October 31st, 2006

Broke back on the dirt mountain

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So what tackle/s did I choose from your votings last week?

The one getting most votes, were vacuuming (I’m sure it was because of the nude factor ;-) or hang the pictures - but just because of that I choosed to clean my own closet.

I’m always doing things against the stream. It’s more fun that way ;-)

Now, before you’re climbing this dirt mountain, you have to be aware of that we’re living compact living here. Bear that in mind.

So, my closet. I noticed though that to be able to take out stuff from the closet to clean it, we would have to clean up in front of the closet

In front of Mrs Lifecruisers closet beforeIn front of Mrs Lifecruisers closet after

Yes, that is an old scale in the picture, the most accurate scale you can have and it’s not supposed to be used as a clothes hanger… The same type that the old kind of school nurses had in the stone age - when I was going in school.

And there were much dust on the floors, so better to vacuuming before starting…. But its’ a heavy task just to bring forward the vacuumcleaner, so why not vacuum the whole bedroom while it was out there?

And wait, why stop there, this apartment is only 50 square meters small, so why not take it all? No wiping floors though, we must leave something for the christmas cleaning ;-)

Sorry no pics of the dust rats, because we have a very practical carpet - the dust don’t show until they start to run away in front of you or form guinea pigs of your feeth….

And if vacuumcleaning, it’s a “must to dust” before that…

In front of Mrs Lifecruisers dirty chest beforeIn front of Mrs Lifecruisers clean chest after

To be able to vacuum the bathroom though we had to do something about the laundry pile first…. there were so much laundry building mountains…

Mrs Lifecruisers laundry pile before 1Mrs Lifecruisers laundry pile before 2
Mrs Lifecruisers laundry pile after 1Mrs Lifecruisers laundry pile after 2

Meanwhile Mr L played windowcleaner, thankfully not hanging out too much from the windows… And our windows is very difficult to clean, it’s some bad glass or something on the glass. I hate them. No tricks helps. It’s no fun at all.

Mrs Lifecruisers window before
Mrs Lifecruisers window after

It was difficult to take the pictures of the windows with bad light and all, but I think you can see how bad they were after 3 years…

So, finally now I could start to clean the closet…!

Mrs Lifecruisers closet beforeMrs Lifecruisers closet after
Mrs Lifecruisers upper closet beforeMrs Lifecruisers upper closet after
Mrs Lifecruisers lower closet beforeMrs Lifecruisers lower closet after

When doing that I realize that I needed to go through all my clothes at the same time, so I knew what to save or throw, which means that I throw away or moved away all my clothes from our common closet to my own. And went through the buffet were we actually have clothes and throw away lots from there too!

This is what we’re throwing away:

Mrs Lifecruisers throw away bags

This stuff goes to the basement:

Mrs Lifecruisers things to take to the beasement

Mr L also wiped the hood over the stove free from all that cooking fat and behind the stove. God knows what he found behind there…. *screaming*

On top of that Mr L has fixed our candle holder in the bathroom, new holes for the new bigger candles - so we can have romantic light in there…

So now we need to clean that common closet too, so we can hang our 18th century and medevial clothes in there!

And my back is now totally broke.

Broke back on the dirt mountain…

This surely must be valid tackles for the whole month? No?

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October 30th, 2006

Cut Memories

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There is a few times in my life that involves haircuts, that I remember. This is of me when I’m around 3 years old and have had a haircut.

My sisters weren’t happy that my mother cut my hair, because before that it was more thick and I had long curls. My mother just saw the practical side of it, since she washed my hair. I still have a piece of that hair curls somewhere.

Next time she did a major haircut on me was when I was around six and that wasn’t popular either, because that was even shorter…

I had long hair all the time until I was graduating when suddenly one of my sisters suggested that it would be time to cut it shorter again, so I agreed just to get a change. She did cut it above my shoulders and everyone thought it was very neat - except me!

I regretted that haircut so much and I never got back the same quality of my hair that we cut away. Somehow, the one that grow out were different. I don’t know why. Maybe it has something to do with hormones too - it was that age.

The first time in my life I was going to a real hairdresser, I was really nervous about it even though I was grown up. I went there and tried to explain to the hairdresser what I wanted, a not too short hair style and permanent curls. Not just straight cut off. And what do I get? Straight cut off! The one and only hairstyle that I don’t look good in!

It was permanent curls though, but I hated it so much that I didn’t want to show myself to people, I wanted to hide under a cap. I even called my working fellows and warned them that next day when I came to work, they had to promise to not laugh at me - or I wouldn’t come to work….!!!

