Lifecruisers take off to Ireland

This Friday sure is a fun day! We’re taking off to Ireland! Wooohooo, our first trip again since december.

We don’t know if we get the time or opportunity to post during the trip.

We will try to post, but we’ve also prepared a couple of posts in advance, so be sure to come back and read them anyway.

We’re looking forward to read and answer your comments later and I promise we’ll think of you when we’re drinking our Guiness in Dublin….

Read our earlier post about our Ireland trip



1. Mr Lifecruiser. He has to be with me or it’s simply torture, longing for him and thinking of him all the time. Missing him in my bed, needing his warmth, missing to share all the experiences with him. Missing him to take care of me when I get ill - and to carry the luggage ;-).

2. 1 suitcase or big bag compact packed and 1 smaller as handluggage with some necessaritys for the flight like an extra sweater, some candy, Coke, newspapers to read, playing cards, cameras, painkillers, the most important like tickets and hotel vouchers.

3. I prefer a seat by the window and near the emergency exits on the flight if I’m allowed to choose. Not too far in the back, it’s noisier there. And with some extra space for my loooong legs. I will try to avoid flying with Malaysian Airlines again because their seats are made for a much shorter person than I am, so the seat was totally wrong for me. My back started to hurt at once I seated in their airplane when we went to the U.S, there were no support in the back at all.

4. The Destination has to have something more to offer than just a beach. We love to be on the beach, but not all the time. We are explorers. We love to rent a car and go off by our selves, but sometimes it’s also very good to go on regular sightseeings or excursions to get more information or extra help if it’s dangerous surroundings.

5. There MUST be a lot of nice restaurants and grocery stores, so we can keep the hungry monster (me) fed, calm and alive. One of the hardest thing for me to be without is olives. I love olives. So naturally, I’m a big fan of Spain, Greece and even Italy where we have found wonderful olives… Among other tasty dishes. *starting to drool heavily*

6. There is a need of going dancing. We love to dance, but we do have problems to find the places when we’re out travelling. It seems like it’s most teenagers or very young people that are out dancing nowadays. Where are all the adults? Very often we just find a place that plays music, but no one is dancing - until we arrive there. When we’re going out, we’re determent to have fun - no meaning with going out otherwise hah? So we start to dance and try to get up more people dancing. Usually we succeed, but it’s very hard work sometimes and we end up totally like wrecks *lol*.

7. The hotel don’t need to be that fancy, we appreciate a friendly and serviceminded staff more. Not that we don’t enjoy luxury, it’s just that our money will last for more trips if we spend the money right! The bed usually is to hard, it’s the same on almost all hotels we have been at. Sometimes we have had to put extra blankets to make it softer. And yes, the beds are too big for us who is used to our 35 inches bed ;-)

8. We love to travel to warmer countries. It’s always nicer when the weather is good, it keeps us in a better mood. It’s recreation for our aching bodies. If only my bad weather curse could stop cursing me, it would be perfect…

9. The survival kit has to go with us with all the medicines to cure me when I get ill, which I do too often as you already know. And with band-aids, plasters for the chafed foot from all the walking.

10. Maps over the area is essential. Very often we have done some research in advance to know what we’re interested of, but sometimes we just go out there and see what we found. Especially if we rent a car. We often end up having some kind of small adventure because we’re taking off on some smaller roads which sometimes end up in no where *lol*.

11. If possible, we always end up somewhere near the sea. We love the salty sea air and the exciting waves that’s rolling in. It’s something very special with the sea that makes us very happy and harmonic. The sea also has the most beautiful romantic sunsets were we can sit looking out on the sea, hug each other and kiss until we’re breathless…

12. Coming home…. Home sweet home is a valid saying after all. No matter how nice it is to be away, it’s always nice to have your own bed, kitchen, bathroom and things.


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