Spending hours in the desert riding dirt bikes, ATVs, dune buggies or other vehicles can provide quite a bit of fun. Many enjoy the time they spend in the sun away from the regular world. The sandy desert provides plenty of fun for all those involve, but it does require special equipment. This equipment needs to be cared for and you need a place to store it when you’re not using it.

Storage can happen in a couple of different ways. If you live close to the desert, you can store your ATVs, dirt bikes and other equipment at home in your own garage. However, it will take up quite a bit of space, which you could use for other things. If you travel to the desert every time you want to enjoy your toys, you can use one of the Phoenix, AZ self storage units to keep your vehicles. This provides a convenient place to store your toys, so that you don’t have to haul them from home.

Preparing Your ATV for Desert Season

When desert season rolls around, you need to make sure your ATVs are ready to go. Taking them directly from storage to the desert isn’t a good idea. You want to check a few things before you ride. This will ensure your ATV is ready and won’t cause you any issues.

1. Check your Tires

Sometimes if you let your toys sit for a few months, the tires need a little air. You want to make sure they are good and a quick check will give you the safety you need. Make sure to adjust the tire pressure for the conditions and check the weather, so you will know what the proper tire pressure will be for the day you plan to ride.

2. Check your Fuel System

If you didn’t drain you fuel tank before storing your ATV, you need to check the fuel system. Sometimes water will end up in the fuel tank and this can cause your engine to run poorly or not at all. It’s a good idea to drain your fuel tank and replace old fuel with new fuel before heading out to the desert.

3. Clean or Replace your Air Filter

Another very important part of your ATV is the air filter. Riding in the sand causes it to get dirty very fast and you want to check and make sure it’s clean. If it’s not clean, you need to either replace it or clean it. This will help your motor run better and will prevent other issues.

It’s always a good idea to perform basic maintenance on any vehicles you decide to take into the desert. Whether you enjoy dirt bikes, dune buggies, ATVS or another type of fun toy, you need to make sure to maintain these toys or you could end up with other issues while out riding.

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Bali has some of the best beaches in the world. There are the famous beaches, Legian, Kuta and Seminyak, with locations being hidden shores or palm-lined coasts. The best beach is the one that’s going to get you closest to what will make your stay memorable. And getting to Bali may be cheaper than you think. A little research on may just surprise you.

Here’s a sneak-peek at beaches in Bali and what activities they are best for.

Best Beach in Bali for Surfing: Kuta

Kuta Beach, BaliImage courtesy of eGuide Travel/

Found on the western side of Bali’s narrow isthmus, Kuta Beach is one of the world’s most famous surf hot spots. On a good day, you can look forward to average wave lengths of 50 meters. On a great day, they can grow to thrice that. It’s such a popular location that surfers will make the trip from all over the island to hit these waves.

Kuta is primo for great adventures, shopping and dining. You can take in the Bali Bombing Memorial Monument or discover one of the many temples throughout Kuta that contain brilliant designs and pieces of art. If you fancy shopping head to the Discovery Shopping Mall Esplanade where you may also find live DJs, parades and concerts.

Best Beach in Bali for Swimming: Padang Bai

Padang Bai Beach, BaliImage courtesy of shanghaifoodie/

Padang Bai is one of the quieter beaches in Bali. It’s warm climates, silver sand, crystal azure waters and wondrous cliff formations, makes for a perfect day swimming or lounging in the comforting rays of the sun. Stretching for 120 meters, it’s only accessible through a passage sitting between two cliffs. In the evening, join the gawkers to witness some of the most incredible sunsets.

Swimming, cold beers, cocktails and building sand castles aren’t all the area has. There are beautiful villas that sit on the rocks, striking guest houses and bungalows that actually start under $100 per night.

Best Beach in Bali for Sunbathing: Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Beach, BaliImage courtesy of shanghaifoodie/

Located on the south-western coast, this beach gets to take full advantage of the sun. The beach and bay are filled with little secluded areas, promising peace and tranquillity. The beach is surrounded by tropical forests and celebrity hideaways. Stay close enough to society so you can still enjoy fruity drinks under umbrellas or find your spot and lay there in seclusion with only the sounds of the waves to keep you company.

Jimbaran Beach is the spot for dining. It has a three kilometre patch of international restaurants and cafes. As one of Bali’s most easy going beaches, the nightlife on this part of the island tends to be serene. You’ll more likely find romantic dinners and cliff-side rendezvous.

Best Beach in Bali for Snorkelling: Sanur

Purists argue Amed Beach is the standout for snorkelling, however, Sanur takes the edge for its additional attractions. Sanur was Bali’s first beach resort, offering serene coastal ambiance. It’s where you can find the unique Bali Seawalker, which is a snorkelling device that requires minimum equipment. However, there is still plenty of traditional snorkelling. Schedule to go out during high tide when the underwater creatures are truly animated.

Sanur is small, so if you want to golf, you’ll have to settle for nine holes. It’s said the Bali Beach Course is a challenge with its hibiscus trees and shady pines. There’s also great sailing as Sanur is one of Bali’s premier boating points. The beach is perfect for kite flying too and there is an annual festival held here each year.

Best Beach in Bali for Being Alone: Geger Beach

If you’re not into the surf and crowds, Geger Beach is wonderful for many relaxing hours. The calm, sparkling water is of a tranquil blue-green colour and the sands are soft yet thick, great for a nice run or a game of volleyball or Ultimate Frisbee. The waves roll smoothly, and watching them can send you to a quiet place. You’ll likely glimpse farmers harvesting seaweed.

Geger Beach is excellent for young kids with its quieter waves. There are water sport activities for the family, including beach games. There are also plenty of cafes serving everything from great fish to burgers and fries for the little ones.

If you are going to get away from it all, do it right! Get out to Bali and explore these beautiful beaches. This Indonesian paradise is filled with adventure and relaxation. You won’t have any problems finding great rates on flights to Bali with a little research.

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In Kista Science City, Stockholm, Sweden, this unusual skyscraper tower, named after the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria, completed 2011. Scandic Hotel chain is renting Stockholm’s tallest building, also the tallest hotel in Scandinavia. Elected as the hotel building of the year 2012 at the World Architecture Festival i Singapore.

Scandic Victoria Tower, Kista, Stockholm, Sweden

The Scandic Victoria Tower Hotel is designed by the architect Gert Wingårdh, 117 meter (384 ft) and did cost SEK 600 million (around USD 90 million) to be built. The hotel building is totally covered in glass – I just love this unusual patterned architecture!

My photo above doesn’t quite do it justice. I don’t exactly love it less when also discovering that the inside interior is decorated with design furniture from Vitra, Montana and Flos…

If you happens to be nearby: take the elevator up to the skybar at 34th floor and sit down and sip on a glass of Champagne with a view over Stockholms Silicon Valley.

This is the tallest hotel building in Scandinavia, but the tallest building in Sweden is actually Turning Torso in Malmö which I also adore and wrote about earlier.

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