You already know that Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise Moves - If you have read my earlier post.

The new blog name

The new blog’s name is Cyber Cruisers, simply because the Cyber Cruise is what we have called it right from the beginning and that also tells what it’s all about.

We’re cruising the cyber space, but experiencing travel through other bloggers real travel written in blog posts.

Free host place for the blog

I went through a lot of different details whith each blog hosting site, to be sure to choose the right one to host the Cyber Cruisers. I did choose Mostly because it’s so reliable and safe and isn’t having quite as much “annoying habits” as Blogger has. I’m not going to list all the reasons here…

How to announce a cyber cruise post

There are now several different alternatives for you to announce your cyber cruise post. The first alternative is of course the one I recommend for you to gain most publicity.

Alt. 1) You get an Wordpress user account, which means I can add your user account to our group blog, so that you can write an asskicking announcement yourself, about your cyber cruise post over at your regular blog.

Alt. 2) You rely on me or other Cyber Cruisers to post your link for you in a post. The linking may be delayed - and certainly if I’m out traveling…

Alt. 3) You leave the link in the comment section of the Cyber Cruisers blog, with a high risk of being not seen - and this will not be stored in the Archives to easily be found later either.

It’s entirely up to you to choose which alternative that suits you the best :-)

NOTE: There will be no more linking to Cyber Cruise posts on this blog, Lifecruiser, from now on, other than sporadic if I happen to have something to say about some specific post content, maybe.

How to get a Cyber Cruisers account

All you need to get access and start announcing your posts yourself, is a account.

If you already have a Wordpress user account, all you have to do is to tell me the emailaddress you have in that blog’s settings - and I’ll send you an invite to the Cyber Cruise group blog.

If not: You signup at for an account: takes only a minute (!) and you don’t have to create a blog there if you don’t want to, just an user account.

Don’t forget to email me the email address you have there, so I can invite you to the Cyber Cruisers blog too.

Though I recommend you to create a blog with the same blog name as you have in your Blogger blog name. If you’re fond of your regular blog name, why not “secure” that no one else takes it in

The last words about the move

Remember, it’s all up to you now. I’ll hop around telling you all about this post, but, I’ll not remind you again.

If you’re not leaving me that email address tied to a Wordpress account, I’ll assume that you just want to leave your link in the comments of the new blog - or don’t want to participate in the Cyber Cruise any more at all.

Either way: I thank you all with all my heart for all the smashing fun times we’ve had on all the cruises so far!

Welcome over to the new Cyber Cruisers :-)

Captain Lifecruiser

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So, what is the considerable changes of the Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise that I talked about in my last post with Cyber Cruise News Brews?

The Cyber Cruise moves to an new blog!

I’ve decided to move the Cyber Cruise (not Lifecruiser!) to a separate new blog, as you might remember that I mentioned once earlier. This will make it more clean and tidy, a blog content which only is about the Cyber Cruise.

A group blog with own user accounts

I also decided to make it a group blog, so that you cruisers will get an own user account and be able to post your own announcements about your new cyber cruise post!

Yes, that will make it very fair to you: then you can wrote an asskicking introduction with a link to your own blog and I can feel free as a ship on the ocean….

The Cyber Cruise Archive ends

Another task of mine has been to keep the Cyber Cruise post archive list up to date. This will now end, because your posts will all be linked from the post you make on the Cyber Cruise blog and saved in the archives of that blog.

The Lifecruiser blogroll is dumped

The Lifecruiser blogroll will be dumped too. It has been tough to keep up to date since people join and then drop being active. Besides that blogrolls is about to be outdated, partly replaced by RSS Readers etc.

(Tip: Read blogs in one place by RSS)

This way, only the active cruisers will be rewarded, since their links will be in the posts at the Cyber Cruise blog.

Fair and square? Yes.

One reason for the change is travel

Part of the reason I’m doing this is that I’ll be out traveling soon (more news is coming later!) and will not be able to take care of the Cyber Cruise properly here.

This way you have the chance to dance on the deck while the Captain is away… *giggles*

Stay tuned to get more info about the new Cyber Cruise blog…

Captain Lifecruiser

Cyber Cruise:
The island of Bohol and the chocolate hills
Release party at a mini bottle gallery
Photo of the majestic Andes from the Air

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“A Good Sign”, Gil Elvgren, 1951.

I’ve decided to change some things with the Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise. You may have noticed that the participating has decreased a bit lately.

There are several reasons for that. Bloggers seems to be more busy in real life and might not have traveled so much lately either. There is also the fact of that the links to your Cyber Cruise posts are not noticed, followed and commented as much as we wish it would be, right?

Within my new blog design here now, I did put the Cyber Cruise info links in my sidebar - under the Log Pages section - and that doesn’t seem to be enough. Some bloggers don’t even look at the sidebar. Which means that the message of what the Cyber Cruise is, may be hard to find for new participants.

Earlier I did link to all info about the Cyber Cruise in each and every post, which seemed to function a bit better, but it’s also cluttering my posts and that’s not a good thing. Bloggers get used to all the info and after a while not even seeing it - I’ve noticed that phenomena a lot of times when people ask questions about things that actually is in the post.

Frankly, I don’t have the time or strength to get around and marketing your cyber cruise posts as I used to do. It has taken a lot of time for me earlier, trying to get bloggers getting interested and participating.

So there are only two alternatives. Either to stop the Cyber Cruises - which I don’t think is an alternative any of us like - or to change it considerably.

I decided to go with the last alternative as a last try.

My next post will be about the changes, so stay tuned!

Captain Cruise Lifecruiser

Cyber Cruise:
The island of Bohol and the chocolate hills
Planning a far away Vacation - Silver Wedding to Argentina from Norway!
Release party at a mini bottle gallery
Photo of the majestic Andes from the Air

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