Monday Memories Morning

Did I ever tell you about my MONDAY MORNING?

I always hated Monday mornings with a passion as strong as my love for Friday afternoons. This Monday I woke up. Almost. A sort of. Not even near the time I should have been woke up. The alarm clock didn’t go off… I’m a time freak normally - always on time, I feel very bad if I’m not.

No shower, not enough time for breakfast (which is a catastrophy for this hungry monster), dressed up with something I just found laying around and with a hairstyle like Albert Einsteins sister, I rushed from home in a very, let us say, not so calm mood.

Of course I came to the subway in time to see the back of the train. I tried to sleep on the way in to the city. That was not to happen. There was people chatting in the train. The most annoying was that it was in forreign languages, so I couldn’t even understand or listen to what they said… It must have been something really interesting, because they were speaking so loud, fast and with such a passion.

At the central station I had to “climb” these very very long escalators, which not really is my favorite exercise at 6.30 in the morning. When I had climb over half of it, there is this little man, reaching to my shoulders - barely - that’s actually is hitting on me!

At that time, a monday morning, in my condition and with his no length, in that place - talk about stinking bad timing! Poor man, I’m afraid that I might had destroyed his self confidence for ever with the steaming - not suitable to write here - answer he got together with me really looking down on him like he was a little cockroach that I was about to kill on the spot.

I must admit though that he was brave. (Or maybe he just didn’t have a brain?)

The first thing I did was to go to the newsstand, here in Sweden called PressbyrÃ¥n which also sells a lot of other stuff. I stood in the long line for very long. I desperatly needed strong mint tablets called Vicks BlÃ¥ - to make the bad taste go away. When it comes to my turn, I’m kind of asleep again so I say: “One bag of Pripps BlÃ¥” and in the same moment as I said it I heard what’s wrong. Pripps BlÃ¥ is a common Swedish beer….

So, naturally I start to giggle, which the sulky hag with absolutely no humor did not. Not even a little smile. Which makes me giggle even harder and I turn to the crowd behind me - which heard what I said and should be able to laugh with me - but no, not a reaction in any face. I now giggle so hard that I’m folding, not able to make a sound and still no one moves a muscle in their faces.

Geeez, that’s exactly how boring Swedish people are in a monday morning at 6.30…

Oh, and I wasn’t late for work - that day I should start to work at 10.30, that’s why the alarm clock didn’t go off!

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Comments on Monday Memories Morning

  • 1

    I would have laughed with ya! No doubt! At least you made it to work on time. :)

    Lifecruiser: Thanks for that Ocean Lady… I would have too if this had happened to someone else, because I think it’s so contagious when some one laughs, I always start to laugh at their laugh at least!

  • 2
    Napfisk BELGIUM said:

    Ow, sounds like a terrible start of the week. You really must have been confused. I once carried a bin liner half way to school: my mum had asked to put out the garbage but I was so distracted I didn’t notice I was still holding it in my hand 10 minutes later. People must have looked very funny at me. Luckily I did finally notice before I walked into school or it would’ve ruined my cool.

    Lifecruiser: *laughing* Yes, you sure was lucky to find out in time, otherwise you would probably got a new nickname in school :-)

  • 3
    Norma UNITED STATES said:

    Great story. Mondays are tough for a lot of people. Not a lot of smiling at 6:30 a.m.–except at the coffee shop where I stop. Everyone’s happy to be there.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I guess it depends on the place too. Thinking of the dentist waitingroom a monday morning! Pheeew!

  • 4
    Kasia POLAND said:

    Mondays///arghh…I hate the very word. Of course there are good Mondays too but why why do we have to start work on that day?:)
    Btw - excellent story

    Lifecruiser: At that time in my life, I asked myself why why do we have to start to work any day at all? *lol* (at least at that hour!!!

  • 5
    Stacie UNITED STATES said:

    LOL, That sounds like a Monday alright! I am not smiling at 6:30 am no matter what day of the week it is, but I would have laughed with you. Some people just have no sense of humor! great story! Stacie

    Lifecruiser: It must be really boring life they live, to not be able to laugh at all :-)

  • 6
    Renee UNITED STATES said:

    This morning DH can’t sleep because I’m snoring and decides to wake me by kicking the bed in a fit. So I wake up with a panic and ask what’s going on and he says I was snoring. So I go to the bathroom and while in there start fuming because my heart was racing by the way DH woke me up. So when I went back I ask if next time he decides to wake me up he can try something less violent. He claims that he didn’t think it was violent…hello? I noticed the time and it was right after his alarm first goes off. I think what happened is the alarm went off, he hit the snooze and couldn’t snooze because I was snoring…
    Happy Monday.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Lifecruiser: Maybe you should change the Snooze buttons name to Snoore *lol*

  • 7
    libragirl UNITED STATES said:

    I’d have laughed. Even if I hadn’t heard what you said, I would have seen you laughing so hard I would have joined you.

    Thanks for visiting. Come back soon

    Lifecruiser: Yes, normal poeple like us do that, don’t we? But this gang was beyond all hope obviously…Yes, of course I’ll be back!

  • 8
    Kelly UNITED STATES said:

    This was a great story! I’m laughing and would have laughed at you at 6:30 in morning. lol

    Lifecruiser: Too bad you and everybody else weren’t there, think about it: a whole gang standing there giggling - what a sight! *lol*

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