September 6th, 2005

Earth quake and bad weather

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When out travelling around the world it could come in handy with this Earthquake Monitor - hey, it is not our meaning to scare you up, but it is good-to-know-facts!

We had booked a journey to Malaysia and the Philippines in Januari this year. We were going to stay in Malaysia for two weeks at a Golf & Spa Resort Hotel and really get spoiled. Then we were suppose to head for The Philippines and The island Boracay and stay there for 1,5 month…. *dreaming*

Now, it is a strange thing here. Mrs Lifecruiser seems to have some kind of spell put on her, beacuse where ever she goes - where the weather conditions normally would be good - she get bad weather. We do not know what evil she has done to deserve this, other from being a freak and a hungry monster we can not think of anything.

This time, what happened just before we should leave? Yes, you have guessed right, The Tsunami came. It smashed in over the same coast line in Malaysia where we should stay. Luckily for us, this time, we were not there yet, but this still ment that we did not get the pleasure of enjoying this trip! There was no way that we could go there and enjoy anything after seing all the news from the tsunami, pictures of the hit rolling around in our heads.

So we did stay at home and instead donated money to all the poor victims that were there.

Afterwards we did a check up with the facts of earthquakes and tsunamis in all that area and yes, it could be a risky area to visit, but then of course: how could you ever know in advance about any disaster???!! Ever so often the nature beats us. Just look at the Katrina disaster now.

You will never know where nature hits, but you can not go around and thinking about that all the time either. We must do what we came to the earth to do: just LIVE the best way we can.

We maybe will go there another year instead, The Philippines seems so very beutiful. We have friends that use to go there every year, for many years now, that is how we became interested of going there. They have only good things to say about it!

Another strange thing is: when we go to places where we NOT expect the weather to be fine, it has been better than it use to be… For example when we went to London and Iceland it was surprisingly fine weather there! Even when we were in Scotland it was not as bad as it could have been.

But we still wonder: will there be bad weather on our next trip? In that case maybe The US should put up an early warning systems for visitors with a spell on them….?

EARLY WARNING! Lifecruiser is coming to the US, Ohio the 19th of September!!!!!

Cruise list: USA Posting and Mandy.

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  1. Mandy said:

    Yup, if we didn’t venture out to these places, we’d never know and if we didn’t take risks, what’s the point of life. Ok, so hurricane season, that can happen anywhere, although they’re rare in Europe. I have to admit though, I wouldn’t go somewhere if I knew it was ‘hurricane season’.

    Hubby and I are more cold climate people anyway, so we’d head off to Iceland or somewhere like that. But then, I suppose avalanches can cause devastation too.. so basically we’d have to just go and hope it doesn’t happen whilst we’re there.

    September 7th, 2005 at 9:06 am

  2. Lifecruiser said:

    Yes, how could we ever know? When we were on Iceland Mr Lifecruiser almost hoped for a volcanic eruption, he would have loved to see one close but on a safe distance.

    I do not know why, because he can watch me, that would do the trick as well! *LOL*

    I can really recommend going to Iceland, one of our absolutey most fantastic journeys we have done. There is a lot of exciting excursions to choose between.

    We would gladly go there again, but it is rather expensive. Some day we will - just to get the chance to take a bath in The Blue Lagoon again, that was just heavenly…. ahhhhh…

    BTW: One of the top pics on this site is of me floating in the Blue Lagoon. Just click on the top pic to change between the ones that we have for the moment.

    September 7th, 2005 at 9:42 am

  3. USA Posting said:

    Dear Lifecruiser,

    No alert needed, USA weather will be beautiful this time of the year. Not too hot and cool nights with the leaves starting to change.

    Now about the weather jinx. First thing to do is throw those thoughts out with the old bath water.
    Don’t claim this so you manifest it. Rethink now what is really happening. Could you be a sensitive barometer for the weather and are drawn to
    areas that might have a flux in weather? This could be a valuable sense to recognize. Christer and I both get a weird headache just before rain and bad weather coming. I feel invigorated and my senses heightened when there is a hurricane anywhere near the USA. ( all that energy)
    Think positive and appreciate your instincts and sensitivity about the weather.

    USA welcomes you and if it snows or hurricanes or earthquakes in Ohio when your here then we’ll discuss renting you out as a secret weapon.

    September 12th, 2005 at 6:06 pm

  4. Lifecruiser said:

    Hmmm, that could actually be a good idea… !!!

    But I am gonna be very very expensive to hire, so then we get loaded with money…. and could go on a long long vacation on some sunny sunny island…. where we just poke around in the warm sand with our toes….. maybe looking up in the blue blue sky…..counting the two clouds there…. and thinking of nothing….. and do absolutely nothing… except from sipping a drink or taking a dip in the blue blue ocean…. ;-)

    September 12th, 2005 at 6:39 pm

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