One advantage when traveling a lot is all the cool or fun signs you can spot on your trips. We love to take those kind of photos on our travels. This time we spotted an old Guinness beer sign. Any good at dart? Beer drinking at least? (lol) Travel Photos: Guinness Dart Sign

Beer and dart definitely belongs together, perhaps not when drinking too much beer, but it definitely demands some beer drinking…

A Guinness anyone…? Cheers!

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Coastal Maine is one of the most beautiful areas in the United States and is the perfect enchanted weekend getaway for people who live on the East Coast. The rocky coastline and wooded areas are beautiful natural havens to spend a quiet weekend, walking along the beautiful rocky coastline. It is the place to get away from it all. Maine is made up of 3,500 miles of tidal coastline, and as such there are many places to visit.

This is the state to get away and rest from the stressful family getaway you just made. Take a drive to any of the following small villages, stay for a day, a weekend or a whole week. You’ll come back refreshed and ready to take on the world again.


If your coming from Boston, you’ll want to stop in at Freeport and enjoy an afternoon shopping in the outlet stores or the small historic boutiques that line the historic district. Spend the night in one of the comfortable and homey bed and breakfasts so you can drive up to Wolfe’ Neck State Park the following day. Stroll through the awe inspiring white pine and hemlock forest. Another scenic area is Casco Bay where you’ll enjoy crabbing along the rocky shoreline. In the evening you can walk downtown taking in the art work, an outdoor play, or simply enjoy a quiet romantic dinner at any of the excellent restaurants.

Bar Harbor

Another interesting little town in Maine is Bar Harbor, which sits between the Frenchman Bay and the gorgeous mountains of Acadia National Park. This is a great place to go biking, kayaking or visiting a lighthouse or two. Spend the day watching the whales or rock climbing. Visit the Petit Manan Wildlife Refuge or walk through town and admire the historical value of the town, founded back in 1763. Hop on one of the tour buses and drive through Acadia National Park to Cadillac Mountain.


Another interesting place for a great weekend getaway is Rockland, located in Penobscot Bay and a must see if you plan your getaway in late July or August, as you’ll be able to enjoy the Lobster Festival. Enjoy the day strolling through the exhibitions and viewing the work of local artists, then when you’re ready to eat, enjoy the delectable lobster.

Maine offers a lot to see, some great fishing, picturesque villages and towns to enjoy, as well as wonderful natural wonders. This state is truly the state to get away from family, work and stress. It is the place to renew, rejuvenate and get the rest you need. If you are considering a trip to Maine consider visiting to plan the perfect trip.

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A newly built modern, but peaceful apartment block view this summer in Malmö city in the south of Sweden. Designed with an artificial stream running through the apartment area with a sandy beach and hammock to rest in.

Sweden, Malmö Hammock view

When traveling, we often enjoy all the different architecture we get to see and this is an excellent example of a new thinking within apartment block planning, opening up for more creative surroundings for peoples living areas.

I’m all for it! Let new ideas grow and be implemented!

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