September 30th, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt Comfy

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Mrs Lifecruisers contribution to theme Comfy
Notice the very comfy saddles we had on the guest ranch Estancia Aventura in Paraguay. Double layers of sheep skins, say no more! Not only the riding tours were comfy, but also the whole stay there. Very nice climate, some rain every 8th day which made it very green. We did cool off in the swimmingpool. One of a lifetime comfy experience!

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September 29th, 2006

Free Friday for pleasures

Posted by Lifecruiser in Love

We are free. Taking the day off for free pleasures. There is so many really pleasant things to enjoy that are for free and that makes you feel free.

I’m talking about taking care of ourselves, spending qualified time together, we’re pretty good at it every day, but now I’m talking about 100% attention to each other.

All that important things that are like massage for both your body and soul.

It’s cozy love time…

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September 28th, 2006

Thirteen Odd Life Facts

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1. My nicname is Baldie Hawn. My going bald thing is going fine thank you! Meaning that I’m still loosing hair, but not in the same amount as earlier, but I still can’t notice any hair growing back either. And what do the Doc say? Nothing! He won’t even take new tests to see how my lack of iron is going. He doesn’t find it necessary he says. I soon find it unnecessary to have a doctor.

2. The same doctor recently wrote a doctor’s certificate for my back problems for one more year. I’ve been ill for 5 years now, struggling with chronical back pain. Now they say one more year to go and the second big investigation and maybe rehabilitation has to wait in the line for a couple of months. And he thought I sounded dejected and found that very remarkable. I find it remarkable that he found that remarkable.

3. I’m so happy that I don’t have a beard! But I really wish to get rid off all my other body hair though. I’m so sick and tired of shaving all the time. Why wasn’t it all that hair that fell off and not the ones on my head? And no, stop shaving is no alternative here, I find it GROSS with body hair. Waxing is no alternative either, mostly because you have to have some hair to pull to do the waxing and I don’t want to have that stubble at all! I want to get laser beamed… Hopefully not by aliens ;-)

4. I almost never watch TV. I’ve switched it for blogging, which gives me more than that brainkilling programs they send. When I recently accidently did watch, it was about nudists and a man that’s exchanged his wife with an crocodile… That convinced my once more!

5. I need to have two brekfasts. One light first and then a second one an hour later. I must eat very often or I’ll get too hungry and feel sick. This also means heavy nightly snacks. Which means that I’m building up even Mr Lifecruisers beautiful body with a manly belly (paunch)…

6. I’m eating some pills from the health food shop now, with (among other things) a lot of B-vitamines in it, to make my hair grow back, which makes me even more like a hungry monster than in normal cases. Now the hungry monster climbs the walls of desperate hunger. I have noticed that my claws nails are growing faster - not any monster hair yet though. And Mr Lifecruiser, the poor man, has to be watching out to not be eaten alive! He do feed me a lot, but just out of pure survival instict! To keep me nice. (Wrooooar!)

7. We had a lot of plans for August and September, to do a lot of things, to go out and have some shorter road trips and other things. Nothing of this has been possible. We’ve both been ill several times in several ways, several other persons close to us have been having problems of different kinds. And here we are - still at home! At the time when we get more healthy there going to be winter over here and then we definitive won’t go out. We’re in hibernation over the winters.

8. In fact, we’re having trouble to get anything going or done. We’re dead tired. No, not old, don’t say that! Just worned out. Even to cook dinner is like a big event over here, but that is kind of essential…

9. We don’t get to the grocery store for weeks… We do invent new meals this way, based on what we actually got at home. We hoard like maniacs when we do go shopping, so we don’t need to go for a long while. Meaning that Mr Lifecruiser have to carry a lot of bags when we finally do, because I’m not allowed to. Which makes his back protesting.

10. Sometimes if we run out of milk or something more basic, we have to go to our nearest little neighbourhood store. It’s name is Favoriten, but really this is no suitable name! Even though I do appreciate that it’s there for us, we call it Snusket. Translated that means like Dirtyness.

11. Now, about dirtyness…. We’re practising our own housekeeping methods, so our home is never presentable enough to invite people here. So we’ve become hermits.

12. Our near and dear ones can tell us anything, we won’t be surprised any more. It has happened so many things the last couple of years that we actually feel a bit blasé about everything. We don’t even raise our eyebrows when some one tell us something, that normally would have been very exciting or disturbing or whatever, but now it just leaves us with an: “all right and now what?” Because there is always a continuation….

13. Sometimes I get the feeling of that the whole world is strucked by the bad luck curse. There seems to be so much more bad luck of every kind in this world nowadays than I experienced it like when I was younger. I never heard about all of these kind of bad things, anxiety and other things that I hear of nowadays.

Has it increased or is it only a coincidence that we experience here? What do you say about it, did you experience things much more peaceful and uneventful around YOU before?


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September 27th, 2006

Wordless Green Dream

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September 26th, 2006

The Outsiders Alzheimers

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Can you have Alzheimers in your ears?

In that case we’re suffering from a severe Alzheimers. Recently we heard them say on the TV that a documentary program should cover about the Alzheimers disease, which we really wanted to grasp some information about. (For obvious reasons….)

