Some times, like in my own case, you can trace your photo interest back in time, inherited from your father. I also inherited some smaller photo items from him, though not all the ones I would have wanted – he had several cameras…

Lifecruiser's fathers old vintage camera and photo book

This one above is just one of his old cameras, his "compact-camera" small enough to fit in the pocket – probably old times travel camera, don’t you think…?

The photo book is very scientific with lots of technical details and instructions of as well photographing as developing film – which I remember that he did by himself in our bathroom. The book was published in 1942 in the third edition – you can tell photo was a big hobby already back then!

His inscription in the Swedish book "Amatörfotografen" (The Amateur Photographer) tells me that he bought it in 1947, which makes me wonder if the camera were bought at the same time – or if it was some of his other cameras that he bought at that time.

- And don’t you just love the fact that it actually has a woman photographer on the cover of the book…? I do!!!

The camera is a Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/16, S/N:R95250, a folding camera for 120 roll film (12 photos), 6×6-format, with folding viewfinder. Weight: 485gram. Lens:Novar-Anstigmat 1:4,5 f=7,5cm Aperture:4,5-22. Focus range: 1,2m-Endlessly. Pronto shutter B-25-50-1/200delssek.

Made in Germany, probably around 1946-1951. There are older and newer Nettar cameras than this one and with a lot of different lenses or shutters and was extremely popular, maybe even one of the most popular of all Zeiss Ikon cameras.

To be sure of the manufacturing date of the camera is almost impossible unfortunately. There is a serial number on it, but since there is no documentation of the numbers available anywhere, it’s almost impossible to know for sure. You can search on the internet and in old magazines for pictures and information about the Nettar cameras, to at least be able to tell around which years, but seldom more exactly.

Zeiss Ikon made it easier with the two red mark’s setting. There is one red mark for the aperture and another red mark to set the focus, giving the optimal setting for the lens, you just have to adjust the shutter speed after your actual light conditions. At this camera above, focus is around 8 meter and the aperture between 8 and 11, to get acceptable sharpness from around 6 meter to endlessly at normal photo sizes.

I haven’t tried to take photos with my fathers camera above (and I’m giving it away to my brother now), but it should be fully functional since I can’t see any damages on it and there still is film to buy in some photo stores that will fit those kind of cameras.

If you get a similar one in your hand I recommend to try it with black and white film first – what an authentic feeling it must give!

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London has many amazing sights to behold, and tourist attractions aplenty, but sometimes it is nice to take a little diversion off the beaten track in order to discover the real city underneath. London based rentals company onefinestay, the ‘unhotel’, enables you to do just this by allowing you step into the shoes of a local and rent out their home for your vacation.

There are over 500 homes to choose from, and each home comes with its own iPhone loaded with information gathered from the host about the best things to do in the local area. Each home unique, but here are a few that have that extra little something:

The Boat House

Boat House picture 1
Boat House picture 2
Boat House 3

Life doesn’t get much more luxurious than this. This stunning home with its lavish decoration is certainly a sight to behold and sleeps up to 12 people. Original Georgian features are complimented by elegant and sophisticated décor making this the perfect riverside house to drift away and dream the days away. Beyond the garden, which boasts a hot tub, barbeque and adventure playground, is the River Thames, perfect for an afternoon stroll to explore some of London’s finest waterside cafes.

Albert Terrace

Albert Terrace

This home is steeped in history having been built for a doctor of Queen Victoria. A wonderful mix of original period features in the sitting room, carefully blended with modern style in the kitchen, this house is as grandiose as it is comfortable. Stay here for your own slice of history in Primrose Hill.

Russell Garden Mews

Russell Gardens Mews picture 1
Russell Gardens Mews picture 2

For the more modern minded, this four bedroom family home is the residence of a DJ turned architect, and it shows. Clean lines and sleek style characterise this house, and if you head downstairs to the basement you even have your own dance floor! Located in west London it is perfect for visiting the famous Portobello Road market.

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If you are a keen travel photographer, you will end up with a lot of photos from all your trips. I would not be honest if I didn’t admit that it is a struggle to keep up with the technique and all available options to keep them safely stored, but I’ll tell you what we have discovered being a working backup solution for us during the years.

Main rule: Always, always keep several backup copies of your photos on different places. Never ever only have them in one place!

Places or ways to store backup copies:

  • On several memory cards for your camera
  • Flickr account/similar internet photo storage option
  • Extern harddrive (Even small ones store much)
  • Different harddrives on your laptop/computer
  • Different fresh USB Memory Sticks
  • Burn backup CD’s or DVD’s copies

The advantage of a Flickr account is that you often can upload your mobile photos directly from within your mobile camera apps during your trip. I’ve done that a lot during our trips and it’s very appreciated by our followers since they felt like they were with us on the trip.

Warning! Only upload pictures if you’re on Wifi or the hotels internet, do NOT upload if using data roaming since it could cost you BIG!

It’s easy to download your photos from Flickr and other online storage solutions, whenever you need them again. I don’t even keep them on my working computer any more – I get them from Flickr or the extern harddrive when or if I need them.

I even consider NOT burning any backup DVD’s any longer, at least not of all our photos. Maybe just the exceptional good ones.

….and if worst comes to worst and you discover that your traveling laptop has crashed, your holiday photos are still not completely gone until you have tried to rescue them with a Data Recovery Service.
(I’ve only needed to do that once time earlier at work, a recovery for exchange server data).

There are so many different reasons for why your photos (or other files) can be destroyed, not only a hard drive failure, but also because of program failures, virus, theft, Champagne spraying (yes, happened once!) – or simply by you being clumsy and deleting them by mistake…

So our final advice is: always be prepared for the worst – with proper life jacket’s on and the lifeboat located – and within reach!

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