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The Computer Wave

It’s very easy to be swept away by the cyber wave, but you don’t have to drown in it if you’ve learned how to surf with sense. Ever heard of the Swedish word Lagom? It means “Just enough” or “With moderation” and that’s just what’s needed when it comes to the internet.

The cyber world and real life don’t have to take out each other. They both needs to co-exist to form the modern human community. We geeks do exist – we’re just unknown to the “none geeks” as they haven’t done any proper cyber handshakes.

It’s no good to stand outside the real world, but it’s not good to stand outside the cyber world either. The ones that do, takes the risk of being hopelessly lost in the future – and that is a lot of persons. They simply don’t have the opportunity or will to explore the cyber world. There is so much to experience in both worlds and I don’t want to miss any of them. I really pity the ones that does.

There is a lot of people standing completely like living question marks when it comes to cyber stuff. I actually find them being a bit “off the world” even if they do have reasons for it. Then on the other hand, I’ve met people who lives only by the cyber world and that is not good either – but what’s the alternative for some of them?

In most of these cases I noticed that if they shouldn’t have the cyber world to turn to, they would have had nothing or none. And that’s bad. I find it better that they at least communicate with people through their computers than not at all. Sure you can think that if they didn’t have the computer, they would be forced to go out and take contact with other humans, but the answers isn’t always that easy. Most of them won’t do that anyway, partly because they have problems that won’t let them. It can be some illness or whatever every day reasons that prevents them.

I’m sure that many of the negative remarks about computers and internet that “none geeks” gives us, comes from the fact that they feel a little bit scared of the unknown and left out of it. Unfortunately, the longer they wait to learn something about it, the harder it gets. It’s almost impossible to stop the evolution and they will be left behind.

There is nothing like being touched in real life, but you can get another feeling of being touched in the cyber world that is a good experience too. You also get to know people you would never have met in real life and you broaden your views significantly. Some of us even met our loved ones over the internet.

I’ve found loads of very different information on the internet that I would NEVER have found in real life and therefor I’ve learned so much more. I’ve even benefit from it by knowing more of my own back problems and have been able to use it in my real life in my arguments with the doctors who doesn’t tell me anything valuable. That’s some real use of it.

How ever, it takes some strong self knowledge and discipline to balance the amount of time spent in front of the computer versus real life, socializing with friends, family and others. Some people don’t have that self-discipline and may need some help on the way.

Actually I think that it’s the same when it comes to watching TV, some people disappear into the TV world. I find that even worse, because you’re not socializing at all then and some programs can be really bad, not educating, developing or challenging your brain in any way at all. The cyberworld is offering much more.

I see it like two different dimensions that together build an entirety – the cyberreality. They complement each other like a happily married couple ;-)

Sure, we are weirdos – but we are wise weirdos *lol*

I’m proud of being an elite weird freak geek…

NOTE: Special thanks to you Napfisk for writing your post The Elite over at No dependecies /No logo about the geeks being The Elite that don’t exists. It made me come up with this thoughts, partly as my answer to his post.


Did I ever tell you about my MONDAY MORNING?

I always hated Monday mornings with a passion as strong as my love for Friday afternoons. This Monday I woke up. Almost. A sort of. Not even near the time I should have been woke up. The alarm clock didn’t go off… I’m a time freak normally – always on time, I feel very bad if I’m not.

No shower, not enough time for breakfast (which is a catastrophy for this hungry monster), dressed up with something I just found laying around and with a hairstyle like Albert Einsteins sister, I rushed from home in a very, let us say, not so calm mood.

Of course I came to the subway in time to see the back of the train. I tried to sleep on the way in to the city. That was not to happen. There was people chatting in the train. The most annoying was that it was in forreign languages, so I couldn’t even understand or listen to what they said… It must have been something really interesting, because they were speaking so loud, fast and with such a passion.

At the central station I had to “climb” these very very long escalators, which not really is my favorite exercise at 6.30 in the morning. When I had climb over half of it, there is this little man, reaching to my shoulders – barely – that’s actually is hitting on me!

At that time, a monday morning, in my condition and with his no length, in that place – talk about stinking bad timing! Poor man, I’m afraid that I might had destroyed his self confidence for ever with the steaming – not suitable to write here – answer he got together with me really looking down on him like he was a little cockroach that I was about to kill on the spot.

I must admit though that he was brave. (Or maybe he just didn’t have a brain?)

The first thing I did was to go to the newsstand, here in Sweden called PressbyrÃ¥n which also sells a lot of other stuff. I stood in the long line for very long. I desperatly needed strong mint tablets called Vicks BlÃ¥ – to make the bad taste go away. When it comes to my turn, I’m kind of asleep again so I say: “One bag of Pripps BlÃ¥” and in the same moment as I said it I heard what’s wrong. Pripps BlÃ¥ is a common Swedish beer….

So, naturally I start to giggle, which the sulky hag with absolutely no humor did not. Not even a little smile. Which makes me giggle even harder and I turn to the crowd behind me – which heard what I said and should be able to laugh with me – but no, not a reaction in any face. I now giggle so hard that I’m folding, not able to make a sound and still no one moves a muscle in their faces.

Geeez, that’s exactly how boring Swedish people are in a monday morning at 6.30…

Oh, and I wasn’t late for work – that day I should start to work at 10.30, that’s why the alarm clock didn’t go off!

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