June 29th, 2005

Pebble Beach Next!

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Next time we will visit a golf course on our travelling, we are heading for a more exclusive one - but of course that will only happens AFTER we have become millionaires….

Pebble Beach Golf Links

June 28th, 2005

Value words

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“Word can be of great value, but still cost nothing”

(A spanish saying)

June 27th, 2005

Our Poker advice

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Base rule number 1, the most crucial one to your success: Stay cool what ever happens. Keep your poker face on. Play in the same calm, thinking, analyzing way all the time – do not get upset no matter if you are winning or loosing at the moment.

Study your competitors faces, their way to play and specialities in first place and then after that focus on your own hand.

Do not play any games with your behaviour, let the way you play confuse the other players. Do not be predictable, do some different moves and bets.

Adapt your way of playing after the situation and the players skil around the table. It always the same matter of reading the other players. You can not play in the same way against beginners as you do against the more skilful players.

Play very tight in the beginning until you have got some experience – and more money. Then you can afford to start getting more aggressive.

Remember not to fold if you can check.

Study more about poker, learning and practice is always involved in success!

June 26th, 2005

Icelandic deepness

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“Not everything that is swimming in the ocean is good fish”

(A saying from Iceland)

June 25th, 2005

Birdie nam nam

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Now when we have been reading in the fish database, we also want to know what’s going on in the sky, so we found a website that could provide information about a lot of bird species for us.

There is always something new to learn, the nature is fantastic!

Online birdguide

June 24th, 2005

Poker odds calculator

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Don’t miss the Poker odds calculator, to see the winning percentage of a hand in Texas Hold’Em or Omaha.

Cruise list: Mylove.
June 23rd, 2005

The fish in the sea

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Look for the fish in the sea - in the large fish database on Internet called FishBase. 28900 Species , 207200 Common names, 38400 Pictures, 35700 References, 1220 Collaborators, 11 million Hits/month.

Wow that’s a lot of fish species!

June 22nd, 2005

Cruise pause

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Everything must come to an end, so did even this nice cruising in the Highlands. Well, even if it has been so wonderful, the expression - Home, sweet home - still is true. Such a dream to lay in your own bed which is exactly the way that you want it to be…. sleeping like a child, probably snoring extremely loud - but who cares?

OK, maybe our neighbours but they’re used to a lot of strange things from us. Actually I think that we enbrighten their ordinairy lifes a lot, they always have something to wonder about…

The last days we spent in Fort William and Largs. In Fort William we stayed at Ardmory B&B, which was truly excellent in many ways. The host and hostess is really nice and serviceminded, we liked his paintings -especielly the one of the steam trains. And there you have The Ben Nevis mountain behind you, which they say is UK largest mountain. Beutiful and majestic.

The location is on Victoria road very near High St. which is the town centre, so of course we went out in the evenings to eat and drink well. They always have a show at McTavishs restaurant with traditional scottish music and dance, so of course we were there. Really fascinating. Accordian, fiddler, singers, dancer and a bagpiper. Seems to be a hard work to get music out of that bag ;-)

In Largs we stayed at Stonehaven Guest House - excellent that one too - almost located on the Routenburn golf course, so that Mr Lifecruiser could play some golf. That is a must when you are in Scotland, the Golf country nr 1. This is the very place that the young Sam Torrance perfected his craft under the charge of his father, Routenburn’s long-standing and now retired professional, Bob Torrance.

There was some breathtaking scenery out over the sea to the Cumbrae island from the golf course. Like a panorama picture in 180 degrees from the 8th hole. Truly amazing! There where a lot of hills in the golf course, very good exercise to burn some fat away!

We also went by one of the most famous courses in Scotland, Turnberry, that has hosted 3 open golf championships, wow was that a fancy place! Don’t dare to think about the costs to stay and play there.

At Prestwick Airport I got very nervous, not finding my passport… But of course, there it was, in an unlikely place in the bag. Probably some kind of “travelling fever” that catched me. Then even Mr Lifecruiser got upset, because we had some overweight in our suitcases and had to pay 18£ for the extra 10 pound! *censorship of what we said then*

Strange thing that phenomenon, how the things you got in the suitcase grows or expanding during the time you’re away….

June 18th, 2005

Two brave cruisers

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Ooh, dear, what a cruise we are doing. Nothing can stop us, operations just before taking off and then illness after illness… Thank god that there are some painkillers to make us going :-)

Catching colds, pain in the back, neck, stomach, heads, but still going strong and really enjoying our trip and life. Are we completely nuts or what?!

The food is quite changing, often good, always interesting to taste other countrys food. Scotland has rather good food, expect from that we think it needs some more spices. Today we tasted Haggis - you know that mysterious animal they made up that they say that Haggis come from. Fun story,the hunters only seeing them when they have drunk enough with whisky ;-)

We always try to take a picture of the food when we get it, but some how we often forget about it, so we must be very hungry when we at last get it. Or is it our age *mumbling something grumpy* - are we getting Altzheimers desease…?

It’s the differenties between the countrys that are interesting, so make sure that you are noticing everything next time you go abroad! Take a simple thing as when you shall flush the toilets - very fascinating how it can be done in some countrys - and in some how it can’t be done…. *laughing loud*

We have also been visiting The South End where Paul McCartney had a house and they say that he wrote the song Yesterday there.

Then we went to the most westerly point of Great Britain, Ardnamurchan, just to see how it was out on that coastline. There we went to a community Centre to support them by eating their Soup of the day, which was actually really good. It is that small things that gives you the most, because we had a little chat with the ladies there and got to know things we never had otherwise.

Like that the sheeps wool mostly is been used for carpets, not for sweeters. Thats because their wool is so hard so it wont be nice to have against your body. Among other interesting day to day things in the scottish peoples life that you dont get to know as a tourist.

They have really nice beaches with white sand near Morar village, we dont know how it get there, but have to find out!

The roads are good, but with a lot of curvs and no space besides the roads to stop, so be sure to drive in a good speed, because the scots are!!!!!!


June 17th, 2005

Cruising by steam

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Wow! Today was an exceptional day, going by the old Jacobite steam train from Fort William to Mallaig and back again. To see the highlands and the lochs from the old steam train was a completely different experience from viewing it from the car!

To hear the sound of the old steam train puffing up and down the hills and hear the steam whistle - you could imagine that you was in the movie! As a fact the very famous scenes from the Harry Potter movie is taken from that railway. Over the Glenfinnan viaduct 60 m up in the air - what a sight!

I even had to phone my brother-in-law from the train, just to tease him a bit and let him hear the sounds of it, because he is crazy about steam trains and know almost everything about them. He should have been the one that was on the train… Now we have to report EVERYTHING to him!

It is a pity, but we were not allowed standing on the roof :-)

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