Saturday evening we did throw a birthday party for the girls, Jane and Kari, with a Tapas theme. Lots of Tapas dishes which took us quite some time to arrange, but we love to do it. The girls are so worth it and they do appreciate it, so it’s fun to do it for them.

Fårö Tapas party dishes

There were Tortilla, Patatas Bravas with Aioli, Albondigas (meatballs in tomato sauce), Serrano ham, different kind of sausages,Feferoni’s, mix of olives, Feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, garlic cloves with herbs and so on…

To go with the Tapas dishes we had prepared a mix of partly bought ready-Sangria which we improved with some more Spanish wine plus cognac. You could say that we all were a bit tired yesterday after the Tapas party…. Ha ha…

©Lifecruiser Love Tapas


Another beach view at Fårö island, Gotland, at Sweden’s east coast. This is Skärsviken beach, one of the smaller beaches at the island, but equally nice as the bigger beaches.

Sweden, Gotland: Skärsviken beach

This summer though, the weather has been quite windy and unusually chilly to be in the middle of the Swedish summer unfortunately. I haven’t been swimming in the Baltic Sea even once this summer and we’re soon going home again, on Tuesday actually.

My hopes goes to our Europe trip

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Mr Lifecruiser at Tee 10 at Slite Golf Course, Gotland Island in Sweden. There are several great golf courses at the Gotland island, but Slite is where the yearly local golf competition for Fårö island is played.

Sweden, Gotland: Slite Golf Course

Surprisingly enough, we haven’t been at many pure golf travel trips so far. Maybe there will be more golf playing if we travel to Spain this winter…?

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