The following day I went in there terrible ashamed, almost hiding myself and nobody laughed, but I could tell that they agreed with me, but were nice enough to say that it wasn’t that bad. Except for one collegue. She hadn’t heard the warning and she began late too.

She entered the room, started talking immediately with us and then she spotted me - and started to laugh outloud! Oh, horrible, horrible feeling, both for her and me. She was terrible ashamed over her reaction and tried to explain that the difference and shock were too big…

I didn’t get used to it, I was forced to have it while the hair growed a bit and then I went to another hairdresser that was more talented to see what’s really fitting that customer. It’s not just cutting techniques, you must have an eye for the hairtype and personal appearence too.

This photo is from our trip to Brazil last December, when I started to lose my hair. When we came home, I was almost going bald, because by then it came off real fast and scary. That was when I took up the nickname Baldie Hawn ;-)

The tissue in my nose? Oh, just a bad nosefall cold as usual nowadays when I have my bad travel curse… It’s either some sickness or bad weather… *lol*

So, what’s all this leading to? Well, I’ve had a huge problem with haircuts before in my life, but how on earth am I going to be able to go to the hairdresser to get a haircut now when I hardly got any hair left? If she cut my hair, there will defenitely not be any left!

I’m still losing hair because ot the lack of iron. I know that some people look good in short hair, but I’m one of those that actually hate short hair style. Call me oldfashioned or boring, but I just love long hair.

I have to find a new hairdresser that is used to help customers with more significant hair problems. And have some kind of consultation first, to hear what they can do or not do or if they have other suggestions. Then I must go home and think about it before I make any move.

My hair is very important to me, has been my pride all my earlier life, but not any more. *sobbing*

It was over 1,5 years ago since I went to the hairdresser…!!!

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October 29th, 2006

Changed green plants plans

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OK, I blame this on Green Thumb Sunday. We were planning to NOT have any green plants at home any more, as we have been travelling a lot and hope to continue to do that, maybe even move to another country.

And what happens? We get one plant as a gift, joins Green Thumb Sunday, our interest of plants wake up again and we did buy several plants…

Strange how things can be. We were actually looking for some awesome flower arrangement for my mothers 80th birthday and we went to several flower shops. From each one of them, we came out with only one plant - to ourselves!

We’re WEAK. We have no character. We can’t resist temptations…. and oh, are there temptations out there today! Have you been into flower shops recently? They have so many new plants now, really unusual ones that I’ve never seen like this before!

We’re now proud parents to 4 cute little plants ;-) We’re plants abusers, because how are we going to keep those plants alive? They’ll not like our radiators and drafty windows…

1) A succulent, Crassula, that we got as a gift from my sister. I’m not aware of it’s english name. It’s similar to Crassula Ovata, the Paradise Tree, but has thicker leafs. We might be able to keep it alive, since it’s very easy to care for - or should I say almost impossible to kill? *lol*

2) Pillow fight Dischidia pectenoides (Ballonblad, Armeisenpflanze). Origin Indonesia: Longlasting. No direct sunlight, but bright/halfshade position. Water sparingly, likes a light spray of water. We’ll see how it likes the radiators heat and cold draft from the windows.

Mrs Lifecruisers plant Pillow Fight    Mrs Lifecruisers Pillowfight
[Hover to enlarge pictures]

You see why we couldn’t resist this one? A heart and a pillow fight? How much more fun can it get…? *lol*

3) Mikado Gold. Sun to halfshade, not too much water, water on a saucer. Ideal temperature 20°C. A kind of Japanese grass I think. This one will probably be the first to “give up”, because it’s already a bit brown in the ends.

4) The Secret plant that we’re gonna write about another Sunday! Making you curious? Good!

We will stay at home over the winter this year (I think, you’ll never know for sure with us), but later on? If they shall survive, we have to take them with us.

Does plant suitcases exists…?

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October 28th, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt Safe

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Mrs Lifecruisers contribution to theme Safe
Staying on land just to be on the safe side?
I would recommend a safe bathtub and bathduck for him! Help him to goose one in the post below ;-)
This post was posted by WP automatical to be on the safe side, since there was a very bad storm heading this way Friday - I didn’t know for sure if we would be left without power or internet.
© Lifecruiser (Fuerteventura, Spain)

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October 27th, 2006

Goose your Deluxe Ducks

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Since I seem to be into a Sea theme this week, I might as well write about ducks again. (Blame it on Happy & Blue 2, he has led me into this duckin’ madness ;-) This time bath ducks!

