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Mrs Lifecruisers contribution to theme Lost
Magazine Ad from Husmodern 1923
This is an Ad from an old women magazine in Sweden called Husmodern (Housemother).
The text below the child says:
“Look how much water and I who have forgotten Sister Ellas children soap at home!”
I found it in a year book of the magazine Husmodern, at the elderly home where my Mom lives. It did belong to someone that lived in this elderly home, but has passed away.
Conclusion: This is a child from a lost time who have lost the soap. The owner of this book is lost too. My digital camera lost it’s battery power while taking the shot, so I lost my mind ;-)

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This is a back crack hug that I get from Mr Lifecruiser that is crucial for my daily life.

If I even try to do some ordinary household stuff, like take care of the dishes - or just is standing too long, my upper back is locking itself somehow and he has to crack my back to get me back in life again, so I can handle the lower back pain.

Yesterday I had another back crack. I went to the place where my upcoming big back investigation (so I thought) shall take place. This was just a first time to study their working methods and what’s coming for me.

Behold of my big surprise and extreme misbelief when I enter a place where it feels like you’ve been thrown back in time for about 40 years or so…. It turned out to be a place for pure work rehabilitation and the very worst kind in my opinion. And in very old boring and worned out premises.

You’re supposed to be there for at least 6 hours a day and sew pot-holders, first aid kits, put together birdhouses, work in the kitchen or the reception that didn’t even look like a real reception. If you’re lucky you may get hold of one of the computers for a little while.

If you only could have seen the premises. It was a very depressive look even for me that’s optimistic of my nature! And with a very depressive atmosphere from the few people that were there - they looked like zoombies.

I’m actually chocked. I didn’t think that these kind of places existed any more. It’s like a frantic joke or something.

Except from the fact that this should be a very serious matter. This is people who have been on sick leave and still have their illnessess, that come here - is this the right place to get encouraged to begin to work again…? They can’t be serious?

I’m thinking of people that maybe have been on a sick leave just because of depressions or being burned out, how the heck will they be able to put up with this? I find it insulting.

For me, this is totally wrong too. I’m in no shape for rehabilitation work and I thought I’ had made that pretty clear by describing my problems to them even in writing, even with a doctors certificate. I wonder if they can’t read? I won’t bother you with all the details, let’s just say that they’re many and I’m bored sick of being so sick ;-)

I’m having trouble to just get through the day with ordinary life things. I can’t do any household work (poor Mr Lifecruiser!) and it would be quite a struggling for me to just get to this place every day within certain times.

I thought this should be a serious attempt to do a proper investigation of my back. A combined investigation led by a doctor, a physical therapist and maybe a occupational therapist. Some kind of experts.

I don’t count a house doctors 2 minutes look on my back for an investigation, do you? So they just sent me to work rehabilitation directly, hoping to save some money?

Believe me, If I were anywhere near a chance of being able to work, I would be out there already. I can assure you that my back is not anything anyone want to have. And if I could start work training, I had already done it myself. This writing is, as a matter of the fact, the result of me trying all the time.

I obviously have to talk again with my handling officer, I wonder what it was that she didn’t grasp? I asked her about this place, what it ment and she was sounding a bit vague in her answers. I should have known then that something were wrong. Of course, she is not available until Tuesday… They’re always so hard to catch.

Actually, so far, I’ve only bad experiences of our health care (except from my appendix surgery last year, that was an easy one), the only person that have helped me, is Mr Lifecruiser and myself!

Come to think about it, maybe he should have it as a profession, because he has become an excellent physical therapist ;-) He knows exactly how to deal with my different kind of back problems, lower/upper back, shoulders/neck and what alternative treatment to use in what case.

He has become an expert on different massage techniques *lol*, massage oils, massage equipment, painkilling spray’s and lotions, cushions supports, heat cushions, painkillers and obstruction of muscle inflammations.

So now you also know who my crack dealer is ;-)

Secret whisper: You should only know, how long it takes for me to get a post like this together… I have to work with it all day with a lot of breaks.