Mrs Lifecruisers Monday throat

Monday is not a fun day, especially not this Monday…

I’m going in to do a gastroskopi, they’re going to take a peek in the hungry monsters stomach through the throat. Who knows what they’re going to find there. Yikes.

That’s why there is no Monday Memories up, I didn’t have time to prepare it in advance or in the morning before going to the hospital at 9.30. We’ll see how I feel afterwards, maybe I’m writing one later. Who knows…

Who knows if I ever wake up again? They’re going to put me to sleep during the investigation. A light sleep. I hope. But I’ll never know if that’s the case, will I? *lol*

Hm…. I never wake up in my “normal” mornings anyway, so how can I tell a difference?

So better to say a proper Good bye to every one now, you know I love you all and you better behave yourself or I will haunt you for ever… Come to think about it, maybe I’ll haunt you anyway, just for the fun of it. *laughing my crazy laugh*

Think about it, you having an own ghost, wouldn’t that be cool?

I already look like a ghost with my now very unique hairstyle after all the hair loss, so what’s the difference?

A billion good bye hugs.

Yours sincerely Baldie Hawn
(or maybe it’s Baldie Haunt now?)

I’m back! Safe and not sound - like always with other words. I’ll haunt you anyway, see it as a bonus feature, I’m feeling generous *lol*.

They said that I was looking gorgeous down there (not THERE, down the throat you naughty one ;-), I guess they never had peeked down a hungry monster throat before ;-)

I can’t say I liked it though and it’s nothing I want to go through one more time, because it’s still very uncomfortable with that strong anaesthetic they spray down your throat that make you feel like you have a big lump there without being able to swallow. Not to mention the sore throat you end up with afterwards…

It feels like I have tonsillitis when I swallow. They wounded me - I can see it and I still feel that lump in my throat I can’t swallow, plus I’m spitting blood. But I did wake up again. That I’m very grateful for…


Field Reporter: Miss Ass. Lifecruiser

1) Do Viruses ever get sick?
2) Do witches run spell checkers?
3) Does a broken Window get you 7 meg. of bad luck?
4) How come programmers find it so easy to master the special language that runs computers, yet those same folks who write the technical manuals for the rest of us have no grip on simple English?
5) How come the users can find all the computer bugs and not the programmers or analysts?
6) How do you press F1 when your PC has a keyboard error or no keyboard present?
7) If a food processor slices and dices food, what does a word processor do?
8) If Ignorance is Bliss, then why aren’t there more happy Windows 98 users?
9) Is AOL so expensive because someone has to pay for those free disks?
10) Is it true that in Russia, a KGB keyboard has no escape key?
11) Why do most software developers call bugs they can’t fix, features?
12) Just where is the “any” key anyway?
13) Why does the computer auto-save while you are trying to delete?
14) Why do they call it a hard disk if its damaged with the slightest impact?
15) Why do we trust computers when they make as many mistakes in two seconds as 20 people working 20 years make?

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Finally we did catch a view of The Old Town = Gamla Stan in Stockholm when we were out on our photo trip today. There were so much people outside, because of the fact that we now have the nice weather back again after weeks with bad weather. Every one were enjoying the sun and Stockholms activities. Some music events downtown too, so we had music to our work, walking around shooting. A beautiful day in a beautiful town, together - what more can we demand from life? (Besides a beer, we got very thirsty from all the walking…)
NOTE: We are picky. From the 500 photos we took, we have only 4 favorites!