Lifecruisers Icelandic crater Kerid

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Mrs Lifecruisers nose stuff in Natal    Mrs Lifecruisers nose stuff in Fuerteventura

Did I ever tell you about my 9NoseRules?

These pics above are actually very fond memories of mine. Of my runny nose. At least for Mr Lifecruiser, but he call me his nose picking wife

The left one is from our trip to Fuerteventura (Spain) and the right one from our trip to South America, at the beach of Ponta Negra, Natal, Brazil. This is also how I feel and look like today, except that I’ve been going bald too since that shot.

My runny nose has struck once again, the only difference is that this time we’re at home. It’s making sure that I’m parked here and can go no where.

I seem to catch a cold whenever we travel somewhere where it’s meaning that we shall relax in the sun, either that or strucked my bad weather curse. I can’t go away for a week, that would be wasted money, it must be at least 2 weeks. Then we can have a good time at least one of the weeks. Maybe.

Oh, how sweet the memories is from the time in my life when this nose wasn’t that runny. When I could catch a normal cold, without having this tissue issue to handle.

This is a very demanding, taking over control nose. It has taken over completely. I think it has delusions of grandeur. Instead of the little stream, this nose is thinking big waterfalls. How do you dam(n) a waterfall?

9 rules of my runny nose:

1. I’m in the flood mood.
2. I’m influenced by the Iguazu waterfalls.
3. Don’t try to dam(n) me or I’ll become a Tsunami.
4. Don’t remove tissue without proper precausions.
5. Special advanced tissue technique is needed to eat.
6. Don’t wipe nose with toilet paper and not with used one.
7. Don’t follow kiss prescription while having tissue issues.
8. Simultaneous use of tissues as drooling kit is allowed.
9. No need of nose blow jobs here, it just comes.

I’m 9ruled by my nose….

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Lifecruisers Pyttipanna

We are both very found of traditional Swedish food. OK, being the hungry monster I am, I like to eat generally, but especially traditional food. I’m like a traditional gourmet. Or Gourmand. Or both ;-)

The strange thing is: we don’t plan too far in advance what to eat, but somehow, we just happen to prepare really plain dishes at the weekends. Normally, people prepare more festive food then - no, no, we’re not normal - we often end up eating really festive meals on Mondays or other weekdays.

For Sunday dinner we had Pyttipanna, translated it means like something small in a pan. It’s made of potatoes, onions, sausage/meat leftovers of past meals. You chop all ingrediants fine and fry it in a pan, served with fried eggs and pickled beetroot.

…..and of course, a Carlsberg beer to drink to it :-)

I haven’t found any information of when it’s dated from. I guess the dish started a very long time ago when there were leftovers from the Sunday meat veal. Swedish people or farmers were better to take care of all the food in the past, maybe because they were more poor.

When it comes to Pyttipanna it’s kind of created under the principle: you take what you have at home.

A very practical way to get rid off your leftovers!

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