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A bite of my TITS

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We’ll start to take a bite of the most smelly TITS this past week: our homebaked Swedish Cinnamon buns - for my Mom.

And the most memorable with this is that Mr Lifecruisers was doing it by himself (not the first time) and forgot to put Cinnamon on the buns at one of the plates! *giggles*

So, now we comes to my boring health issues… I’ve decided to get a firm grip of this now. The multivitamins from the hairdresser helped me enough to get a tiny bit of my energy back, so I can tackle this. I’ still loosing some hair though, so I need to continue.

I’ve got 2 other medicinal preparations from the health store now instead to continue with. #1 is the wellknown Blutsaft (like blood lemonade) with a very high content of iron. #2 is Mivitotal Flex, which has over 100 vitamines and minerals - one of the markets most complete dietary supplements. I hope that it will give me better resistance of illnessess too.

OK, it’s not exactly tastes well, butt I can take that in my hunt for better health since the Doctors won’t do anything to help me (!). I have to try this. The hair nutrition vitamines from the hairdresser did help a bit, so…

I’ve finally changed doctor - this time to that pain management specialist that discovered that I have Fibromyalgia. We’ll see if he can give me a refferal to an ultrasound check of the gall bladder, to eliminate that too. I do have pains in that area coming and going.

Then we comes to my problems with the Gyn. too - I’m not buying this lame excuses they have of my problems. When I was 44 I tested 2 new birth control pills, both I had severe problems with. (Read: they screwed my up totally hormonal)

Since then I haven’t had proper periods either, hardly any at all. Now, 3 years later, they claim that it’s because of menopause, even though they can’t see any tracks of that at my mucuous membrane. I don’t buy this bullshit. WHY would it start exactly the same month I started to eat those pills then?? No, no, don’t fool me only to get rid off the problem (me) thank you.

So I’ve done a research after Gyn. doc’s and now have a list to go through…. Tomorrow I’m going to book an appointment with the first one. If I don’t get any proper check up or help or at least reasonable explanations, I’m going to the next on that list.

I’m not done yet. My teeth. sigh. Having problem with tootache of some kind from time to time all the time. I don’t know if it’s only from the gum (inflammations = Gingivitis) or from the teeth, only that it aches.

So I tried to get an appointment at the Dentist high school to get them to do a check up, but they couldn’t take new customers until August. I’m not choosing them only because they are cheaper, butt because they have teachers to ask about complicated stuff and those teachers are the best.

Plus that if they decide I need to go to the specialist, they are in the same building and it might get faster if I’m lucky.

In the meantime I tried another dentist, butt no luck, he didn’t help me much, he didn’t even clean the pockets in my gum like I wanted to - despite the fact that I tried 3 times to get him to understand my problems with this.

For now, I rinses my mouth 2 times/day with bacterial killer stuff. Its’ not healthy to walk around with inflammations in your body and I already have enough problems (with my back) without this…

I’ve read that you should clean those gum pockets every 3 months to be on the safe side. Even if you don’t feel any pain there, it could still contain bacterias that influences your well-being. And those bacterias is very dangerous, can cause blood poisioning if left there. So, why won’t they clean the pockets regularly?

For me, it’s like either doctors nor dentist want’s to help their patients any more.

So, now you have a full report of my tackles for the moment that I’m working hard on, butt: I’m still going strong! I’ll fight this by my own if I have to, since I refuse to accept this!

Captain TITS Lifecruiser

Reminder rest TITS:

- Clean bathroom - part 1 done
- Basement storage - part 2 done
- Buy a new digital camera
- Buy a new bikini

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Yesterdays port: Greek Festival, US. Sword Girl was guiding us :-)

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Rambling babbling

Sorry for being a bit late with my post today. We kind of slept in… (that can happen when you don’t go to bed until …oh, like 5 in the morning! *giggles*

…and I even missed the appointment with my Doctor today!!! That make me very very angry at myself. I even had a note attached to my computer and still missed it obviously. ##%¤&/&/&/.

This visit was because that medicine I got for the Fibromyalgia, does not work. Even made me worse.

My Doc. is very difficult to get an appointment with, I can’t even phone him until next Monday to book a new appointment. Still, I’m glad if I get one, because the other doctor I had was terrible, so I gladly wait for this new one….

So, this day went by very fast. Some heavy grocery shopping, then cooking dinner and now we have our Swedish cinnamon buns in the oven, smelling really good!!!

Tomorrow we’re visiting my Mom in the elderly home, so that’s why the baking. She loves home made Cinnamon buns, she was a master at it herself in the past :-)

I also want to mention that I’ve had problems to comment at Blogger blogs lately. Firefox won’t let me see the whole window so I can’t see what to write - not even the word verification.

So I have to use Internet Explorer for these blogs, which I hate to. I do hope that the problems solves soon. I’m not sure if it’s something at Blogger or Firefox though. It may be one of my many Firefox extensions.

Now, I’m off to the Greek Festival with Sword Girl at our Monday cruise stop - come along you too!

Captain Babble Lifecruiser

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Mondays port: Greek Festival, US.
Host: Sword Girl

Sundays port: Wilkommen Höft in Hamburg.
Host: Mar.

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