October 29th, 2005

Free phone calls worldwide

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Why pay for phone calls when you can have them for free? Answer: because you are dumb enough….?

There has been a hazzle to get hold of functional phone cards with good options, when Miss ass. lifecruiser and I tries to call each other now when she is in New Mexico, US.

As free Skype users since a while back, we suddenly remembered that they even have a good offer for calling out to real phones! What a difference! Much better than the damn phone cards! WHY did’nt we think of that before?

With Skype you can talk through your computer worldwide with other Skype users for FREE and with a good quality - better than the phone cards - usually with the same quality as your home phone.

All you need is functional speakers and a microphone (which is built in, in modern displays) or get yourself a slim headset if you want to talk more privat, that is what we have. If you prefer to talk the oldfashioned way: get a USB-phone.

You even can sign up for SkypeIn and SkypeVoicemail if you want the whole kit :-)

Or what about the Skype Zones (BETA) that allows you to connect with wireless from a lot of hot spots around the world?

Or the Skype Toolbar for Outlook that allows you to make Skype calls to persons in your addressbook in Outlook or even in emails?

Nice things to have too, uhhh?

Unfortunately miss ass. lifecruiser does not have a laptop with her…. Anyone who feels like going to New Mexico and donating her one….?

So we are going to get a paid account, SkypeOut ( at once!), beacuse we don’t want to be dumb any longer…!!!

Click on the picture to SkypeOut you too - or at least read all about it.

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October 29th, 2005

Lost in Love

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“The heart beats faster when you have been out playing football. When you are in Love you are completely gone”.

[ Allan, 8 year ]

October 21st, 2005

Paint Horse Ranch New Mexico!

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Swedish women now in New Mexico seeking ranch owner with Paint horses!

Feel like doing something really good TODAY?

Serious help is wanted to find a newly started ranch with Paint horses with an owner named Tom somewhere in New Mexico. (He even has some kind of Laundry business at the side of the ranch).

She sadly enough dropped the details about this man/ranch, who offered a very good job with horses.

Do you know of this man/ranch or some instances that maybe can be to her help?

Please send a link to this website to anyone that may know anything!

This is a true story of a women with maximum unluck and YOU may be able to make the big difference for once in her unlucky life.

It is a serious request to help a person with an amazing personality, not just some crazy idea.

Can you support her with some information of any kind?

Maybe even sponsor a transport to perform the seeking? It may be by car or even by horse if needed!

Do you know of any newspapers that could be interested in a story about her seeking?

Any tips or other help is very much appreciated!!!

Please write a comment here URGENTLY, or use the contact form under the menu choice About.

She is running out of hope and money!!!

PLEA: Donate money today to sponsor her search, through PayPal to our emailadress lifecruiser at lifecruiser.org.

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October 21st, 2005

Dental and mental business

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Pheeeeeew. Not awake since we came from U.S. We have heard of the Jetlag feeling, but this is something more… We slept for about 22 hours the first night (?) @ home!!!! Then we could not sleep the second night at all, me with a terrible toothache.

Running around visiting our absolute favourite persons, the dentists and doctors. OK, I can understand that you do not believe us. Yes, we lied there, they are not our favourites.

We even have been able to stumble to the vaccination center to take the shots needed before next trip, more sleepy than awake, so we can only hope that we said the right things and got the right shots….

We are mentally very ill at the moment. (Do not say that we always are, this is much more serious than usual - promise - it is possible even though it sounds unbelievable!)

Tonight we have a birthday party to attend (Mrs Lifecruisers nephew), I hope they will get some sense out of us and not just see us like wandering zooombies.

If we are not back again, you will know for sure that we have been hospitalized in some mental hospital ;-)

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October 19th, 2005

Quiet Love

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“When you are in Love, it gets all quiet inside you, so that the heart really can hear that you are in Love”.

[ Thomas, 8 year ]

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October 19th, 2005

Home sweet home

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@home again! Pheeew! The flight went well except from that the seats in the plane from Newark to Stockholm with Malaysian Airlaines was created for shorter people so it was very uncomfortable. (The staff and service on the plane was excellent though).

And when Mrs Lifecruisers brother should pick us up at the airport with our car, the car broke down (!) and we had to tow the car to the car repairshop, which took us a while, yes. Serious engine problems, that will cost a lot of money to repair. *heavy sigh*

Where we tired? YES x millions!

That is why we have been able to sleep for at least 22 hours since we came home yesterday!!! Unbelievable! And we still are tired…. *yawning big*

There is a lot of things to be taken care of after being away for a month…

So I guess that you have to wait a little before we can write about our stay in the U.S.

CU soon again….

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October 7th, 2005

One mouth

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“You can only be together with one person, because when you are going to kiss, you only have one mouth”.

[ Niclas, 6 year ]

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