The Swedish Yellow and Blue Flag


Sweden won the World Champion Gold medal in icehockey today, for the fourth time in the last 16 years, after beating Czech Republic with 4-0.

On top of that, we also became the first nation in history to get Olympic and IIHF World Championship gold in the same year.

I say that very proudly even if I’m not even interested in icehockey, but I am very amazed over the victory.

How can such a tiny little country like ours, produce so many good sportsmen as we have done during the years?

We are only about 9 million inhabitants in this country with a landmass of the size of California. Yet we have a lot to offer whether it comes to different kind of sports, music, design, cooking, technology or inventions.

Is it the cold winters that gives us the fighting spirit?

I’m impressed over little ol’ Sweden…


Saturday evening the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 was held in Athen, Greece.

The whole Swedish people (almost *lol*) was watching, to see how the Swedish contribution the song Invincible by Carola was performed. Though we had no doubt that she would be outstanding.

As always, she gave 100% when she was on stage and did a killer performance. She really is impressive in all ways. What an amazing voice she has.

Well done Carola, to end up on 5th place!

And Congratulations to our neighbours Finland who won for the very the first time and with such a strange contribution as a song called “Hard Rock Halleluja” performed by a group dressed in monster costumes…!!!

Though I must admit, it did make me feel very old and antiquated… How on earth can a song like that win the song contest? With a hoarse hardrock voice? My only guess is that it’s mostly youngsters that is voting.

There were a lot of real quality songs participating that should have had better places than they ended up with, Finland took many high points away from them. The competition was tough as always.

Whatever the results may be, it’s always interesting to see the different countrys contributions.

It’s a real show night – really wonderful European music entertainment.

Watch Carolas video here
Carolas official web home
Our earlier post about the Swedish contribution
Eurovision Song Contest website with Finlands monsters

NOTE: They say that they may sell in the idea to the rest of the world too, so in the end we can have a World Song Contest – wouldn’t that be something?

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Amazing wagon made of flowers, one of all the unbelievable creations in the flower parade called Bollenstreek in Holland. It starts in Noordwijk and ends in Haarlem (40 km). They said it was 1,5 million hyacinths and thousands of narcissus and other flowers used in the parade. Hundreds of volunteers are busy for months making the floats as beautiful and striking as possible. It was so worth the trip there last spring!
NOTE: It was a little bit early for the year though to actually see a lot of Tulips, which I wanted too, so I guess I have to go there some time again!
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