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Mrs Lifecruisers contribution to theme Comfy
Notice the very comfy saddles we had on the guest ranch Estancia Aventura in Paraguay. Double layers of sheep skins, say no more! Not only the riding tours were comfy, but also the whole stay there. Very nice climate, some rain every 8th day which made it very green. We did cool off in the swimmingpool. One of a lifetime comfy experience!

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We are free. Taking the day off for free pleasures. There is so many really pleasant things to enjoy that are for free and that makes you feel free.

I’m talking about taking care of ourselves, spending qualified time together, we’re pretty good at it every day, but now I’m talking about 100% attention to each other.

All that important things that are like massage for both your body and soul.

It’s cozy love time…

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1. My nicname is Baldie Hawn. My going bald thing is going fine thank you! Meaning that I’m still loosing hair, but not in the same amount as earlier, but I still can’t notice any hair growing back either. And what do the Doc say? Nothing! He won’t even take new tests to see how my lack of iron is going. He doesn’t find it necessary he says. I soon find it unnecessary to have a doctor.

2. The same doctor recently wrote a doctor’s certificate for my back problems for one more year. I’ve been ill for 5 years now, struggling with chronical back pain. Now they say one more year to go and the second big investigation and maybe rehabilitation has to wait in the line for a couple of months. And he thought I sounded dejected and found that very remarkable. I find it remarkable that he found that remarkable.

3. I’m so happy that I don’t have a beard! But I really wish to get rid off all my other body hair though. I’m so sick and tired of shaving all the time. Why wasn’t it all that hair that fell off and not the ones on my head? And no, stop shaving is no alternative here, I find it GROSS with body hair. Waxing is no alternative either, mostly because you have to have some hair to pull to do the waxing and I don’t want to have that stubble at all! I want to get laser beamed… Hopefully not by aliens ;-)

4. I almost never watch TV. I’ve switched it for blogging, which gives me more than that brainkilling programs they send. When I recently accidently did watch, it was about nudists and a man that’s exchanged his wife with an crocodile… That convinced my once more!

5. I need to have two brekfasts. One light first and then a second one an hour later. I must eat very often or I’ll get too hungry and feel sick. This also means heavy nightly snacks. Which means that I’m building up even Mr Lifecruisers beautiful body with a manly belly (paunch)…

6. I’m eating some pills from the health food shop now, with (among other things) a lot of B-vitamines in it, to make my hair grow back, which makes me even more like a hungry monster than in normal cases. Now the hungry monster climbs the walls of desperate hunger. I have noticed that my claws nails are growing faster - not any monster hair yet though. And Mr Lifecruiser, the poor man, has to be watching out to not be eaten alive! He do feed me a lot, but just out of pure survival instict! To keep me nice. (Wrooooar!)

7. We had a lot of plans for August and September, to do a lot of things, to go out and have some shorter road trips and other things. Nothing of this has been possible. We’ve both been ill several times in several ways, several other persons close to us have been having problems of different kinds. And here we are - still at home! At the time when we get more healthy there going to be winter over here and then we definitive won’t go out. We’re in hibernation over the winters.

8. In fact, we’re having trouble to get anything going or done. We’re dead tired. No, not old, don’t say that! Just worned out. Even to cook dinner is like a big event over here, but that is kind of essential…

9. We don’t get to the grocery store for weeks… We do invent new meals this way, based on what we actually got at home. We hoard like maniacs when we do go shopping, so we don’t need to go for a long while. Meaning that Mr Lifecruiser have to carry a lot of bags when we finally do, because I’m not allowed to. Which makes his back protesting.

10. Sometimes if we run out of milk or something more basic, we have to go to our nearest little neighbourhood store. It’s name is Favoriten, but really this is no suitable name! Even though I do appreciate that it’s there for us, we call it Snusket. Translated that means like Dirtyness.

11. Now, about dirtyness…. We’re practising our own housekeeping methods, so our home is never presentable enough to invite people here. So we’ve become hermits.

12. Our near and dear ones can tell us anything, we won’t be surprised any more. It has happened so many things the last couple of years that we actually feel a bit blasé about everything. We don’t even raise our eyebrows when some one tell us something, that normally would have been very exciting or disturbing or whatever, but now it just leaves us with an: “all right and now what?” Because there is always a continuation….

13. Sometimes I get the feeling of that the whole world is strucked by the bad luck curse. There seems to be so much more bad luck of every kind in this world nowadays than I experienced it like when I was younger. I never heard about all of these kind of bad things, anxiety and other things that I hear of nowadays.

Has it increased or is it only a coincidence that we experience here? What do you say about it, did you experience things much more peaceful and uneventful around YOU before?


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