My wife is picking my nose

Now our celebration for our 2 years anniversery is over and I am allowed to be nasty again.

That earlier post from Mrs Lifecruiser demands a revenge post!!!! I let her wait a bit for the revenge, it is more fun then. What revenge shall I choose, I can see her thinking about it, worrying…. he…he…

It is not the first time we have a war. See the earlier war I started and the following posts above that one.

So what nasty story shall I come up with this time? *thinking*

Have I ever told you about the time when SHE was drooling? But not from her mouth… No, come to think about it, that one maybe is too private…. *teasing you*

No, I think I choose this really icky one instead….

It was in the very early beginning of our relationship, we were laying in bed (we do that a lot ;-) and I was laying behind her. Suddenly she made an attempt, so I thought, to turn around and put her hand on some of my really nice bodyparts….

WHAT THE HECK????!!! I had a finger in my nose!!!! And it was not mine!!!!

Was she a pervert? That likes to pick peoples noses? I could not think that she made this unbelievable direct hit in my right nostril partly from behind - without purpose.

Ok, I must say to her defence that the finger was out again as fast as it was going in there and without touching the walls in my nose, not even a scratch. Luckily enough, I was not having a cold at that time, who knows what could have followed the finger out then…?

She still keep repeating that it was not on purpose, but do we really believe that?

My crazy wife seems to have some obsessions with noses, even to put things in HER nose. I even got picture proof for it, see below.

Mrs Lifecruisers nose stuff in Natal    Mrs Lifecruisers nose stuff in Fuerteventura

And she does it everywhere, the proofs of doing it above is from both Fuerteventura, Spain and Natal, Brazil. (I just knew that this photos could come in handy some day!)

It is really exciting trips we do, you never know what she is up to - or should I say IN to??!!

Comments on My wife is picking my nose

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    vera UNITED STATES said:

    you are hilarious!

  • 2
    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Is that a compliment or not? That is the big question…

    Mr Lifecruisers says: Thank you, I did my very best to make it as describing and icky as I could, so you all could share my horror. What is a little drooling from me if you compare it to her nose picking?

    Mrs Lifecruiser says: I am the icky wife, what can I say….? I have always wanted to that, this is a free nosepicking world, is it not???
    How come, that no one is admiring my ability to make a direct hit of his nose? That is really something you have to practise for a long time to be able to achieve. I should win prizes for that!!!

  • 3
    Deb AUSTRALIA said:

    I could live more with nose picking than drool.

    At least there’s a chance the boogers will be crusty. With drool, there is no dry reprieve.

    Poor Mrs Lifecruiser, I would have put some drool in those eggs!

  • 4
    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:


    Thanks for the nice ? thoughts with icky sights we did get from that comment….

    I am very happy to say this: Hey, you are icky too!!!

  • 5
    Martin UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Ha! love the photos, drooling from other parts? It reminds me of a joke I heard which is too rude to post on your blog.

    If I told you this joke about “why do women have legs?” with the answer of “have you seen the mess that snails make” you would never forgive me!!!

    Have a great New Year!!


  • 6
    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Martin: Shame on you, holding us uninformed like that, we want to hear every rude word you can come up with… This is a shitty blog anyway ;-)

    Happy New Shitty Year!

  • 7
    Martin UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Sorry but I have lead a rather sheltered life and the rudest word I know is poo! I’ll be fucked if I know anything ruder than that!


  • 8
    Miss ass SWEDEN said:

    poo and drool and nosepicking…and fucked!!! What will come next??? Guess Martin need to learn some nice words from Mrs Lifecruiser… don’t want him to walk on earth unfucked….lol….

    Just wondering hmmm… Mrs Lifecruiser… are you putting your finger in other holes as well..or THINGS ????? nono.. don’t bother to answer that..

  • 9


  • 10
    Mr Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Thanks mrhaney for that words, I felt the same when the situation occured!!! But such horrifying experience has to be delt with, one way or another and telling you about it is one way to get it out from my chest….

  • 11
    Destiny UNITED STATES said:

    Will you please send me of a picture of wife picking her nose.

  • 12
    Kasia POLAND said:

    :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: I love you guys! You make me feel sooooo good! You are so funny!

    Lifecruiser: *smack* Thank you Kasia, we love you too, you make us feel so goood now :-)

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