Free from TV

Yes, you read it right. FREE from TV. We have not been watching TV for about a long long time now. At least not for 6 months or more.

The last time was, of course, news and a poker program. And nothing before that for very very long either. That is it. No more. We are telling you the truth.


How chocking that may be, it is the truth. We promise. Just turned off the button - poffff - it was gone…..

Yeah, we know that we are totally crazy and we are proud of that. Do you dare to be crazy too? Think about it, what would you be doing if you were not watching TV? Do you think about some other exciting things to do? Then you are as crazy as we are! Maybe it is contagious?

chairsleepLet our imagination and
fantasy flow and create
other ways of living life
instead, not just sitting
their staring in the sofa
and get mentally and
physically drained by
watching poor TV.

What would have become of the world if TV was not invented? All these passive hours that people could have done something more human or useful instead. It is driving me insane to think about it!!!!

There are soooo many other really nice, cool, funny, challenging, selfgrowing, educating, human, loving things to do in our lifes, so how could we resist it…?

It is all about exploring. Explore the world, your body and soul….. and of course internet.

Turning off the computer - that is a completely other matter…..

Get On Board!