March 31st, 2006

The Spring Dance

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Spring dance

YEAH! Doing the Spring dance! *dancing around*

Despite the fact that it’s snowing here today, the birds are singing that the spring is here and the deers isn’t seeking food at the bird feeders any more.

All the old snow is melting. It’s nicer temperatures too. Exactly like it use to be here in April - the weather changes fast between sun and warmth and snowing! Actually, some years we even had a little snow in May, but that’s rare thank god.

We’re going to celebrate the spring (and that it’s Friday) this evening with some sparkling and avocado and a special shrimpmix with whitefish roe, named Skagenröra, which is absolutely drooling wonderfully tasty!

Cheers to the springtime :-)

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March 30th, 2006

My First Thursday Thirteen

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I’ve decided to participate in the Thursday Thirteen Blogroll. That means that you’re going to read a list with 13 things every (almost) Thursday here from now on.

13 things you didn’t know that you wanted to know about me and my life…

1. The car means more for your weight than income, gender, education and origin. The more time you spent in the car on your way to your work or doing errands, the more risk of getting over weight. So that’s why I’m under weight now. I don’t work for the moment and really avoid doing errands….

2. Herring communicate by farting. Maybe it’s the same with me…

3. I’m not ever going to do any plastic surgery, despite the fact that plastic surgery was done already year 600 before Christ. OK, maybe if I were involved in a big car crash. Or if they could promise me that I would look like Halle Barry ;-)

Mrs Lifecruisers Barbie

4. American girls in the age three to eleven have an average of ten Barbie-dolls. I only had one and it wasn’t a good one either, but I played a lot with it. I still have it, but not all the clothes I had to her. I’m sorry that I don’t know where they’re gone. I can’t date exactly from what year she is from, but some time around the sixties. I inherited her from one of my older sisters. Note that at that time, she had stiff legs and arms, they wouldn’t be bent like the later Barbie dolls were able to.

5. Four of ten teenagers are not satiesfied with their look, but I’m not a teenager, so I am! (Except from the getting bald part now :-)

6. Swedish men get the lowest amount of sleep in Western Europe. Swedish men over 35 years old get less sleep than all of them – 6 hours and 53 minutes per night. Wow, so I guess I have a still young husband then, because he sleep more than that!!!! (Or isn’t he sleeping, hm…)

7. My horror list:

- Nastiness
- Enviousness
- Greediness
- Deceitfulness
- Unfaithfulness

8. They have confirmed that women over 50 year visits bars almost as often as women in the thirties, drinks more wine and alcohol and shop as much as their own children. I wonder what they say about me that is under 50 and without any children….?

9. Dom Perignon, the benedictine monk, was originally hired by his abbot to take away (!) the sparkling from the champagne. Thank god he didn’t succeed! I just LOVE champagne and especially Dom Perignon.

10. There is no obstacle of learning a new language in the age of 70, or get yourself a new job at your sixtythird birthday. With the right exercises the brain can be intact almost as long as you wish. New research has shown that new nerve cells can be created way up in the seventies. So there really is some hope for me with my imagined Altzheimers too, YEAAH!

11. In a research from England blondes have answered honestly (?) about theirs hair colour. Over 80 percentage of the blondes admitted that they were false blondes. I’m not a blonde any more… I think… I’m getting bald…. *lol*

12. Brussels sprouts contain three times more c-vitamin than oranges, but I think I prefer to eat more oranges anyway since the sprouts have some strange influence on my stomach…

13. It’s not the dirty underwear on the bedroom floor or the empty shelf in the fridge that get Swedish women tired of their men. The fact that’s bothering Swedish women the most is that the other part not is talking to them. And I’m sooo very lucky, because I don’t have that problem at all!!!!!! Mr Lifecruiser and I are on speaking terms what ever it may be.

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March 29th, 2006

Going bald part three

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Mrs Lifecruiser with long hair

Those sweet memories! I am so dreaming about having a lot of hair as on this picture of me when I was young…. I’ve always had a lot of hair, until recently as you know.

Doc called me today to tell me that I have anemia and lack of iron. They don’t know what’s caused it. It can be the infection I had in Paraguay with the loose of weight I had, but it also can be internal bleeding in the digestive tract. That’s why I also have to going through a further investigation where they goes down in my stomach and upper part of the colon to take samples. (Gastroskopi in Swedish).

They have to put me to sleep to do that, because there is NO WAY I’m doing that awake! So I guess I have to wait in the line for a while to get that investigation done.

