July 30th, 2005

Singing in the rain….

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Well, what can we say: it is raining much in Sweden for the moment and we are floating with the stream. That means to stay inside and do other activities instead. Boy, do we miss the internet connection now! We would have been playing on uplinepoker.com otherwise. But we are on vacation, even from the broadband connection….

The show with the famous pianoplayer the other day was super!!!! What fun we had and so very talanted artists that performed. A really good mix of Rock’n Roll, classic music and folk music, vocalists and even stand up comedians. Do we need to say that we really enjoyed ourselves?????

Actually, we found Visby so nice so we stayed there one extra night. It is a really old town with interesting history background. We will go there the 7th of august to stay a couple of nights again, this time to visit the medevial week festival.

And yes, we will dress up in medevial clothes too…. We will see if we let you take a look (means: laugh at us) at us later sometime when we are home again and had taking care of all our pictures we have been taking.

Take a look at the medevial program here

July 26th, 2005


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Tomorrow night we are going to Gotlands main town Visby to listen to a famous swedish pianoplayer, Robert Wells, he has a show called Rhapsody in Rock that is very very very popular.

Life is Rocking!!!!!! Check him up

July 25th, 2005

Exploring the island

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We have been around on the island a bit now, it is truly magnificent, something to recommend for a summer vacation. Even if the weather has been bad the latest days now, it does not matter, it is still much to see!

It is a unique landscape and you can easily fall in love with it. We have! As a matter of fact: it is the 28th year in a row that Mr Lifecruiser is here, so it is clearly a favourite.

Or is it that he feel so close to the vikings here! *laughing loud*


July 13th, 2005

Floating away…

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Wow, this is like an Hawaii vacation. Nice, nice, nice but hot, hot, hot! We can not find the strength to do anything else but drinking all the time ;-)

Well, no trophy to Mr Lifecruiser, the looser *smiling* but still he was satisfied with his results, because he has not had so much time to practice - we are out travelling and doing so much other nice things instead.

The BBQ last night was real nice as we expected, maybe more because people are really really tired today…..

Or was it all the drinks….????

July 11th, 2005

Floating all the time

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Pheeeeeeewwww….. Is it on Bahamas we are or is this really Fårö, Sweden? They always say that Sweden is so cold, but NOT now, I can assure you!!!!!! It is so hot that I have been laying in the sea all afternoon, trying to get away from the hot sun. It is just the palm trees that is missing, otherwise you could beleive you were on Bahamas yes.

Mr Lifecruiser is playing golf this hot day, the poor man, while I was having a good time at the beach. He is playing in a local golf competition, Fårö Masters, that he has started a long time ago. Lets hope that he plays well so he can have his trophy, named after him self!!!

Yesterday evening we had a BBQ down by the sea that was really relaxing and nice and tomorrow evening we are having a BBQ for all people around the farm, probably around 30-40 persons, so we will not be out of activities….

Almost every evening it is something fun going on, here is several restaurants and places to go and listen to music. The most spectacular place is called Kutens bensin and is driven by a James Dean fan, so the place is full of old things from that time among others. A really special place, an experience you would not be with out!

Check it out!

They have a performance there tonight, so maybe you will find us there…..

July 7th, 2005

The best summer island

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We are on vacation - at the most beutiful and popular summer island of Swedens islands it is called Fårö, near Gotland outside the swedish east coast.

Fresh air, beaches with very fine sand, the sun is shining - and we too :-)

The party is going on…..

Take a look where we are

July 2nd, 2005

Charity in poker?

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Yes, you read it right! There is some charity to do even when you are playing poker. We really like the fact that while we are playing poker we are actually helping out some less fortunate people.

Even if the pokersite do not have a charityprogram - you can choose by yourself to donate some of the money you win to charity….

July 1st, 2005

The best webhost?

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Found this excellent webhost, it’s a pity that we’ve already have paid our current one for a long time ahead… *mumbling something grumpy*

All this is included for $6.95/month:

- WordPress Auto-Install
- 4 GB disk storage
- FREE Domain Name
- 2500 POP / WebMail addresses
- 100 GB/mo transfer
- Host 6 Domains on 1 Account
- 50 mySQL databases
- Free Control Panel
- 24/7 Network Monitoring
- 99% Uptime Guarantee
- Mirrored Storage Backups
- No hidden fees
- Voted Best Support in 2004

Thinking of changing our own….

Read more about it