Did you know that kissing is good for your teeth?

When you’re expecting to get a kiss, your saliva start flowing och gives the teeth a well needed shower, which prevents plack.

Just the thought of getting a kiss makes your mouth watering just like when you’re hungry and you imagine a delicious dinner. The saliva has a great deal to do with the fight against holes in your teeth.

You see, drooling isn’t that bad ;-)

So, we prescribes kisses at least every hour – start kissing!

Lifecruisers kiss prescription

Did I ever tell you about OUR FIRST TRIP TOGETHER?

When Mr Lifecruiser and I met each other, I hadn’t been out travel much. It had been my highest dream for a very long time in my life. Actually from I was a teenager. For several reasons I never had much chance to do it. So 2003 I decided that I should start to travel – before I met Mr Lifecruiser – luckily enough he turned out to be very fond of traveling too :-)

The very first trip we did together was a 48 hours cruise to Helsinki in Finland in February. I had been there as a child, but it was many years ago and it’s sure different being a grown up. There was a lot of nice things on that cruise ship going on. Several bars, restaurants and dance floors with different kind of music and entertainments. We started with an a la carte dinner that was absolutely delicious. A bit of a gourmet adventure.

I was a little bit nervous though, because they had said on the weather report that the weather should be pretty bad, but I had taken seasickness pills in advance. This is big ships and they don’t roll so easily in the waves, so I was not that worried, but to be sure I didn’t drank so much of the wine to the dinner.

After that we entered the dance floors and danced a lot, as much as we had energy too. It’s so fun to dance and Mr Lifecruiser is a very good dancer, so this sure was heaven. Sure, the dance floor moved a bit since the ship started to roll a bit in the waves, but there was no problem other than that.

There were also a amazing dance show in the middle of the night with different dance styles numbers and fantastic outfits. Really something to enjoy. The dancers were so skilled, they did manage to fend off the ships rolling, which had increased a little by now. After the dance show finished, we danced again, but this time the floor were really moving under our feet. It was like being drunk despite the fact that we hadn’t been drinking. We had to stop dancing, it was impossible and it was late too, so we headed for the cabin.

It had been the most wonderful and romantic evening, so already on the way there we started to kiss and ….. oooops ….*censorship* *lol*

Afterwards we noticed that we both got a little bit nauseous and we looked out the cabin window and saw the rough weather outside, it wasn’t just our cabin that was rocking ;-) It was snowing horisontally and it was VERY hard winds. Even this big ship was now rolling quite heavy in the sea. It turned into a very bad snow storm. I said something about how typical it was, as soon as I go some where…

We tried to ignore that we were nauseous and Mr Lifecruiser even succeeded to fall in sleep. Not I… Oh, my, so sick I felt… And that little cabin bathroom… Not a dream when it comes to being seasick in I can tell you! My god, so seasick have I never been in my whole life! There were I, on our romantic evening, vomiting my guts out and in… Cleaning up between and there were stuff coming out from both ends and it never ended! I didn’t know that you actually can have so much stuff in you!

Normally, women don’t like when men go to sleep right afterward (and he usually doesn’t :-) , but this time I was really really truly grateful that he did. I didn’t want him to be seasick too, how would it be possible to manage with this little bathroom? I didn’t want him to see me in this condition either – after all, we had only known each other for about two months then and this was suppose to be a romantic trip…

When the morning came and we arrived to Helsinki and we were ready to go out sightseeing in the town, I was a wreck. I hadn’t slept anything at all and my legs was shaking, but I had gone there to see Helsinki so I was determent to see it even if I would die on the mission… That’s how stubborn I am. *lol*

And to be honest, I might as well have died there, because every where we went, the streets were blocked with big signs that said: “Danger! Be aware of falling ice from the roofs!” And it was almost impossible to avoid going under roofs with long hanging icicles…

Do I need to tell you, that before we went home with the ship, the staff had to give me some strong seasickness medicine to take? And where? With a voice that practically drip of irony: Yes, it was very romantic to put on the plastic gloves and shuffle up the medicine through the backdoor. There, happy now when you know all the details? *lol*

Did I regret this trip? No, we did have a fantastic romantic and gourmet dinner, a lot of fun dancing etc. I just didn’t get to keep the dinner ;-)



Those of you that haven’t read it before, might benefit from reading earlier posts about this matter before reading this, click on Category Health and read.

I know some of you wonder how it is with my going-bald thing. Me too ;-)

I think that MAYBE, but I’m not sure, the hair loss have decreased some. I think that it isn’t that many hair falling off now, but on the other side: I don’t have so many left to lose either!!!

And why can’t I lose hair on the rest of the body instead where I don’t want them? I have a few hairs keep growing out on my big toes, ONE thick one just in front of my right ear (!), some on my chin and don’t mention the bikini line – and they never fall off. *very disappointed*

My days goes by eating a lot of food stuff containing iron and C-vitamin. The C-vitamin help the body to suck up the iron better. Normally I eat rather much of this stuff anyway, but now I’m totally guzzle in this stuff. The steaks, liverpâté, parsley, spinach, broccoli, dried apricoty, shrimps, fruits and cashewnuts among a lot of other stuff is practically flooding up to my ears by now.

Oh, and I do hope that I’m not going to be hairy as a gorilla when all my hairs start growing back from eating all this iron stuff ;-)

Now I REALLY can call myself a food monster, but I’m not sure I’m that hungry any more. It’s quite tough work to get in all these stuff all the time… Pheeew!

Then I have to eat really strong iron pills every day, I should take two a day, but that’s almost impossible since they make the stomach go rollercoasting and sometimes even make me nauseous. I’ll have to keep a balance there, so I manage to take one almost every day. There is some others that I can buy without prescription to try out if they are easier for me, so we’ll se how it goes with that.

Don’t read this small printed if you’re sensitive:
And yes, my poo is still black and will continue to be as long as I eat the iron pills *lol*

Doc wasn’t interested in seeing me before the stomach investigation is done, the gastroskopi and that’s planned to the 12th of June. I have to wait so long because they are going to put me to sleep while doing it and their line for that is long. I can be grateful that they could squeeze me in before the summer. That’s how long line there is for any examination in this country nowadays.

I think I hope they won’t find any internal bleeding at least. On the other hand, I hope they find something, because there must be some reason for me having this lack of iron. You don’t get lack of iron if you eat normally and don’t bleed or having hormone issues. Sure the fact of loosing weight both during our US trip and South America trip is contributing to this, but is probably not the only cause of it.

I want some explanation for it or I’m going to feel very uncertain about this. How do I know if I’m well or not? These iron pills get my iron levels back yes, but if there is some other problem I may get back the lack of iron again and since it took me so long to understand that I was ill last time, how will I know it in time this time?

You see, I’m the type that’s up going or shuffling forward until I’m almost dead. Somehow my brain just don’t want to realize or admit that I’m actually ill. It’s insane. On top of that I have my cronical back pain I’m living with and I get pretty tired of that too, so how do I know whats what?

The clinic don’t want to do blood test if they don’t find it necessary and they have not the same definition of what’s necessary as I have… It’s always about money, but they won’t let me pay for the test myself either. *sigh*

I want my hair and my energy back. I don’t want to lose more of it. I want my travel life back.

Yours sincerely Baldie Hawn