I’ve now started a treatment with iron pills, we’ll see how it goes, since it’s easy to react on the pills. I also have to leave a sample of…sorry I have to say it - don’t picture it *lol*… feces, so they can look after blood in it. So now you know what I’m doing for the moment *laughing*. So now I’m not only have poked around in my dogs poo but my own too…

I’ve also looked up all food that contains the most amount of iron and C-vitamines, so now I will eat a lot of all that stuff. This hungry monster don’t have any problems with that :-) Did you know that you have to eat 2 liter of parsley to get the same amount of iron as in ONE beef? So it will be a lot of beefs here from now on!

I guess the hair loss will continue for a while and it will take some time (6-12 months) to get the hair back, so I’m still not quite myself on that part.

No one has come up with any cool nickname for me, not one suggestion, shame on you folks ;-)

What about:

1. Baldie Hawn
2. Bald Pitt
3. Moonraker
4. Iron woman
5. ………….

Hey everybody, keep the suggestions coming!!!

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March 28th, 2006

Ghost writer imagination

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Mrs Lifecruiser dead the day after

Scary whisper: It’s me, the ghostwriter. I think my hairstyle is perfectly pictured. As I suspected yesterday, we’re completely DEAD today… So you’re only imagining this. There is nothing written here. Dead people can’t write.

I really could have died yesterday, because I did quite a nasty fall in the stairs. Don’t ask me how I did manage to not fall down all the way, I guess it was pure survival power. The cause of the stumble was that they had put a metallic baseboard on the edge of each step in the stairs and that was slippery. I was protecting my back so much that I ended up falling down on my knees - several steps down. Pheeew!

Today my hole body is aching, as I’ve been in training camp for some elite competition… Nah… I would never do that, because they all are on a diet, aren’t they? That’s not possible for hungry monsters like me. It’s out of the question.

If I shall be exhausted it better be some more fun causes like sightseeing in other countrys, party’ing….or… [insert your imagination here]

Yesterdays concert was really nice, not the best one we’ve been to, but still nice. The best concert we’ve been to was Bo Kaspers Orkester (a swedish band) and Smokie last year.

And NO answer from the doc today. Maybe I am dead and that’s why he didn’t find it necessary to call? After all, my body seems to fall apart piece by piece, disappearing gradually….

I have never been a Mommy, but now I can be satiesfied of being a Mummy ;-)

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March 27th, 2006

Stripping for the doctor

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Doctor examination

Today I did my daily stripping in the morning instead and not even for Mr Lifecruiser. This time for a young man (wow!) and with Mr Lifecruiser watching as peeping Tom ;-)

With other words: Finally I’ve been checked up by a doctor! Pheew. It took time to find one. I had to go to an open surgery between 10-11 o’clock this morning, my only chance, it was full every where else I’ve asked. Unbelievable.

He did a proper check up of me and HE seemed to be very normal! I’m surprised over that yes, because I’ve met a lot of very strange doctor’s before. Sometimes I’ve even wondered if they were on drugs (!). Not exactly giving me any faith in them. This one is a new doctor, so I guess he hasn’t been ruined yet.

He didn’t seem to think that I was normal (?!) and sent me to take all kind of tests. He will be delivering the results of them tomorrow afternoon. At least I’m going to know, that I got or not got something there. If they don’t show something, I wonder what’s going to happen next. It would’nt be nice if they don’t have any measures to propose and just let the hair loss continue…

As a reward, because I hate doctors appointments, we’re going to a concert with a Swedish artist (Mikael Wiehe) this evening, together with my oldest sister. She needs to have an evening out, she have had a rough time for long now and never get to have any fun.

Mikael Wiehe has translated a lot of Bob Dylans songs to Swedish. It’s good stuff, even though I not agree with Wiehes opinions. I often interpret his songs texts in my own way….

We will ENJOY our evening out.

(…and probably be completely DEAD tomorrow…)

Wikipedia about Mikael Wiehe
Mikael Wiehe website (Swedish only)

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March 26th, 2006

Silly Cow

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Field Reporter: Miss Ass. Lifecruiser

All I Need To Know About Life I Learned From a Cow:

* Wake up in a happy mooo-d.
* Don’t cry over spilled milk.
* When chewing your cud, remember: There’s no fat, no calories, no cholesterol, and no taste!
* The grass is green on the other side of the fence.
* Turn the udder cheek and mooo-ve on. Seize every opportunity and milk it for all its worth!
* It’s better to be seen and not herd.
* Honor thy fodder and thy mooo-ther and all your udder relatives.
* Never take any bull from anybody.
* Always let them know who’s the bossy.
* Stepping on cowpies brings good luck.
* Pick the spots to spread your cowpies.
* Black/Brown & white is always appropriate fashion.
* Don’t forget to cow-nt your blessings every day.
* Be mooo-dest.
* Be mooo-bile.
* Catch the mooo-ments.
* Be kind against your Cow-orker.
* Always act like a mooo-viestar.
* Don’t act like a mooo-ron.
* Always take time for mooo-nlight romance.
* Kick the ones that’s milking you badly.
* Don’t be a Cow-ard!

