Out on the countryside in Sweden and especially on islands like Gotland, there are many old bicycles used everywhere. Especially in the evenings when getting to and from different pleasures or meeting places. This one is an old military bicycle from the Gotlandic KA3 regiment.

Sweden: Gotlandic old military bicycle from KA3

Bicycles are popular not only for the exercise reason or as an environment friendly holiday option – Gotland is known as a biking holiday island, but I suspect the main reason is to avoid driving a car when having some refreshing evening drinks…

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Being a rather small island as Gotland is, there are still really lots and lots of small boats harbors everywhere, a heritage from the time when the island inhabitants lived from what they could get from the Baltic Sea.

Sweden, Gotland: small harbor boats

As a boat lover (even though we don’t own any boat ourselves nowadays) I really love to see all those leisure boats, even though my absolute favorites of course are the old local fishing boats.

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Out on a road trip a couple of days ago we stopped at an old fishing harbor at the Swedish island Gotland, to eat our home made picnic with a peaceful sea view. Above our heads this old fish hook captured my interest.

Sweden, Gotland: Fishing hook look

At a first look at the hook I thought it was a real small spigg (stickleback in English) fish, but it was not as you can see. A pretty well done hook though!

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