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Lifecruiser blog started already in April 2005 (with the same domain registrar as today) and has developed a lot during the years and continue to be better and better. The domain name is paid until April 2016, showing a real commitment and dedication to this blog.

Some of Lifecruiser’s featured travel articles/work:

  • Article featured in the Abroad Travel Magazine (iPad Apple Newsstand)
  • Has written a City Insider Guide for Cheapflights.ca
  • City article featured at Knok.com’s 100 Cities
  • Featured author at World Reviewer
  • Author at Where I’ve Been
  • Featured in the Alltop Top Travel Blogs
  • Proud member at 9rules exlusive travel bloggers
  • Has been Teachstreet’s featured travel expert blogger

Ranked in numerous Top 50 & Top 100 Travel blogs lists, several times nominated and finalist of the weblog awards and other awards. See our page Nomino & Awards.

Our photos has been used by a news site, a travel agency, in a travel guide tool, at archive.org, by private persons as a painting and in different photo competitions. For more information see Lifecruiser Photo Page.

Lifecruiser Travel Site Stats

Last time we did a check, Lifecruiser Travel Blog had the following statistics figures.

Pagerank: 4 (had 5 before & strive to get there again)
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Domain Authority: 51
MozRank: 5,53
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Alexa Rank: 63.283 – and up (fluctuating)

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Visitor Pageviews: around 150,000/month.

Unique visitors: around 20,000 per month in the latest months, but it may vary. Usually there’s a peak during summer and Christmas/Holidays, last year in August we had 54,656 unique visitors, but that is perhaps not something that will be repeated every month…

Our visitors comes from all over the world :-)