Another travel photo from the main town Visby at Gotland island, with lots of very interesting old buildings and old architecture. This one is Smittens Backe. You can clearly see the Hansa (German) inspired house in the end of the street view.

Sweden, Gotland, Visby: Smittens backe view

Around Visby there are a lot of cobblestone streets and shopping streets, it’s very popular among all tourists as well as the people living here, though they avoid the most tourist times.

©Lifecruiser Love Visby Old Town


The main town Visby at Gotland island, is a medieval kind of town, very inspiring to visit. Lots of medieval buildings and charming old streets, as well as souvenir shopping of all kind. This one is Södra Kyrkogatan – The South Church Street.

Sweden, Gotland, Visby: Södra Kyrkogatan

Just one of the charming old cobblestone streets. If you look closer at the photo, you can see stripes on the sky above the church tower. Visby is said to be the best-preserved medieval city in Scandinavia and is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

©Lifecruiser Love Visby Old Town


A beer for the thirsty budget traveler at the church’s lawn – something very needed on a sunny and warm day and after all walking around sightseeing in the small medieval town of Visby at Gotland island, Sweden.

Sweden, Gotland, Visby: beer thirsty traveler

There is nothing more refreshing (other than a swim in the Sea maybe) than a cold beer after a long day in the summer… (Yes, it could have been a Visby Pils instead of a Corona, but it is one of my favorite beer brands and hard to resist!)

Cheers my dears :-p

©Lifecruiser Love Beer