Lifecruiser blogroll code

The blogroll for the Lifecruiser cyber cruise contains all the cruisers that stays active, aka is an A-Team Cruiser or an A-Swab Team member. With active I don’t force you to come by daily, butt once in a while at least.

You don’t have to display the blogroll at your blog to cruise with us, butt it’s a fine thing to do since you then are supporting all your cyber cruise friends :-)

It also make it easier for you to go around and mingle to all the cruisers while we’re having a cruise going on and you’re getting the updates with the new cruiser links automatically.

Don’t forget to proudly display the Lifecruiser buttons too!

Then you’re doing some advertising for the Lifecruiser cyber cruise and we do want as many fun and hip bloggers to joyn us, don’t we?

The more that joyns us, the more can become A-Team Cruisers and write wonderfully fun and interesting cyber cruise posts!

Think about that: we can sail around the world!!!

This is how the blogroll look like:

** Lifecruiser Ship with all information
* Lifecruiser A-Team Cruisers

Email me at lifecruiserteam at gmail dot com if you get any problem with the blogroll code.

Get the Lifecruiser blogroll code here

Below are 3 alternative ways to put up the blog roll code. Rightclick in the box, select all, copy and paste to your place you want it, your sidebar or an own page.

Insert code for Lifecruiser Blogroll at your blog:

Blogroll box with height & width and a scrollbar:

Blogroll box with scrolling marquee:

Import as Bookmarks (OPML link) in your blog: