September 30th, 2005

Best friends meeting in Cleveland

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We were up very late last night with our hosts. Did not realize what time it was. The host was mixing nice drinks to us…. Maybe thats why we were so tired this morning….? *smiling really big here*

Mr Lifecruiser even had a customer calling him at four o clock this morning from Sweden!!!! He had to speak professional in the middle of the night… oooh my….

Better to send out a warning to the area of Ohio, Cleveland, Miss Ass. Lifecruiser is on her way over here!

From the beginning the plan was that we should go to Chicago to visit her, but we realized that it was better that she was coming to us instead. She have a lot of problem as you already know and need to get away for a while.

We just want to meet each other, no matter where. Really happy over that. It is not so easy with the distance between us lately. So we are happy as a child on christmas eve now :-)

We are going to meet here at The grey hound bus station any minute now.

*jumping up and down all excited*

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September 28th, 2005

Playing at The Niagara Falls

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There have been some really nasty thunderstorm here one night, it went on for several hours and it was raining one day. They said that it was the biggest for a long time now. Of course - I was here with my weather spell on me! *lol*

Other from that it has been quite good weather - if I dare to say that?! We have been taking daily walks an really just relax in the sun.

Went to a couple of shopping centers too, found some jeans and shirts but we are not done with the shopping yet! We must have some more clothes to put on us.

It has been really nice to visit all the relatives here, they all live very well here and are so nice to us. We get spoiled with a lot of good dinners, oh my, maybe we must shop for bigger clothes soon…

Yesterday we went to the Niagara Falls, by bus. They have this good offer, $25 for the trip and then you got a card with $20 to play in the casino and $5 to get some food. There were us and a bunch of oldies. We really did fit in the group…. *not*

We had to go up early in the morning so we did most of our sleep on the bus there. Did see some nice scenery on the way too.

Then we hit the Seneca casino there. That is a big one. Playing around in the Niagara area for sure. Did not win big though, did not play enough we think. You should see the pokerroom there, it was full of players.

The buffet lunch was fantastic, there is nothing to complain about there, so much different food and desserts to choose between!

And the Niagara falls! What can we say other than it was really magificent! Fantastic, some really great falls! It look almost unreal with that big rainbow over it. Maybe the treasure at its end was were the casino was?!

Our only concern was how to be able to take pictures from all angles when it was water dropping from all over. The wind brought a lot of waterdrops like it was raining.

At 56 metres (180 ft) high, the American Falls is slightly higher than its Canadian counterpart. Its crestline is 328 metres (1075 ft) wide. We never went over to the Canadian part which was a pity.

They say that The American Falls look spectacular at night, when it is lit with various combinations of coloured lights, so we want to go there some other time and stay over the night.

So we really recommend to go there, but to stay for a night and even go over to the Canadian side of it. Maybe even take the boat trip to really be able to see it close! That would be something!

Read about Niagara Falls here

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September 25th, 2005

Sticky Love

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“I know two persons that fell in Love because the man was dropping a chewing gum in the womans hair”.

[ Laura, 8 year ]

No - that was not us!!! How ever sticky love is suitable on our love, because we are stuck with it until death do us apart :-)

Sticky LoveOur thoughts from the beginning of this blog was to write something about Love too. It has been many fun things to choose between, so it has not been much of the Love stuff here - but in real life ;-)

Later we are going to tell you how Mr & Mrs Lifecruiser met each other and fell in Love - but you have to wait and really be longing to read that one… *teasing you a bit*

In the meantime there going to be a quote now and then instead. The quotes is cut from a book written by Grethe Dirckinck-Holmfeld from Denmark, “Kids thoughts about Love”, created from her interviews of Danish children age 6-10.

(We are just throwing this in, prepared in advance, too busy right now to write, but we will be back soon again!)

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September 22nd, 2005

Arrival to US

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Well, what arrival we had…. The suitcases did not make it all the way to Cleveland! And with all my absolutely favourite clothes in it… Do I need to tell you that I was nervous????

But they did arrive a day later, pheeeew. Just two small items missing and that was chocolate, Marabous double nougats, which is dangerous delicious, which we had bought to Miss Ass. Lifecruiser. I guess she will survive without it :-) Maybe the staff in the security check thought that it was something else inside such as haschisch OR most likely, they just were in the mood for some really good chocolate. I do hope that they did eat it, what a waste otherwise!

The flights went really well, it did not feel like we were flying that long, but it was a little bit stressful in the Newark airport when trying to make it in time for the connection flight to Cleveland, pheeew. We had to run out of the airplane and all the way to the gate, so poor Mr Lifecruiser was totally covered in sweat, the poor man. He had to carry the luggage between the immigrant checking and the check-in desk.

The women in the check-in desk sent us to the extra x-ray control, unfortunately, the man there seemed to be surprised over that, so we think that it was the reason for our luggage not to make it with our plane. Maybe she saw how covered in sweat Mr Lifecruiser was and thought that oh, my god, what he is nervous…. :-)

Everything from that point has been well, except from that we do not have had the time (or the comp. connection) to post here on

For the moment we are staying in Mr Lifecruisers brothers son-in-laws house and we must admit that this is a very very classy hotel ;-) We can get use to this luxurous life…!

We do not feel strange about being here, we sort of fit in here, but in other senses not. (Do not make us try to explain that further!)

Ooooh, yesterday evening we got to smell the smell from a skunk for the first time in our lifes, interesting do not you think? *laughing* We did not see it, just smell it….and that was enough…

We also went downtown west Cleveland and took a drink in a bar at the waterfront there, watching the sunset. Very nice indeed. Actually, you know that B-word we can not say? It is still with us… I had to take a couple of whiskys to ease the tooth ache I have. (OK, I can hear you mumbling now that, that was the most lame excuse you have heard to drink whisky)

Cheers every one!

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September 19th, 2005

Flying Swedes to US

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Mr & Mrs Lifecruiser is now flying to the United States, Ohio! Yiiiiihaaaaa!!!

Mr Lifecruiser goes to the USMrs Lifecruiser goes to the US

Not back home again until the 18th of October, but we will write from the US.


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September 19th, 2005

Talk like a pirate for a day

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Do not miss that it is the “Talk like a pirate day” (19th of september every year)!

I do think that this would be the pick-up line that Mr Lifecrusier would have said to Mrs Lifecruiser: Would ya mind if fired me cannon through your porthole?

And this would be Mrs Lifecruisers: C’mon, lad, shiver me timbers!

Study the pirate language

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September 18th, 2005

6 Things Meme

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[ Read earlier post: tagged for the very first time ]

It is finally done. I am no longer a virgin. *blushes and giggles like a teen girl*

My smile is going from ear to ear – yes, as you can guess by now it was not difficult for me. In fact it was just exciting and fun!

I think that I am getting very fond of doing it. If it shall be so nice I want to do it several times a day! Yes, I have a big appetite what ever I do.

I just dive in to what ever I am doing and do it with all my heart, that is me in a 6-pack beer case.

I have just taken the 7 things Mandy at A penny for them… wrote about, reduced it to 6 things and twisted them a bit from what she wrote…. No big deal… Or is it…? *LOL*

At the end of this meme you can probably see a list of 6 people, if not it is probably because you are one of them and choose not to see…

I’ve chosen the 6 because I suspect that you are as crazy as I am and will take on this challenge and twist it further as much as you can.

6 things I want to do:

1) Visit my hubbys…(choose a word)
2) Eat up my hubby
3) Win the org.lottery
4) Get there and stay there
5) Find another successful position
6) Visit my hubbys… (this is a loop ;-)

6 things I can do:

1) Ride in the sunset
2) Smile with my… (ah, just use what ever comes in your mind ;-)
3) Listen with my whole body
4) Keep quiet for a few seconds
5) Annoy the neighbours
6) Be sincerely naked in soul and body

6 things I can’t do:

1) Fix my screwed hormones
2) Watch (x) movies without laughing
3) Make someone not feeling anything
4) Be a completely frigid wife
5) Look at other men’s 6-pack
6) Look at other men’s wives

6 things that makes me attractive to the opposite sex:

1) Eyes focusing on his wish list
2) Laughing in embarrassing situations
3) Long long legs that ends…. somewhere
4) The not talking!
5) Arms that loves to hug my hubby (nice warm ones)
6) Curly hair (on my head!) to tickle him with (that becomes very tousled)

6 things I say all the time:

1… is lonely as a poodle around wheelchairs…
2… is doing it heavenly better than one….
3… is definitely a crowd I avoid…
4… rhymes at: give me more…
5… times a day would be enough…
6….yes please :-)

6 Celebrity hmm… crunches:

1) George Harrison (just cool music)
2) Jock Mahoney (Tarzan #13)
3) Enrique Bernoldi (Like my hubby sometimes)
4) Lorenzo Matotti (his paintings is full of feelings)
5) Campbell Family (kept me warm when I was younger)
6) Leonard Cohen (only his voice is a full 6-pack)

OK, I confess, this is not the truth but, come on, how easy is it to come up with names that is simular to the ones that Mandy has choosen???? Give me a break here.

6 strange(rs?) that I tag:

1) PIVOTPOINT (chance to build more smiles!)
2) OH YOU!!! (let’s see how witty he is!)
3) Captain-Jeff (to fill up his new blog :-)
4) Scrawler (I just like her blog layout)
5) PerfektIdiot (to live a little bit dangerous)
6) Dr Fil. (question: why do people send this?!)

No need of tagging my hubby, as we two are one…. *LOL*

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September 18th, 2005

Seeking blog friends to roll with

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[ Wanted mostly alive! ]

Do you feel an urgent need of writing crazy stuff?
Have a marvelous personality you want to share with us?
Have the patient mind to care for our Altzheimers desease?
Are not afraid of hungry monsters?
Have the guts to take on this big challenge?

Then you are the right one. Write us a note. We will read it. This time.

Thank you for your cooperation. You will not be rewarded with any favours from us…. We think…

Or maybe we will think of something… You will never know.

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September 17th, 2005

Preparations before our trip

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The days goes so fast so fast and soon it will be monday and time for our trip to US! We have been real busy with all the preparations before the trip. Pheeeew, there is so many things to take care of. Hundred and one little things but that seems to take a long time to accomplish.

In fact, our dinner was late because of too much to do, so I was really seroiusly starving, so we ordered a pizza (to share) for once and I was so hungry that I actually took a bite of the fork!!!! Ohhh, my poor teeth…. Sorry, Miss Ass. Lifecruiser, I tried to do my best to sympatize with your tooth-breaking the other day, but I FAILED.

Mrs Lifecruiser is packed
I am very satiesfied that I already picked out the clothes (the favourites!) I am taking with me, very few.

I count on buying new ones over there.

Mr Lifecruiser is slighty better than me on packing his. He just throw something in it in the last second…

We will have two half empty that we can fill up with some good stuff on the way home :-)

And there is always the hand luggage too…

Today we were at a fashion show in a Galleria and I just could not resist buying a pair of jeans with a jacket that really matched each other. We really liked it a lot both of us. I wanted to be more “up-to-date” and not so old and boring I guess ;-)

This will be my special “airplane-clothes” this time:

My new jeans outfit front
My new jeans outfit back
My new jeans front
My new jeans back

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September 16th, 2005

Blog Traffic Exchange Review

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[ …. And the winner is…… BlogAdvance ! ]

Motivation: This sites members and staff together creates a very special atmosphere.

One thing that we have said from the beginning of this blog, is that we will be doing some reviews of things. Lifecruiser is a blog more based on quality than quantity, to put it simple.

We just pick out the things we like the most, even when it comes to blog traffic exchange sites. There even can be a slightly odd reason sometimes for why we think it is the best, but it is still our best choice.

That is even the reason for us to NOT jump on the bandwagon of all the advertising and affiliates business that, in our meaning, is totally destroying the blogs/sites. When the blog is full of ads, we just skip that page, do not want to read a line. We do not trust the content of the page.

So ads can do damage to your blog. Some ads are okey, but not too many. It do not feels trustworthy. Like they all have bought you. Or it is like not seeing the tree for all the forrest.

The last weekend we did quite a good work surfing trough six of the most mentioned blog traffic exchange sites. It was hard work, but we wanted to know, what it all was about.

Was it worth it to be a member of them? What could we gain? Did it increase our visitor stats? And a lot of other questions. Born curious as we are :-)

We came up with one winner in our eyes and that is BlogAdvance. The main reason for this is that we think that this is a site that really listen to their members and keep up a good level on the service. They are rather new - maybe that is the reason for the enthusiasm they have shown us.

They have had their well functioning member forum for a while and other blog traffic sites is now follow after and is creating forums they too. It is important that the members can reach each other and discuss or help each other besides the comments.

We also like the fact that BlogAdvances surfbar goes a little micro bit slower, because the over all meaning of it is that people actually shall READ your blog, not just surf by it to gain some credits!

They all have some different ways/functions, so you can not really compare all that between them, but as we said in the beginning: BlogAdvance have a special atmosphere that we did not find on the other sites.

One of them even had a bit infected atmosphere that was not nice at all. There seems to be some “grouping” as usual and it is a pity indeed. We have also found certain emails from one of the other sites staff a little bit unnecessary rough sometimes.

So, yes it is worth it to be a member, if it is the right one where you can feel comfortable and among friends.

We do not feel like it is worth it to be at all the sites, it is not that big difference in the visitor stat that it rewards the time (or paid credits) you have to put down on it.

Besides that, if you really shall get the most out of it, you should not only join as a member to show your own blog, you should participate through leaving comments and be an active forum member. There you have the real benefits of it! Getting hold of the other members experience and opinions.

You are most welcome in the gang - go there and introduce your self :-)


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