When you are booking a holiday it is always essential that the accommodation you book is perfect for you and your family. Before you book accommodation, make sure that you do thorough research into the area and the accommodation itself. This research could include looking at review sites where you can read what other holiday makers have made of it. Travel Maestro has kindly compiled the following list that gives you a list of holiday accommodation options:

  • Yurts – In this modern day and age, camping has begun to become more glamorous as opposed to sleeping rough for a few days. Yurts are the way forward when it comes to camping as it provides some of the comforts that are found in your own home including, separate bedrooms, hobs and even plumbing! Yurts are perfect for the whole family and the experience is bound to be one that you will never forget.
  • Holiday Cottages – This type of accommodation is perfect for both couples and families, more so for families as these cottages usually have plenty of bedrooms. Luxury cottages can be usually found in the beautiful countryside away from the hustle and bustle that the city usually brings.
  • Holiday Villa – Villas are great for families as you can let your kids run wild by the pool whilst also having a relaxing time out to relax and rejuvenate. If you are wise about it, you can usually find plenty of deals on villas online on several sites. As well as families, villas are also ideal for friends as they are usually away from nearby housing, so you can make as much noise as you want.
  • Hotels – Hotels are usually cheap and easy to book at short notice. Make sure you are careful though as not all hotels are the same. Once again, make use of any review sites that you can look at that will indicate whether the hotel is up to your standards. Another thing to bear in mind is the location of the hotel. Make sure that it is nearby to local transport links and close to entertainment.

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Author bio: James Taylor is a fellow travel blogger who just like us love to travel and discover new places as well as sharing his experiences with us. At Travel Maestro you will find travel guides for travelling around the world, encouraging readers to share their travel stories with us and give us more travel tips.

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Russia is a huge country that has a lot of wonderful places to explore. The vast size of the country makes it very appealing to travel around Russia in a private plane. It is possible to rent a plane in Russia and fly it to destinations around the country. Follow this guide to have a wonderful adventure exploring Russia with a private plane.

Flying Regulations in Russia

In order to fly a private plane while on vacation in Russia, visitors need to first file a request for flight authorization with the Russian aviation authorities. This flight authorization needs to include the purpose of the trip, the pilot and aircraft information, passport numbers and names of all passengers, flight computer information and the flight plan for the trip, including dates and times for all arrivals and departures. A flight plan must be filed with Russian aviation authorities at least 24 hours prior to takeoff.

If flying to small airports in Russia, keep in mind that most of the smaller airport control towers are only open from 8 AM to 5 PM. It is illegal to land at an airport when the tower is unstaffed. Most of the smaller airports do not have English-speaking staff, so it will be necessary to hire a navigator that speaks English and Russian. These navigators cost a couple hundred dollars a day, but they make it much easier to deal with the Russian bureaucracy.

Fun Places to Go

There are so many great places to explore in Russia that it is tough to fit everything into one trip. Moscow is the obvious place to start. The Russian capital has centuries of history and is the cultural, economic and political center of the country. Visitors will find that Russia has an amazing culinary scene with some of the best restaurants in the world. There is also a vibrant nightlife with lots of shows, clubs and attractions to choose from. Of course, no visit to Moscow is complete without visiting the mighty Kremlin.

Though Moscow is a great city, St. Petersburg is the better tourist town. Formed around a number of canals, the city has a rich history as the former home of the Russian tsars. There are lots of great historical attractions to visit, including the fabulous former home of the tsars, Winter Palace. There are a number of beautiful cathedrals to visit. The nightlife and cuisine in St. Petersburg is some of the best in Asia.

Vladimir was the first capital of Russia. It has a number of historical attractions to visit, most notably the Golden Gates that once protected the city from invaders. There are also a couple of stunningly beautiful cathedrals, St. Dmitry Cathedral and Assumption Cathedral.

Those looking for a break from Russian city life should visit the town of Suzdal in the Vladimir region. This town of 12,000 people is protected by law from development. The buildings in the town are some of the oldest in Russia as some of them date back to the early part of the 11th century. The town is surrounded by lovely meadows and farms and is a very popular Russian pastoral getaway.

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It was July 22nd when the group awoke to the hot Spanish sun already beating down on the earth. They were filled with excitement and embraced the hot sun as the three best friends were about to embark on a once in a lifetime 3 day, 75 km pilgrimage hiking expedition.

Spanish pilgrimage hike: start in La Coruna Image produced by: Javier

The first part of the trip started from La Coruña, a busy harbor city occupying a small peninsula that protrudes out into the Atlantic. La Coruña was established thousands of years ago and is very famous for the ‘Tower of Hercules’, a Roman lighthouse from the 2nd century which has been operating for over 2000 years. To avoid the unpleasant walk along the main city roads they took a bus to the Alcampo hypermarket, from here on out the initial leg of their journey would bring them to Hospital de Bruma. Into their first hour of the trek the team of three began to recognize the unreasonably hot heat therefore slowed down the pace, and hydrated often while winding along the ancient path. The slower speed gave them the opportunity to appreciate their surroundings and to take in the never-ending country side with its spiritually unique history.

Spanish pilgrimage hike 2: Bruma countrysideImage produced by: Christine

After a restful night’s sleep in rustic little hotel in Meson do Vento (a neighboring village to Bruma) they refueled their bodies, laced their shoes and headed back out to the pilgrimage trail. For thirty kilometers they cantered on along a trail that passed by various small farms, basic villages and wooded areas until they reached the small Spanish town of Sigüeiro. This night they stayed in a basic cottage rental were they cooked some warm food, shared a few laughs and had a long nights rest. The following morning, they persevered on to their final destination Santiago de Compostela. During this last 16 km of this journey they were engulfed by a remarkably noticeable spiritual feeling as they took in the beautiful surroundings. This was their concluding destination, so they had booked a local apartment rental through and spent the following days exploring the cathedral and well-preserved historic city center. The remains of Apostle James are what make this city so famous within religious circles and attract spiritual seekers from all corners of the world take part in such a pilgrimage that finalizes in this remarkable destination.

Spanish pilgrimage hike 3: Santiago de CompostelaImage produced by: year of the dragon

For many this expedition is done as an opportunity to seek religious connections, however for this group it was only curiosity and adventure that drove them here, enabling them to partake in an unforgettable experience!

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