month… And she is a wife to a Swede. That facts will be hard for any one to beat…. *lol*

She is not only an old (but young-looking!) regular cruiser, but as she speak fluent Spanish it gives a huge bonus admission point besides the fact that you’re such a lovely person:-) And come on, her name? We just love the mar! Not to mention: Barsssscelona!

Even though she struggle with a bad internet connection (some of the non perks of living in a third world, under developed nation such as costa rica. She offer stupid stories from costa rica, and other foolish ways. We love stupid stories, don’t we?

She know the Swedish word for asshole, which can come in very handy, don’t you think? The fact that she also bribed me with re-imported djungelvrål (very salty Swedish licorice) and a huge bottle of Champagne don’t have anything at all to do with it ;-)

Hootin’ Anni:
She is good at plumbing and already fixed our broken potty in the captain’s quarters. Then, with the pooper scooper, she can serve up the most [notice, she didn’t say “moist”] delectable brownies you’ve ever tasted!! She’d be good to take along as the galley chief….errrrr, um chef!!! OR as she herself put it: “I’m the top of the A-Team already —Admirable Admiral Anni!!!!”
ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL Aboard!!! The Life Cruise[r] begins when Admiral Anni steps on deck. At least she think so…

This is for special reason, not only because she is an old blogger friend. We’ll take her along as encourangement and a recovery cruise because she has been so ill lately. She need to get back in shape again. We’ll give her an order to get well.

aka R’acquel:
Oh the humanity! She has bribed me with a copy of the Newtown Mums Book of Poo - with some incredible shitting & farting stories revolving around toilets - no bullshit! She also once made some buns from our Lussebullar recipe! Say no more!

A-Team Cruisers: You’ll be getting more information later. If you have any questions you’re welcome to email the captain of the cruise: lifecruiserteam at gmail dot com.

Don’t miss to mingle with the other A-Team Cruisers too :-)

To the rest of you that didn’t make it this time:


I encourage you to:

1) Link to us in your personal blogroll, not only by meme blogrolls.

2) Tell us about it and we’ll put you under The A-Swab Team in our sidebar which is step 1 in becoming an A-Team Cruiser.

3) Work your way up until next admission round by visit and commenting our posts often, write posts about us - or offer us some very heavy bribes we can’t resist ;-)

There will still be some first class tickets and many ordinary tickets for our cyber event later on, but it demands that you’re on our A-Swab Team at least.

As much as I would have loved to take the whole blogosphere with us, that just isn’t possible since we would sink this ship.

The heavy Cruise Ball we’ll have might sink it anyway ;-)

Cruise list: Ghee, Marina kuperman, Balou, Maribeth, Ramblin Rose, TorAa, RennyBA, Gina, That frolicsome kid, Debbie, Melli, Gattina, Sanni, Hootin' Anni, Mar, YellowRose, and Irish Church Lady.
February 8th, 2007

Admission of 13 A-Team Cruisers

Posted by Lifecruiser in Admissions
Lifecruisers news flash

1. This is a Cruise announcement:
Today the admission round #1 to become an A-Team Cruiser start!

2. When it ends depend on how many applications we get. There will be an announcement at Monday with the first acknowledged new A-Team Cruisers.

3. Why apply to become an A-Team Cruiser?
- You’ll be guaranteed a “first class ticket” for the special cyber event we plan for sometime in 2007. We’re not really sure of when we’ll have time to make it happen, so we can’t book the date yet. But we’ll for sure have FUN!

4. You’ll be linked to in the front link list in our sidebar as A-Team Cruiser as well as in the ordinary blogroll A-Swab Team.

5. You’ll get some kind of mentioning of your blog in at least one of my posts, plus be guaranteed regular visits and crazy comments from me.

6. here will defenitely be a Cruise Ball Party. You might get other surprises from me too - you’ll never know… *lol*

7. Admission requirements:
You must be a regular cruiser here and start in the A-Swab Team ( se the right sidebar), which also means linking back here with an direct link (no meme). So let me know if you’re linking to us, but not see your link in either A-Team Cruiser or the A-Swab Team.

8. You must have been cruising with us for a while - or may have other qualities or skills we need urgently. You may suggest those qualities or skills yourself to us - use your fantasy!

9. You must be able to keep up the regular visits here for a long period at least and not only for meme posts like Wordless Wednesday, Thursday Thirteen or Photo Hunt.

10. Bonus admission points can be achieved by bribing the captain (me) in several ways: offering champagne, party’s, dedicate posts to Lifecruiser, writing about this admission round, writing other excellent posts with embarrassing photos, write comments on our posts that are crazy, fun, interesting or…..?

11. Send your application by email to lifecruiserteam at gmail dot com or answer directly in this post, whatever you feel is right for you.

12. Minimum details in your application is: Blog address, blog title, name or nicname of you, special skils or bribes you offer us or other fun or embarrasing things in your blog. Use your fantasy to make us believe that you would be fun or useful to have with us on this event :-)

13. There will be held admissions rounds several times a year, but even elimination rounds to keep the A-Team Cruisers up to date. You will be excluded if failure to live up to the requirements, but is always welcome back again through another admission round.


NOTE: Every comment is equally welcome, even if you’re not participating in this Thursday Thirteen-thing, we LOVE all comments :-)

Want to participate in Thursday Thirteen? (more…)

Cruise list: Hootin' Anni, Debbie, Marina, Irish Church Lady, Aka R'acquel, Sanni, Happy and blue 2, Shoshana, Saboma, Mar, Gina, That frolicsome kid, Sunflower, Jane, Frances, TorAa, Rennyba, Cin, Chelle Y., Melli, Maribeth, Tink, Carmen, Dave, Jessica The Rock Chick, and Artemis.