So we sat down to watch it. Surprise! The program was about something completely different: Nudists!

Now, that wasn’t really what we had in mind, it is quite a different subject from Alzheimers. Though I must admit that I stayed and watched. Getting puzzled WHY this people wanted to go around naked all the time and everywhere. I still don’t have a clue.

I mean, it’s not like we have the warmest climate over here in Sweden, so you don’t exactly get too hot either. The nudists in the program also stated that it wasn’t for sexual reasons. So I still wonder WHY? Are they all exhibitionists? The program didn’t at all clear the reasons for me. I don’t think I’ll go further with this investigation, just state that we really have complicated minds sometimes.

Then again we heard them mention that it would be a program about Alzheimers and thought that we just had picked the wrong day earlier.

So we sat down to learn a bit about Alzheimers. Surprise! The program was about something completely different: Different Pets!

Also that quite different subject from Alzheimers. Though I must admit that I, once again, stayed and watched. Getting puzzled WHY this people wanted to have those strange pets. But this time I have a clue. Made me sad though that it’s needed. There is simply not enough love and human values in our society.

The worst case in the program were a man (not in Sweden) that had a Crocodile as a pet. He kind of had replaced his wife with this crocodile instead. OK, maybe his wife had been worse than the crocodile, what do I know?!

He did everything with the Croc. (Well, I don’t know about THAT, but everything else for sure). They slept together, bath together, watch TV and all sorts of things. To me, he looked lonely though. Had he given up on people? An outsider.

Outsider also is the name of the TV program which we (twice!) heard wrong as the word Alzheimers…. The two words aren’t exactly that alike are they?

This is a very common behaviour of ours too. To hear something completely different than what’s said. No, there is nothing wrong with our hearing, just the connections in the brain. Especially in the mornings, you should hear our breakfast conversations!

We get to see programs though that we never would have, I admit that…

Either we are the real outsiders or we’re cases of Alzheimers. Or maybe both?

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September 25th, 2006

Memories of Scarlet Fever

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Mrs Lifecruiser 10 years old

I’m not talking about the other Scarlett here, who was “Gone with the wind” even though I was gone in some sense. No, this is about another kind of Scarlet Fever that striked me in the autumn 1968 when I was 9 years old.

At first it looked like an ordinary cold, but as soon as the red rash came on my chest we knew instantly that I’ve got it from a girl I had played with. Some parents weren’t so orderly, so they let out their sick children to play, which started an epidemic of Scarlet fever.

Some strains of group A streptococci cause severe infection and may lead to shock, multisystem organ failure, and death. Scarlet fever is one of those. Early recognition and treatment with antibiotics are critical. Before the antibiotics it had a mortality of 30%.

The effects of the disease were considerable, a throat infection could spread and become a bad abscess, ear inflammation or meningitis without treatment. Afterwards you could get rheumatic fever, kidney inflammation and heart muscle inflammation.

When I got it in 1968, it was not as feared as it was earlier, beacause they had begin to treat it with antibiotics. I was just in the last group that were sent to hospital to deal with it (unluck for me!), after that you were allowed to stay at home to cure it. Very often you have to treat the whole family anyway.

There were no children pedagogy used there. They were quite terrifying in their manner. My Mom didn’t want to leave me there, but had no choice. There were many children crowded there since it were an epidemic hospital and we were all kind of left on our own, which created a little bit too wild environment for my taste.

I was there for a long time, no one remember exactly how long. A couple of months probably. My family came to visit me, except from my brother. He was under age 15 and wasn’t allowed to come. Very strange restrictions indeed.

When you had a visit and they brought you candy, you didn’t get the candy from them, you got it afterwards. That was probably one thing they did right, because they took a bit of the candy from us that did get visitors and gave it to the kids that didn’t. At least we hoped that it was the case, since it disappeared a lot of candy before we got it!

The only treatment I got were antibiotics. I also remember that they did take blood samples from me very often. I got so used to it that I still prefer when they take it from my arm and not from the fingers.

I didn’t seem to get well there. I’m not surprised. I didn’t like the crodwy and loud environment, the way they speaked (not!) to me and above all: I didn’t like the food and especially the dinner time. No nurses had time to spend with us, we should eat on our own, the food was not warm enough and it was very often fish or something else I didn’t like.

I was used to my Moms excellent cooking and getting warm meals and loving care too. Besides that, we all know that sick children don’t have the best appetite and could need some coaxing…

The most important thing: no one controlled if we really did eat or not. Which I hardly didn’t, but what did they do? They gave me vitamin pills! Did they help? Not much. Which made me way to skinny. I remember my weight: 24 kg (52 pound) and I was rather tall already at that age.

My siblings were teasing me when I finally came back home again, they called me names like “The Biafra child” (starving population in Nigeria) because I was so skinny. Like a skeleton they thought.

What a difference from the childrens hospital of today! Like night and day difference!

That hospital care have been with me for many years after that, because I was there just before the time I started to grow tall so fast and my body never got the chance to build up some fat, so it wasn’t until I was over 30 that I got more normal skinny.

