The Englishman Jason Lewis traveled over 45,000 miles across five continents, two oceans and one sea during 13 years, only by human power. What an adventure and life experience.

Now that’s a man I really would like to meet and listen to about his experiences!

This around the world tour started out the 12th of July in 1994 at the Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich and it was also there it ended the 6th of October in 2007.

Just think about the fact to be out for 13 years and add to that the fact that it was only by human power.

He traveled 74,842 km (46,505 miles) by a unique pedal powered boat, kayaks, swimming, rowing, bicycles, in-line skates and walking.

Totally incredible and impressive, wouldn’t you say?

Just to mention a few things that happened:

  • Run down by a drunk driver in America and broke both legs
  • Saved from hitting the Barrier Reef by a local boat
  • Attacked by a crocodile in Australia which bit off a piece of his paddle
  • Detained as a suspected spy after entering Egyptian territory without permission
  • Swept overboard when his boat capsized in the Atlantic

I could sit and listen to this man adventures for weeks, without ever getting tired, for sure!

I mean, I’ve dreamed about doing an around the world trip for several years, but never alone and by human power only. That surely is a totally different experience than the more comfortable way I had in mind…

It’s not only the absolutely fantastic achievement that make me wanna lift forward this around the world tour, but the fact that this trip was done to help raise funds for humanitarian causes and also to draw attention to environmental causes, which I think is just pure outstanding.

The Goals and Objectives for the trip:

To circle the world by means of human power alone
To use the adventure as a classroom learning tool
To encourage world citizenship between cultures
To promote environmental responsibility
To live fully and enjoy the experience

Think about it: if every human being had tried with all our human power to do what we can to help these causes - how would our world have looked today then?

Something to think about huh?

I really recommend you to read more about this incredible man’s effort at BBC News or at the dedicated Expedition 360 website.

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Captain Travel Lifecruiser

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We have something in common, sickness and I, we both like to travel. The difference is that sickness likes to travel inside bodies…

Yes, unfortunately the stomach flu has arrived here at this home. We suspect that it’s the Norovirus, which is doing it’s “around the world tour” obviously. YUK.

I read in the News that “Outbreaks are common in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and cruise ships”. How appropriate with an outbreak at the Lifecruiser ship… They say it has increased further the last two weeks here in Sweden.

Mr Lifecruiser got it Friday at midnight and is still quite ill, I’m still waiting to get it. Even in this case I hate waiting, I just want it over and done!

There is very little chance that I’ll avoid to get ill since it’s so highly contagious and you know how close we two are, besides that I always get everything.

I’m not feeling that well already, having problems to eat properly and a terrible headache, tired as I had run the marathon or something. All I can do right now is to lay on the sofa watching TV - between serving my darling what he needs.

(You should know, that I almost never watch TV normally - only travel programs!)

Oh, and there is a lot of cleaning and washing hands going on, since that’s the only thing we can do against the contagion. I tell you, my hands looks like a real cleaning lady’s by now, very chappy indeed.

Writing this is a real test of strength, but you already know that I’m stubborn as a red pig ;-)

Captain Lifecruiser

Update: I didn’t get the full “version” of the stomach flu, but I’m still not well. Very exhausted. Excuse me for not visiting you as I use to!

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So, many of you might have notice that I haven’t been posted as often as before? That’s because things have been happening in real life and also because of the changes here at Lifecruiser.

  1. I’ve been busy arranging a lot of things for my old Mom at the elderly home, trying to book meetings, having some words with the nurse, doctor, the bosses and so on. This is not only because she has been ill recently, but also to get some kind of assurance that she will do better when we’re away on our planned trip that is going to take place soon….
  2. There have also been a lot of problems around other near and dear ones, taking up our time, making us really long for a trip somewhere away from all of it…
  3. My best friend Miss Ass. Lifecruiser has as some of you know decided to move from Sweden and a deal to rent a home has finally been made, even though a contract is yet to be signed…
  4. We have decided to go with her when she is going, which probably will be in the end of February if all will go well. I say this because things have a habit to go wrong when she is involved - and after all, she has been rather ill for the last two years. I’ve never known any person with such bad luck as she always has…
  5. This means that we have a lot of things to take care of before going. Practical things like some work stuff for Mr Lifecruiser, emptying our food supplies, dentist appointments, paper work for my mother and us, to arrange care for our car while we’re gone, because it will be for several weeks, maybe a month, we don’t know…
  6. Vaccinations that has to be done, not because of the trip, just to fill up with an already started serie vaccination for ticks so we have the right protection for the summer.
  7. I’ve worked quite much with both this blog and the new Cyber Cruisers blog, cleaning up, installing plugins etc.
  8. I’ve tried to introduce you to what RSS is with my post how to read blogs in one place by RSS and I’ll probably write one more post about it soon, another version with images describing it too. So if you haven’t got it yet, stay tuned!
  9. Lifecruiser will from now on be dedicated mostly to the subject travel in different shapes or rather experiencing the world, even though there is a chance that there will slip in other subjects now and then too, if I feel like it…
  10. Have you seen Captain’s Twitters in the sidebar? I’m writing what I’m doing at Twitter.com. Why do I use Twitter? That’s because I can write really short messages and I can even do it from my mobile phone! So that’s what I’ve planned to do when we’re on our way. That way you get to know where we are or doing, even do I haven’t written a post.
  11. Making you curious of WHERE we’re going? Good! *teasing giggles*
  12. My mood has rised about, oh, say about… 100% since we decided to gooooo. I’m soooo excited about it! I promise, I’ll write a post about it soon…
  13. FYI: I have some maintenance to do with Lifecruiser and if you notice something strange, it might be because of that.

Captain Travel Lifecruiser

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