OK, one thing lead to another…. Spa the other day. Flooding champagne. Yesterday visiting my Mom at the elderly home – there was tears of joy which later was exchanged for tears of sadness when we had to leave.

All different kind of water though.

What post to write when you’ve done absolutely nothing except from staring at the raindrops right now?

And this brain po(o)ps out this:

We have a lot of water here in Sweden. No surprise? But did you know that we have around a hundred thousands of lakes in this little country? (Heck, I was surprised over the numbers too!) On top of that we also have about six thousands of other watercourses.

Swedens land mass is about the size of California, just to give you something to compare it with.

Around Stockholm we have both the archipelago’s (one of the worlds largest) with about thirty thousands of islands and the sweetwater lake Mälaren, which actually provides us with our fresh water too.

The fresh water is really good here, but I have to admit: the most excellent water we’ve tasted was in Iceland! Nothing beats their water from the wells or the glaciers. The purest of pure with no taste at all.

I’m strange when it comes to water. Yes, as everything else I can hear you say. *lol* What about it then?

I love to be in the water, but to drink it? No, no. I’ve never been drinking much water, but I guess the time when I drank too much of it just did it to me.

That was in high school. I was exhausted after a long walking day in the sun and probably had too much to drink. Of water. I got sick and throw up. Ever since I have this issue with drinking water, feeling it splashing around in my stomach making me ill. Yes, it’s silly, but hey, it’s me.

You can actually get toxicated if you drink too much water in a short time, but at the same time we have to have it to survive. What a contradiction. You have to balance the amount of water you drink.

There is a Swedish word for it that doesn’t have it’s equivalence in english: Lagom. It means just enough or with moderation.

There is some really fun ways of using water though, as in water wars – the only war I care to participate in!!!!

*splashing a water balloon on you*
Oooops, did you get wet? *giggling hysterically*

(…waiting for the revenge act of yours…)



- We are so spoiled! Some one: please send us back there!

- First we were in heaven…. *lol*… in a nice room with candle lights. We were floating in herb baths in old wooden bath tubs with tickling bubble massage all over our bodys.

- Actually I think it was tickling a little too much. Especially for Mr Lifecruiser when I dropped my pillow outside the bath tub and was leaning over the edge to get it, with my naked butt in the air… *lol*

- Then we were in heaven again, but not together! Me with another woman and Mr Lifecruiser with another man! No, not like THAT, you naughty…. Even if we didn’t have clothes on and they were placing their hands all over us! Not tickling this time though. This was a pure classic massage. The next best besides Mr Lifecruisers… His hands are magic and they can’t beat that, but we were kind of beaten afterwards…

- After that treat, there is nothing that beat something for the hungry monster. They had very yummy Paninis with meat and good stuff in between, that made us drool enough to fill up the pool… because they were sold out, so we didn’t get any of those. They said that it’s sold out every day. So we ate something else. I have no idea what it was though since my mind was with the Panini….

- They also had a a terrific Thermal bath (with salt in it) and a giant Jaccuzzi which could swallow an elephant. Which we didn’t test either. They looked nice. We looked twice. Nope, we didn’t even dip a toe. It was kind of hard to be every where at the same time, but in our minds we were there too.

- Instead our feeth went to their own little spa and got some proper care with massage. Hello there happy toes -that was dancing out from there ;-)

- The feeth specifically ordered Coffee Latte for us, because at that time, our feeth was in better shape and definitely more awake than the rest of our bodys were. We were so relaxed that we were gone.

- They have this wonderful pool with old surrounding decor, a really lovely environment. You can swim there. But we didn’t do that either. Our feeth wouldn’t go near that for some reason. They have their own will that we can’t control.

- A male angel came and took Mr Lifecruiser away from my arms and into his arms…. From what I heard afterwards there was some tough wrestlings going on between them. We’ll see if he managed to shake Mr Lifecruiser enough so his spines and muscles is more loved from now on.

- When I had waited a little while without Mr Lifecruiser (yes, it was hell without him!), my little angel came and colored my whole view of things. From the moment she was done, I saw everything in quite another light. I was sparkling. Mr Lifecruiser didn’t think that it was his wife, so I had to convince him about that, so he didn’t go home with some other more beautiful woman there. Pheeeew. Thank god he really needs his glasses *lol*.

- Can some one take that silly smile off our faces…?


©Lifecruiser Love Spa



Mr Lifecruisers birthday cake