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Mrs Lifecruisers contribution to theme Red White Blue
Because of the bad weather we’ve been having lately here in Stockholm, I didn’t feel like going out to shoot some theme photos. Thinking of bad weather… what is more representing London than this one of the Red White Blue colors on the underground sign…? The weather was the same, we only had half a day with proper sunshine there last spring – and we all know how much nicer it is to shoot photos in sunshine :-)
NOTE: Of course, that gave us a perfect reason for trying out a lot of their pubs and beers… Ales I mean…


The night between Wednesday and Thursday, May 25th, at 01.10 we heard like a big explosion, like some one was blowing something up with dynamite. No, it wasn’t us trying to force ourselves into the bank vault…. *lol*

We didnt get worried because it wasn’t that close. Normally we don’t have noticeable earthquakes in Stockholm, so we didn’t even think of that cause, but yeah, they say that we had an earthquake here!!!!

The epi center of it was only about 2 miles from here (3-4 km), so it was close enough to give us a little feeling of the shivering. *lol*

This was only a little baby earthquake at 2.0 at the Richter scale, but it was very scary for the people living close to the center of it of course, which houses were shaking so they had to run out on the streets to be safe.

The whole Sweden only have about 10 per year and they’re small ones. In Stockholm we have only had about 3-4 of them during several hundred of years, so this is a really unique happening.

I’ve never experienced any earthquake before anywhere.

The forces behind the earthquake is the movement of the plates and the landmasses that raises after the ice age.

Shake it baby, shake it ;-)

Lifecruisers 13 reminders

1. Be myself – which I’m almost an expert on, but there is tiny little situations where it’s easier to just float with the stream to fit in and I want to avoid them too.

2. What I say to people may be washed out after a while, but they’ll never forget how I made them feel.

3. Always treat others like I want to be treated myself. In every situation, think after what I myself would feel, want, think if I were them. Act – or speak – first after that.

4. Normal people are people I don’t know. Statistics about mental health says that 1 person of 10 is suffering from some kind of mental illness. Then think of 9 of your friends. If they are totally OK, it could be you. In my case I’m already convinced that it’s me, but my friends too? Is it normal to be crazy? *lol*

5. All every day happenings shall be seen as small miracles, because they are – if I start to think about them. I shall not ever again get so used to them that I don’t appreciate them.

6. In every person there is something to love. Or at least should be… I’m trying very hard sometimes to find it…

7. I am so grateful that I was born as a women (Mr Lifecruiser is just nodding now *lol*). I think it has some BIG advantages… [insert imagination here]

8. Smile and laughter is contagious, so I should always start smiling and laughing and people will follow my example. (Maybe not 6.30 on a Monday morning though… :-)

9. Always be honest to myself and others without being brutally honest. Make clear to others that I’m honest and ask them if they really want a honest answer….

10. Do something really crazy, totally standing out from my normal schedule or habits, just to get a real hang of the feeling of being ALIVE and not so darn predictable.

11. If there is a problem, I will concentrate on finding the solution and not on the problems negativity. I don’t waste energy on whining – I will do something about it instead!

12. I don’t worry – be happy :-)

13. Being happy doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is perfect. It just means that I look beyond all of the imperfections and decides to be happy despite them.