I remember very vague that I had some kind of bathing toys when I was a child and I do believe that I had a duck at some point. (That was before the green doll disaster).

I remember that I saw some very luxury (at that time) ducks in a store once and thought that they were almost like having a doll or a pet.

Oh, I was tempted to buy one. Duckily I didn’t get one - who knows what kind of duckhead I would have become otherwise? *lol*

Though bath sucks without ducks….

Have you been ducky enough to own a bath duck or taking a bath with a duck? A real one or rubber? *lol*

Check out those totally cool Deluxe Bath Ducks!

My favorite is… everybody! I can’t goose! But I suppose I need the Lucky Duck, or two, one to send to Miss Ass.Lifecruiser too. There is a risk though that we’ll worn out the poor duck in our hunt for any luck…

…and for H&B2 I goose: “His Royal Highness… King Duck!”

- Which one would you goose?

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October 26th, 2006

Thirteen ashamed blushing facts

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1. Last Sunday we were feeling stressed about the fact that “my Mom’s 80th birthday is coming up on wednesday and we still hadn’t get her anything”.

2. She already have everything or we can’t find it or her condition don’t let her have it - her body is literally falling apart worned out and her sight is bad you see. What to buy? Pheeew.

3. Monday we went out looking everywhere for anything she might want. We found nothing appropriate for this occasion. Only thing we found were the body lotion & shower creme she always has liked. That is not quite what you want for her 80th’s birthday!!!

4. Tuesday we’ve come down to maybe buying some flowers too. We were even discussing silk flowers…but there wasn’t any good enough, suitable for her new home.

5. Then hunting for really beautiful flower arrangements which is more practical since you don’t need to have a vase yourself, it comes in a basket or something else. And she can feel the smell from the flowers. Which there weren’t any either. Very boring ones.

6. Coming home feeling exhausted after two afternoons with this struggle for my back, in heavy rain weather on the top - without anything, not even sugarfree chocolate. Planning to go up early next morning for continued hunt before the birthday party.

7. Talking with Miss Ass. Lifecruiser on the phone in Tuesday evening - and I don’t even know about what (!) - and suddenly I realize that I’m a week wrong!

8. My Mom’s birthday is on wednesday alright, but the first of November, which I tought was this (now past) Wednesday… *ROFLMAO x millions*

9. And Mr Lifecruiser had the exact same blackout, he didn’t notice it either… We were this close to getting there one week early…

10. It seems like we don’t even have a full brain together after all. Miss Ass. Lifecruiser was right all the time when she said we hadn’t.

11. Last years Mother’s day we went there to congratulate her one week early too….. (My Mom tought that was very funny, that someone else beside her were having memory leaks).

12. We’ve been one day early to a doctor’s appointment this spring too. One could think that we should learn something….

13. I’ve to repeat the Brain Wanted Ad of mine.


I did NOT miss my Mom’s birthday, I knew her birthday was on the 1st of November and that it was on wednesday - I just were a week wrong! It can happen to anyone! No?

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October 25th, 2006

Wordless ashamed blushing

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October 24th, 2006

Tityful Tackle Bloggers

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Join Tackle It Tuesday Banner

Help! We’re having a Tackle It brain melt down! We have so many things to tackle that we can’t choose which one and need help from YOU!

Lame excuse, I know, but we do have other excuses - our back’s - we’re old people! You have to think of the fact that this is our very first Tackle It Tuesday, the last one when I created the Tackle It Tuesday blogroll and code were kind of a bonus effect only :-)

Despite our old bodys we’ve done a lot:

- Changing bedsheets, which takes us for ever since it only makes us wanna go back in bed………… to sleep ;-)
- Doing some laundry so we didn’t have to go naked
- Shopping tonnes of grocerys to the hungry monster
- Homecooked dinner every day to keep monster calm
- The dishes (no machine) to have something to eat from
- Put away bags with “crap” in different “hidings”
- Made several very difficult phone calls (inhuman!)
- Made some difficult paper work (for my mother)

Does preparations for birthday’s count too? We’re short of time here. What to buy to a 50 year old brother and a 80 year old mother, when they already have all they want…?

Here are our “real” Tackles that’s need to get done:

1) Cleaning the windows, which are not cleaned for almost 3 years (!) *blushing*
Excuse: We’ve not been at home that much before, because of our heavy travelling, then sicknesses, other responsibilities to near ones with priority 1.

Why we haven’t done it now? Uhum, it has been raining a lot this fall, hasn’t it…?