Lifecruisers silly cow
The look of an old and wise cow
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March 25th, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt Cold

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~ Cool(d) Goose Pimples ~
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Mrs Lifecruisers contribution to theme Cold
This photo is of my goose pimples I got when we were on Fuerteventura island (Spain) last year and I was freezing cold.
BTW: It’s not the worst goose pimples I can get! This is just the beginning phase *lol*
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March 24th, 2006

Joints signs

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Joint sign in Amsterdam

This was a sign we saw in Amsterdam (where else?) in the Netherlands last spring, outside a bar. We saw shops selling a lot of joints, even lollypops “that makes you happy”.

I came to think about this photo because of the joints signs in Walkers post March 24th at Lost Here and Beyond.

It sounds like he’s having a frustrating time now, as another friend of us have too. It’s difficult making love to some one that isn’t there…

And NO, it won’t help to send him an inflatable Barbara - he wants the real thing. With that we mean his dream woman of course.

Any one having any yummy babes to send to his doorstep….?

At least a “kissogram”? Come on, it’s his birthday this weekend, don’t be stingy ;-)

NOTE: We don’t allow joints here in Sweden, but of course it’s still here if you know where to buy it. I have never smoked even one joint, not a puff. I had my oppertunitys in my youth, but never felt like it. Never needed it should I say. I had a lot of fun anyway. I had friends who did, but that still didn’t convince me that I wanted to.

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March 23rd, 2006

Swedish crispbread

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Swedish crispbread, the noisiest bread ever, has been crunched for 250 years. In the past its long life made things easier for housewives as they only had to bake once or twice a year. Today, people on the look-out for a healthy diet delight in its rich source of fibre.

Its lasting qualities were proved in the Fourties when a tin containing crispbread was found in the Stockholm attic of the Schumachers bakery after the owners death. It had been baked in 1897 exclusively for Andrée the explorer and his north Pole trip in the hot air balloon Eagle. The ill fated expedition didn’t last very long, but the bread in the attic that the baker Schumacher had kept as a memento was still edible after almost 50 years!

Recipe for 12 round cakes

50 g yeast
0,5 L lukewarm water
1 L rye flour (or oatmeal)
400-500 ml wheat flour
1 tsp salt

Dissolve yeast in water and add the rest of the ingredients. Let dough rise for 40 mins. Roll out as thinly as possible, cut round cakes and place them on a tray. Prick cakes with a knitting needle, golf peg or similar. Leave to rise for 30 mins. Bake at minimum 250 degree celsius for 3-4 mins, turn the cakes over and bake for another 2-3 mins.

Source: “Things Swedish” by Mari Hemming

Lifecruisers heartshaped crispbread

Generally people don’t bake crispbread themselves any more, we buy it in the store. There is a lot of different brands, shapes and taste to buy. We often buys the heartshaped “Leksands knäcke”, see our photo.

I haven’t tried to bake the recipe above on my own - yet. We eat a lot of crispbread, its really yummy, the crispy feeling is kind of addicting. Its suitable to eat together with the dinner meals and especially soup.

Or just as a snack meal in the night with some good stuff on it. You can put almost anything on top… Like Dagwood, famous for his super-duper sandwiches, in the good old comic Blondie. I feel really connected to him, as he loves food too :-)

Something really yummy is to put on some creamy potatoes au gratin (with onion and garlic) left overs from the dinner, in the middle of the night after a party or something nice like that.

The Swedish crispbread is one of the typical swedish edible things that we Swedes really long for when we’re away from home.

Writing about it made me hungry as usual…

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March 22nd, 2006

Hit by the bird flu

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Cupido wounded by birdflu or what

I thought that I should wrote about my biggest fear for the moment. The Bird flu. It’s spreading around the world rapidly. But, I’m not afraid for my own sake. As long as Mr Lifecruiser and I’m together I can face anything.

No, what I wonder is if maybe Cupido is in the risk zone of getting it? That’s really worrying me.

Think about it, no more LOVE…..!!!!! I don’t want to experience THAT.

Do you think that masks and Tamiflu will protect him against it…?

Any one seen him lately?

Secret whisper: I’m afraid that if not the bird flu is taken him, forreign air forces have shot him down in fear that our earlier Make Love campaign would be too successful.

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