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Mrs Lifecruisers contribution to theme Dreaming
The Fuerteventura Dream
This is what we’re dreaming of now, when the weather here is very grey and rainy and the snow nibble us in the heels…. Fuerteventura is one of the Canarian Islands in Spain, near Africa. There are many beaches with very fine sand and one area, Parque Natural (Dunas de Corralejo) El Jablo looks like a desert, filled with sand from Sahara.
And we’re stuck here. It’s not fair. I hate snow.
*heavy sigh*

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(This is obviously not shot by us since we were too drunk…)
Wrecked drunken dog the day after Daves and Wandas birthday party
“Man, what a partay! Totally wrecked. Partayed with the Beagle Sisters all night! They are some tough chicks….”

We’ve got the taste for it now, after all it’s Friday! Let’s continue to partay! There is still some Dom left isn’t it?

No? Did we drink ALL the bottles? Oooops….

The chocolate? All gone to? Let’s see in the post below….


We dedicate these champs to Dave Wanda over Here, there and back at Groundhog Mountain. Dave’s birthday is the 18th and Wanda’s the 19th of October, a perfect match for each other. Head over there to congratulate them!

[Hove over to enlarge & read the birthday wishes!]

This is 13 of our best chocolate shots from the Chocolate Festival last weekend. Hours of delicious chocolate to be stunned of, drool over - and taste! Some one throw me a big towel!!!

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