2) Cleaning my own closet
Excuse: No desire to do it? Old, boring clothes… Wait, maybe I should just throw everything out and go shopping for new ones? I need my lottery dream to come true first though.

3) Cleaning our common closet
Excuse: A lot of crap and some big boxes in there that makes it difficult to do any noticable improvements. And you never know what’s in there in such full spaces, maybe it’s something that demands that you DO something? *horror thought*

4) Cleaning the lower cupboard in the kitchen
Excuse: it’s were we put the food trashes *yikes* I thought I saw something move in there…

5) Cleaning the bathroom more properly
Excuse: It’s not fresh even when it’s fresh, because of the landlords bad trial and errors of fixing certain cracks in the joints of floor and walls. *sigh*

6) Vacuumclean and wipe the floors
Excuse: The absolutely worst chores for us… even if we do it nude to make it more fun.

7) Whispering in fear: Cleaning the basement store
Excuse: You’d know if you saw it - tiny, full to the entrance door…

8) Re-arrange old paintings and put up “new” ones we bought 2 years ago on our honeymoon
Excuse: some of the paintings don’t match and needs to be taken down maybe and we have difficulties to apart from them… Though the new ones is too wonderful and expensive to just stand in the closet!

We have a general excuse to all this too: we didn’t think that we would stay here, we were planning to move… First to an apartment in the very center of the city, then we changed our mind. Now we’re waiting for other things to solve first. Then we maybe will escape to some warmer place on this earth…

So, I’m begging you TIT’s (*lol*) experts and other friends, please leave your opinion of which one you think that we should start with or a complete priority list if you want to be really effective!

Have mercy with us TITYFUL bloggers ;-)

See this week’s Tackle It Tuesday participants.

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October 23rd, 2006

Memories of a little guy

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Mrs Lifecruisers nephews birthday cake    Mrs Lifecruisers nephew as a baby
[Hover to enlarge pictures]

This is how I prefer to remember this little guy, my nephew Andreas. In the sun, playing, with no worries in the whole world other from the most basic needs. Yesterday he’s suddenly 20 years old!

The cake on the picture is a very classic type of cake called Princess cake, the cover made of marzipan, that is very typical of old times birthday celebrating here in Sweden.

I remember very well when he was a little baby. Even the day he was born, because when my sister went in to the childbirth, I was the one babysitting for her other baby, an adorable 9 months old babygirl from Sri Lanka (who never wanted to sleep…).

He had a rough start of his life, the poor guy. He had colic his first 3 months. It were discovered that he was lactose intolerant - as his adopted sister also was. Of course that made it easier in some way, that they both had it.

I was helping my sister out a lot during the first years when the kids were small. It was tough for her with two little kids only 9 months apart and very little help from the kids father.

They said that it was even more difficult than having twins, because twins have more often similar habits pattern, these two hadn’t at all.

Andreas was not a difficult baby, once he got better from the colic. On the contrary, he was very easy to entertain. Or rather he entertained himself. He could play for hours with very simple and small toys. Sometimes not even toys, just small items like marbles or something.

All the time when he was growing up, he has been very kind, well-behaving, quiet and not demanding at all in any sense. Of course he become very fond of the computerworld, so he’s almost a computer nerd…

He has been a good guy - even in school. He is working for the moment, have taken a break from the studies to re-think what he wanted to do and now he’s going to apply for other studies soon again.

He still is that good guy today, 20 years old, but I must admit that I think that he was much more cute as a baby ;-)

I love those chubby baby butts!

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October 22nd, 2006

Green Pond Ponderings

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How on earth do people keep ponds in their gardens in proper order? It can’t just be retired gardeners that have ponds? How do people get the time to maintain them?

If you plan the pond properly from the beginning as easily maintained as possible, things gets easier, but it’s still a lot of work. Maybe there is some trick I don’t know of, especially in countries with cold winters, which demands some extra care before and after the winter.

It’s very peaceful to sit at a pond and pondering, which almost make it worth all the work I guess. There are a lot of animals around ponds that’s interesting. Especially frogs! I love them - totally cool guys ;-)

Ducks is drawn to ponds. Maybe it’s not just the water in it. Do you think that ducks can be romantic? *lol* Or even see and appreciate the water lilys in the pond?

Ducky Blog Anniversary Happy and Blue 2 :-)
[Hover to enlarge pictures]
Bergianska Trädgården (Garden) Stockholm 2006 pic 373
  Bergianska Trädgården (Garden) Stockholm 2006 pic 379  Bergianska Trädgården (Garden) Stockholm 2006 pic 381
© Lifecruiser (Bergianska Garden, Stockholm)

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