Lifecruisers suitcases

As you might have noticed we’ve had a cyber cruise going on here on Lifecruiser, which started in Stockholm, Sweden.

Then we cruised to 13 other wonderful and exciting places which I recommend you to check up if you haven’t before! It’s well worth the cyber trip!

I want to thank all those wonderful cruisers that have put down so much work to guide us at the ports so far. You have been incredible and we have had so much FUN!

These are cruisers with a hilarious sense of humor, so can it be anything butt a success?

1) TorAa Mirror & RennyBA’s Terella in Oslo, Norway and in Rome, Italy

2) Writer’s Cramps in Waterloo and in Brussels Midi Market, Belgium

3) Maremagnum in Barcelona, Spain

4) Irish Church Lady in Pirate Bay and in Ottawa, Canada

5) Coffee 2 go in Berlin, Germany

6) The Dackel Princess in Alaska (!)

7) Insanity Prevails in Chesapeake Beach, US

8) Coffee 2 go in Dominican Republic even dancing Merengue!

9) Hootin’ Anni in North America Surprise

10) aka R’acquel in Leura in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia after we had some Brazilian waxing!

11) Lifecruiser in South West Iceland.

12) Not to mention the Crazy Hat Parade we had where Gattina was the natural winner!

13) I’m really looking forward to The Cruise Ball the 14th of April, because these cruisers really know how to partayyyy :-) …and the preparations for the ball, 12th April Shopping day & 13th April Spa & Resort day! Say no more!

There will be a cruise pause regarding visiting ports during the Easter holidays from now, I guess we”ll be out on the open water just cruising around for a while enjoying the Sea. We need to rest and spend some more time with our familys….

Captain Pleased Lifecruiser

NOTE: Don’t miss the excellent deal to get something tailored from R’acquels Boutique in return for the fabrics doubled up. She needs fabric from around the world!

Lifecruiser lifering

Happy Easter holiday :-)

Next week: Preparations before the big Cruise Ball!

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Lifecruisers kissing at Iguazu falls
Wordless Wednesday

We’ll never forget the wet moment at the Iguazu falls on the border between Brazil and Argentina…..

It was there we went out on the speed boats with 2×100 horse power engines to be showered under the falls and man, did we get wet… and my clothes were rather transparent… uhum…


Captain Wet Lifecruiser


Lifecruisers Tackle Top
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My biggest TITS so far is for sale! *giggles*

What it really means (sorry guys ;-) is that we’re having a big sales campaign of things, both from our basement and from our livingroom.

We had to start to tackle the basement with other words – not an easy task I tell you! Look at these pictures, I couldn’t even get any decent pictures since it was so full of crap!

Lifecruisers basement entrance before  Lifecruisers basement around the corner before

We decided to divide it into different parts. This time, part one, we did throw away some empty boxes and 4 old and very disabled chairs from there – sorry, I got carried away and forgot to take pictures! Plus we took up several objects from there to the apartment to take pictures of and put out sales ads on.

We’ve already produced 7 8 sales ads and there is more to come! There is 2 chests in walnut, 1 big mirror in mahogny and gold, I stuck art hand wall candle light, 3 wool carpets, 2 angel lamps, 1 mini golf club and two paintings. There is 3 other paintings we have to check up before we do something with.

Lifecruisers walnut chest
Lifecruisers mirror  Lifecruisers
Lifecruisers painting 2  Lifecruisers painting 3
Lifecruisers angel lamp

The big mirror is already sold while I’m writing this and there are one person coming this evening to have a look at the two paintings – with another one waiting as a backup if this one don’t want them. So popular obviously…

Then there is 2 paintings we’ll throw away in “the crap room” in the next house. Good thing with that crap room is that things we carry down there seems to disappear from there, which actually means that some one is getting them from there. We find that good, since then it will at least be some use of them for some one!

Update: The person buying the two paintings above with the hunting motif and the lady on the balcony, also did buy our 3 carpets and another painting of ours – one of those we planned to throw away – so hurray for that!

Lifecruisers carpet  Lifecruisers painting 1

I also have 2 very nice paintings which my sisters have made, but I simply don’t have any suitable place for them, so I’m thinking of giving them back to them. I think that’s better than letting them go bad in the basement or throw them away.

We simply have no room for extra things living this compact living type of life and with a possible move in the future to either the Swedish islands Gotland or FÃ¥rö or abroad some where it’s warm and nice.

I didn’t know though that there could be so much dust in a basement… Phew!

I’ve also managed to contact my doctor this morning about that med. prescription for the Fibromyalgia the pain control specialist mentioned earlier for me so now I have an appointment with him Friday the 13th of april. Good thing I’m not supersticious…. *lol*

AND I even have ordered copies of my med. journals! Butt it was so darn difficult for me to lift up that phone and make the call! PHEW! Like climbing the Mount Everest….

The cyber cruise has taken much of my time, butt it has been so much fun. The cruisers have put so much work into their hosting of ports and we’ve learned a lot about each other and all kind of places in this cruise.

I’ve been organizing it – have a look at all the earlier posts about it and hop over to the A-Team Cruisers hosting at the ports – it’s well worth the read!

Last port was Iceland, see the post below this one – and we still have some events left – see the Cuber cruise calendar.

I’ll keep decreasing this rest TITS list and maybe, just maybe I’ve got it all done before summer?

No more procrastinating!!!

Reminder rest TITS:

- Buy a new digital camera
- Get copies of med. journals (next doc. appointm)
- Clean kitchen cupboards
- Porcelain boxes
- Clean bathroom – part 1 done
- Basement storage – part 1 done
- Sales ads – Total of 8 done

See the latest post and Tackle It Tuesday participants over at 5 minutes for mom.

Lifecruiser lifering

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Next event: Wednesday 1 Photo Travel Memory!

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