Every year at our summer holiday island Fårö, Gotland, we try to capture at least one rauk sunset were the sun don’t go down hidden in clouds. One that we succeeded to capture Thursday evening – already the third evening here this summer.

Sweden, Gotland: Fårö rauk sunset

This is in the rauk (Gotlandic word for sea stack) area. There is a lot of sea stack formation on the island, as we have told you many times before. It’s famous for it and many tourist buses takes tours out there.

©Lifecruiser Love Sunset Photos


On the summer island, it’s a common sight with old classic cars as well as classic mopeds or motorcycles. I guess it’s the inspiration of the old place of Kutens Bensin that makes it more common. Below is an old classic Ford.

Sweden, Gotland: classic car on road

How old I don’t know. Today when you read this, it should be a lot of old mopeds on the way up to the island, we’ll see if they manage to come since the weather reports is not looking so very promising.

©Lifecruiser Love Vintage Vehicles


At our Gotland summer island, you can find all sorts of cool things. This time it is a cool surfer only beach sign – ooops, we are not surfers…. He he he…

Sweden, Gotland: Surfer only beach sign

We still have had internet connection problems – and no wonder, we did fill up the wrong mobile internet card!!! Oh, my our small pea-brains… Ha ha….

©Lifecruiser Love Cool Beach Signs