One of the most traditional Swedish holidays is the Midsummer Eve, this year at Friday June 21. If you happens to be in Sweden, you will notice that most places are closed this day and all Swedes are celebrating it together with family and friends, mostly outdoors at the countryside.

Swedish Midsummer Dance

We will also escape Stockholm city, this year we will take a roadtrip up to Hälsingland around 250 km from our dear capital city of Sweden. For once the weather forecasts look very promising too. Usually at Midsummer Eve it’s unsteady weather, both sun & rain, making it difficult to sit outdoors eating in peace without getting wet…

If you are in Stockholm and not invited to a Swedish Midsummer Festive event by Swedish friends, it’s still possible to celebrate it either in different parks like Vasaparken and Tantolunden in the city or outside the city by going out in the Stockholm archipelago. You will find Midsummer celebrations in Fjäderholmarna at 1pm, Vaxholm at 2pm, Sandhamn at 3pm and Grinda at 2pm.

Another late option is to go to, the outdoor museum where a lot of traditional celebrations is held. Take the short ferry trip from Slussen to Djurgården. A safe choice, since there will be the traditional midsummer pole and dancing around it as always. Only the dancing could be a tourist attraction in itself, since we look rather silly during some of the dances…

There are some restaurants open too accoarding to the tourist office:

- Oaxen Krog & Slip, Beckholmsv.26
- Sturehof, Stureplan 2
- Villa Godthem, Rosendalsv.9
- Wärdshuset Ulla Winbladh, Rosendalsv.8
- Berns, Berzelii park
- Hermans Vegetariska restaurang, Fjällgatan 23B
- Fåfängan, Klockstapelsbacken 3

Happy Midsummer folks, please sing a snaps song (traditional Swedish singing to go with the alcohol) extra loud – for us!

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When we were in the French Riviera last time, our friends took us to the old town in Nice – which is a really nice old town area I must say – and it was there I spotted this kind of retro look woman, having a pause in her shopping, making the perfect photo opportunity for me.

France: Nice Shopping Pause

It’s always that special moment to catch when you’re keen of photographing. It’s all about being on the right spot in the right time, right? I just wish that I could be a bit faster with my camera…

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International travel is amazing, rewarding, intellectual, and ahem expensive. Don’t add to what you’re already spending by traveling with the wrong credit cards. As it turns out, you need to have the right plastic for foreign travel. Even though the credit cards you own will be accepted in foreign lands, they’re likely going to cost you more than you want to spend.

Foreign Transaction Fees

The small print is where they get you. You’re likely already familiar with the Interbank Exchange Rate. If not, allow me to break it down for you. The Interbank Exchange Rate is the exact reason you want to use a credit card while traveling internationally. It garners you a better rate for things like hotels and dining. It’s a much better exchange rate than if you were exchanging cash.

So, what’s the problem? Well, this is where the small print comes in. The card may be garnering you a better exchange rate, but it may also be charging a foreign transaction fee – something many people don’t realize they’re being charged. According to financial expert, David Seaman, this fee is typically 3% – 4% of what you’ve spent. This may not seem like a lot, but according to Seaman, “if you spend $200 or $300 in a weekend, that added fee begins to pile up rapidly.”

The Right Card Makes All the Difference

So, how can international travelers protect themselves? It’s essential to have peace of mind while traveling abroad, but if you’re constantly worried about hidden fees, it’s nearly impossible. The secret is traveling with the right credit card, one that’s designed for international travel and one that doesn’t have any hidden fees.

So, how can one locate the perfect card for the trip? Theta Tau, a co-ed engineering fraternity and a philanthropic sponsor of NerdWallet, offers a solution to this problem. Users can visit the site and use the comprehensive tool to search a database of quality credit cards.

Nerdwallet’s tool will only populate the cards you want: cards based on rewards, with cash back options, best interest rates, and so much more. That way, you only get credit cards that are relevant to your situation. You can read through a card’s information, deciding if it’s the right card for foreign travel or not. Look for cards that are specifically designed for travel and it’s likely you’ll be treated to the best rates.

Travel Perks

So, you’ve found some cards that don’t feature those annoying foreign transaction fees. Now, it’s time to narrow down your selection to the absolute right card. This all depends on your preferences. For instance, if you love to dine out on vacation, you’ll want a card that rewards you for eating out. If you prefer cash back bonuses, go with the card with the highest cash back percentage.

Other options include:

• Bonus airline miles
• Sign-up bonuses
• Low APR or no annual fees
• Affinity programs (typically used for business travel)
• Store-specific cash back cards

Preparing Your Card for Travel

When you’ve finally narrowed down your selection, applied, and been approved for a credit card, you’ll want to contact your credit card company and prepare the card for travel. Let your credit card company know where you’ll be traveling and using the card. This will ensure they don’t freeze the card due to fraud suspicion.

If you’re planning on backpacking your way through a few countries, let your credit card company know which countries the card will be used in. This is going to ensure your vacation is all fun and no fuss over fees.

Extra caution: If you are traveling solo, make sure you have an extra backup card in case of a damaged card or if it does not work for any other reason. We have experienced it several times, certain card not working in certain places while working excellent in others.

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