I do have problems right now to maintan and gain weight and that’s no picnic I tell you. It may sounds heavenly in dieting peoples ears, but it really is hard work just as it is to keep a diet - just the opposite! You get so tired of it.

I didn’t know that Scarlet fever can be spread to animals, but I just read in one of our newspapers, that the Gorilla baby Enzo in Kolmårdens Zoo has been fighting a virusinfektion and Scarlet fever for a month now.

Other from that, I haven’t heard anything about Scarlet fever for many years now.

I have no idea how common it is nowadays. Do you?

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September 25th, 2006

Our Emmy Award Speach

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Awesome fellow bloggers.

We’re standing before you as very proud Lifecruisers tonight. Our hearts are full of love and a never fading believe in blogging, our heads with sleeping problem since it’s 04:50 in the morning in Swedish time.

We have spoken to you, to the whole Blogosphere about our crazy lives. We have defended our honor and won peace and bloginality.

We dare to say: “Blogosphere, this day is the new beginning for all the blogger people, we have built a bridge of understanding through the blogosphere that is blog solid.”

It has been a great pleasure to participate this evening and to hear all the heartwarming things that have been said about bloggers and therefor also about the blogosphere.

We want to thank all our regular readers for all their support during our blog year, without it our blog would not be alive today. You have stood by us despite our sometimes in your eyes probably very strange posts.

We want to give big bear hugs to our special voters who believed us being Magickal: Tricias Musings, Yellow Roses Garden, Are We There Yet, My Two Cents, Maremagnum, Patchwork Anahata and The Foo Logs.

We also want to thank our Emmy Award Host Mysterious Lady for a marvelous event and for all the extra work she has put into this.

For those who didn’t won tonight I just wanna say, that you all deserve it too, so I’m convinced that your turn will come!

What the Blogosphere mean to the world is obvious to all of us, especially to those who was participating tonight.

We know that without our blogs, without blog posts to comment, we’re nothing. Gone. Lost in cyberspace.

In real life on the other hand, we’re all very nice ordinary people :-)

♥ Congratulations to all the other winners ♥

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September 24th, 2006

Tonights Blog Emmy Awards

Posted by Lifecruiser in Attention, Odditys

We’ve been nominated for a Blog Emmy Award!

Quite surprising - and touching. Who would think of little Lifecruiser? And as a Magickal Website too. That’s a huge compliment. It was our post about our Magical Iceland trip that did it.

There is a lot of good bloggers out there, so there really could be a lot of Blog Emmy Awards competitions too - it’s fun, it’s free - what more could we demand?

The voting is still going on - thank you from the bottom of our crazy Swede hearts to the ones that already have voted for us - we love you too :-)

We did put on our Emmy outfits (from the 18th century) and are now just waiting for the outcome.

c_ljunglofska (13)

Ready to shower the winners with the good old champagne - Dom Perignon - what else? Oh, and I do have olives hidden all over my outfit, just for pure survival…

But no nervous wreck biting nails over here, I’m calm as a dead woman at her own funeral.

Wait a minute… Maybe I am dead and that’s why I have this terrible migraine? I haven’t had one for about 4 years, so maybe this just is a kind of phantom pain? It sure feels like my head is cut off…. Uhum…

No, it’s probably because all the problem I had to vote myself. I don’t like voting generally. I like too many bloggers! I don’t like the idea that it seem like I have cut off the others I didn’t vote for. Which I haven’t. So I had big problems to choose and voted late.

So, if you don’t find that I voted for YOU, blame it on that damn migraine!

See if you find some one you wanna vote for, hurry up to the mysterious lady that started it, the voting closes at 6 p.m EST Sunday night!

Oh, and don’t forget to have FUN :-)

The Emmy Award Blog

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September 24th, 2006

My needs for the weeds

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farosommar 435
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I miss all the weeds. Maybe I’m old-fashioned. I have needs for the weeds. I think the word weeds incorrectly has a negative sound that I would like to get rid off. Weeds are plants as all the others, an amazing creation of mother nature as usual.

Especially two of them are my favorite ones. They grow in agricultural land in Southern Sweden mostly. People grow them in their gardens too, but not as much as other garden plants.

Corn Poppy (Papaver rhoeas), has a history in Sweden since back in the Medevial time and I really would love to keep it that way. They are decreasing since that kind of agricultural fields are decreasing in Sweden.

Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus) with it’s bright blue color is my other favorite and preferable together with the red Poppy - it’s such a perfect match. I haven’t seen a Cornflower for a long time now, they are in real danger because of agricultural intensification and the heavy over use of Herbicides.

They made our countryside look so beautiful and made me associate it with the genuine Swedish.

It’s a great sorrow to miss such natural beauty.

How is it in your countries…?

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September 23rd, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt Eyes

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~ Eyes Cruising ~
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Mrs Lifecruisers contribution to theme Eyes
We’re throwing eyes of Love on each others…. Oooops! At the wrong direction!
Two love birds that looks like Marty Feldman ;-)
Yes, this is both Mr (left) and Mrs Lifecruiser (right) at the same time, merged together as one.
Looking good? No! No!
We tried very hard to make it ugly!

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